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3-Day Guided Juice Fast

    Guided Juice FastCourse Dates: Ongoing

    Course Times: Start Anytime!

    Format: Online, Self-Paced Packaged Course

    Location: Virtual (accessible to anyone who has internet!)

    Course Price: $199

    Member Price: $179

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    Ever wanted to juice fast but been nervous about doing it right? What if you had Natalia Rose and her team to guide you from start to finish? Let Natalia Rose Institute take you on a 3-day cleansing journey that will unblock your internal pathways for deep continued healing and beauty! It’s inexpensive and interactive while providing you with all of the written and audio materials ahead of time! Our live guided juice fast was such a success that we packaged it up and made it available for you to undertake any time!


    Join Natalia, the Natalia Rose Institute team, and your detox peers from all over the world for our pre-recorded Virtual Guided Juice Fast! Fasting is a super-effective way to kick-start your new health regimen, regain lost momentum, and/or experience quantum leaps in your body and mind mastery. Over the course of this fast, you will have access to Natalia’s guide through the ancient art of fasting with detailed educational materials, pre-fast preparation planning, daily inspiration, and daily educational and pre-recorded calls. You will not find the depth of support or this level of detailed information about fasting anywhere else! This program is designed to guide you through the essential elements of an intelligent fast that honors the body and delivers lasting results. The results of a well-designed fast with appropriate preparation, thoughtful execution, and a deliberate post-fast approach are far reaching. By fasting with us, you can expect dramatic changes – including but not limited to:

    • Permanent weight loss
    • Clearer skin Reduction of cellulite
    • A sharper and calmer mind
    • One big step toward less disease in the body

    This guided fast is designed for anyone who desires to aid their body and mind in deep healing, detoxification, and weight loss – from the person just beginning on the detox lifestyle to the seasoned veteran who is ready to take their health to the next level through periodic fasting.

    What to Expect Upon Registration:You will receive via email, giving you access to a detailed “Pre-Fast Preparation Guide” outlining steps you need to take to prepare your body, kitchen and schedule for the fast. You will be able to do all of your regular activities during the fast so there will be no need to take time off work or otherwise adjust your normal schedule (except to allow some additional time for yourself – details on this will be included in your pre-fast preparation guide!). On your exclusive access page you will also have a day-by-day guide informing you what to expect on each day of the fast both physically and emotionally, what various symptoms you might experience are telling you, strategies for getting through challenging moments, inspirational quotes and materials, and our favorite juice recipes. You will also be invited to join the exclusive Support Forum on Facebook. This group is closed and meant to inspire, connect, and motivate you to keep on going and will be an immensely helpful supplement to your fasting efforts! Our team members will be regularly monitoring the conversations and answering your pressing questions. This is a unique opportunity to ride the energy of a supportive group of people from all over the world and to benefit from the guidance and wisdom that Natalia has shared with her personal clients for years. We look forward to helping you reach new levels of health and happiness!

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