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    The Vault is a library of newly-released, exclusive video content including select footage from Natalia Rose’s Detox Mastery Classes in NYC. This series, which captures Natalia’s knowledge-base in full living-color, is a fresh platform profiling her legacy of work. This offering is ideal for anyone at any stage of their journey with Natalia.

    Video Message from Natalia Introducing the Vault

    Here are some of the Topics in the Vault Videos:

    Tissue & Organ Restoration:
    • Strictly Beginners
    • Strictly Colon Cleansing
    • Strictly Weight Loss
    • Strictly Dentistry
    • Strictly Food Lovers
    • Strictly Fertility
    • Strictly Supplements (Detox Master Class excerpt)

    Beauty & Style Restoration:
    • Strictly Beauty
    • Strictly Style

    Spiritual & Energetic Restoration:
    • Strictly Energy & Recapitulation
    • Strictly Processing
    • Strictly Inner Strength
    • Strictly Healing Modalities (Detox Mastery Class excerpt)
    • Strictly Universal Laws (Detox Mastery Class excerpt)
    • Strictly Connect


    Disclaimer of Health Related Information
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