My Top 10 List for an Outstanding Life Experience

1. Keep your center clear. When your intestine is clear, you’ll feel the bliss of free-flowing energy coursing through you. By contrast, a dense, weighted digestive system and impacted colon is a recipe for depression and sluggishness. To clear your intestine, eat quick-exit foods in quick-exit combos and spotlight bowel cleansing. Maintain this and enjoy the constant high!

2. Follow your dietary intuition—not the food police. Be your own highest authority. Don’t blindly follow the government’s food pyramid, the raw-vegan dogma, or the newest diet craze. Focus on the truths of the human body—of your body specifically, and your optimal level of transition. Outside of your truth, everyone has an agenda, a vested interest in making you follow their belief system. Don’t make your kids drink milk just because everyone else says it’s essential. Enjoy that occasional piece of fish, even after you’ve committed to being vegan, because it just feels right and it will make you happy. There is no dogma, only the truth of your body. Follow your truth and enjoy the power to decide for yourself!

3. Boost your Life Force Energy by keeping your mornings sacred. Just by resting your system with a period of fasting in the morning, you will boost the life force that animates your whole body and spirit. Stop cluttering up your center with food all day long. Enjoy the lightness of the morning before you take in anything. You will grow to love this time of day as you come to recognize the Life Force Energy within you.

4. Juice until dinner—one, two, or three days a week. Juicing will really help to open up your center and increase your Life Force Energy. At first, work your way up to this by juicing until lunch. This will really get the energy flowing and help your body catch up on the backlog of dense substances that are blocking your bliss, physically and energetically.

5. Make every day a “salad day.” Make yourself the juiciest salads with lots of cucumbers, tomatoes, lemon juice, and summer herbs like basil and cilantro. Remember what raw food is all about and make the most desirable, mouth-watering salad imaginable! Add some raw goat cheese or avocado to make it a totally satisfying meal!

6. Stretch your body. Get down on the floor and gently stretch your body—not to practice yoga per se, but just to open yourself up and relieve your body of the energetic stagnation and gas pressure between the muscle tissues and joints. Enjoy the easy bliss that comes from just a few moments of stretching throughout the day.

7. Discard the old programming, and embrace new stories that serve your truth. You are your own storyteller. Direct your own life by choosing what to accept and what to discard. Make way for all the love and joy you want to bring into your life by discarding the lies and misguided programs. Love yourself so much that there is only room for the beautiful truths in your heart. Watch what develops.

8. Pay attention to the people and places that are no longer part of your truth. Gauge your physical reactions. Do your palms get sweaty or does your heartbeat increase when you when you go to certain places? Are you really having a good time when you go out with certain people or is it a routine obligation? When you pay attention to such things you discover other parts of your life that are ready to evolve. It took me a while to recognize the many uncomfortable signals my body gave when I would walk into department stores. I finally understood that these places greatly repulsed my whole being. Now, unless it is absolutely necessary, I stay out. Another time, I realized that I could not open a tabloid/celebrity magazine without getting a little sick inside, so I stopped reading them—and now they look as foreign to me as a bag of Twizzlers! Recently, I had a strong reaction to a certain crowd. Now I have complete confirmation that there is no joy in that environment for me anymore, so I no longer engage with it. Don’t swim blindly and let the waves and rapids knock you around. Open your eyes and see that you have options!

9. Be impeccable with your word—your word is you! Don’t say things that are not true just to make other people happy or to keep yourself safe from their judgment. Be true to yourself. Of course, this starts with being honest with yourself. Have honest conversations with yourself as you address what you embrace and what no longer serves you. Be as courageous as you can be today and expand your courage every day as it opens you up more and more to your true self. When you are free to be your true self you will love yourself more and your life experience will be so much more fulfilling.

10. Find something you love more than food. Discover a passion, something that gets you out of your mind-chatter. It could be anything from painting to meditating to a particular subject that captivates your imagination, or just the pleasure of a walk with a good friend. Too many people lean on eating as an outlet for their mental reprieve. That should not be the role of a meal or a snack. Remember how great it was to be a kid lost at play for hours—not thinking, just creating and playing with the innocence of a clear mind? My passion is pursuing truth and eliminating illusions in all areas of life and then creating naturally from that incredible, ever-expanding perception. When I am creating, I am in my joy. What is your joy?

Here’s to an ever more outstanding life experience for us all!


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