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A Note on consultations with our Senior Detox Counselor:

Jen has been extensively trained in the Rose Program detox methods and are available to work with you immediately to reach your goals! To schedule an appointment, please contact her directly. She offers both private consultations, group courses and individually tailored programs.


If you wish to guide yourself but would like more direction, I strongly recommend joining the Community. The support and information you will find there is invaluable. You will also have UNLIMITED access to ALL e-books (including The Rose Cleanse and Emotional Eating SOS! and ALL audio releases (including Detox 4 Women, Guidance for Mothers, and The Perfect Skin Audio, as well as all other fresh new content created exclusively for the membership community). If you truly cannot afford the annual $100 membership fee, we do offer scholarships. Just e-mail us here explaining your situation. We are here to serve all sincere seekers.I support you all as we harmonize with the highest good!

In the Great Life Light,

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