Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 5/24/2012

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Big Picture: Natalia discusses the “Then What Factor”
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Author – Omraam Mikheal Ayvanhov
Almine – Modern Mystic
Padma Aon Prakasha – The Christ Blueprint
Michael Beckwith

Oil: Can you explain why we avoid them? In particular, how bad are the low-quality ones typically found in salad dressings?
Dessert: I feel addicted to having dessert at night even though I can comfortably go on only juice and raw salads during the day. Do you have any resources for emotional eating?
Infection: I have an infection, and I am trying to develop a sustainable cleansing program. What recommendations do you have?
Hydrogen Peroxide: In what ways can this serve as a healing tool?
Dinner: Can you compare a high quality starch, dairy, or nut/seed based meal? If I am trying to heal from an infection should I focus on one category over the others?
Contraction: Why does the body contract when first beginning this lifestyle? I don’t feel as light in my body as I did when I first started and wonder if I can get that feeling back.

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