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MP SQUARELearn from Natalia Rose and spiritual healer, Anita Briggs, for Maximum Purification. This is the most powerful collaboration to date, created to cleanse every system of the body as well as every level of the being – bringing every aspect into its intended Divine alignment. Bridging spiritual awakening with physical detoxification, this one of a kind course will enable the most graceful embodiment of Source energy. This is the cleanse designed to awaken your body’s unknown remarkable faculties and allow you to take a leap forward in your life like never before!

What you will find in the transfiguration on the physical level is a glowing, vibrant, beautiful body with systems and organs humming with health and purified blood and lymph. What you will find on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels are clarity, peace, and a deep abiding connection with the power of the Divine.

Course Dates: Ongoing
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Member Price: $380


Who is Maximum Purification for?

▪ Anyone, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced cleanser, who wants to detoxify and clear every level of their being for full physical and spiritual alignment;

▪ Anyone who wants to regenerate their endocrine system, and activate the power of the sacred glands;

▪ Anyone suffering in their body from chronic or acute symptoms, depression and deep seated illness, wishing to heal;

▪ Anyone curious about the Divine potential intended for all human kind;

▪ Anyone seeking to more fully embody Source energy and develop a deeper relationship with themselves;

▪ Anyone who has trauma or emotional baggage weighing them down;

▪ Any veteran cleanser who wishes to get to the next level of healing, wellbeing and high vibration;

▪ Any man or woman who realizes how deep the toxicity from the modern lifestyle (from birth to present) goes;

▪ All of those seeking freedom!

This is the ideal program for purification of obsolete programs, toxins, and pathogens to enable your body to activate as a powerful manifestation vessel!

What you can expect:

▪ Releasing tension in the body, negative emotions and noise in the mind resulting in rejuvenated organs;

▪ Emotional transcendence beyond pain, grief and trauma;

▪ Clearing of the meridians and endocrine system, as well as activation of the sacred glands awakening you to your heavenly potential;

▪ Clearer manifestation abilities in the body though opening up of the spine and activation of the pranic tube;

▪ All systems becoming renewed with life force flow;

▪ Alleviation of chronic and acute symptoms as well as weight balancing for those in need;

▪ Lightness of being and high frequency embodiment;

▪ Deeper clarity of thought and intuition; and

▪ An upgraded spiritual practice and overall quality of life!

What you will receive:

▪ A super comprehensive Maximum Purification Companion guidebook, including protocol outlines and plentiful recipes to satisfy every palette and level of cleanser.

▪ Video recodings from Natalia Rose for each week that include specific protocols, food preparation demos and Q&A time.

▪ Audios from Anita Briggs , designed to heal, enlighten and activate all parts of your physical and spiritual being while dissolving deeply engrained experiences and patterns.

▪ A multitude of meditations and tools to accompany your cleansing journey.

▪ Access to the private Maximum Purification Facebook group.

Dietetic Focus:

While vegetables will be at the center of the meal plan, you will have plenty of choices, and inspiration, as to what form you would like to consume them in: juiced, blended, chopped, julienned, raw and cooked. This is because this program is designed to accommodate all levels of cleansers! There is something here for everyone. Other beloved Rose Program additions will also be welcome, such as goat cheese, cooked winter squashes and dark chocolate.

This program bridges the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components of cleansing like never before, so even if you may already be familiar with the dietetic guidelines, you are in for healing deeper than ever before of every system of your being!

What previous Maximum Purification participants are saying:

“This has been a great experience. Another shedding and steps toward mastery. Every variation on detox experience brings new insights. In max purification, The meditations helped so much to balance the purification process.” ~Erika Jagalla Madrid, Spain -Age 44

“Anita, I just want to thank you again for bathing us with your incredible infinite wisdom. For sure it’s an indescribable effect. Natalia, you are a great example of why one should trust and flow with the soul to true being. I am still amazed at the mysterious way I instantly connected with your work and how it freed and liberated me from so much past suffering. Really grateful for how you continue to spread light in our bridge with always expanding your work to higher deeper knowledge and leading us to more beautiful incredible souls and goddess like Anita Lucia Briggs, Almine, Lee Harris and so many more. It would take more than a book to describe the gratitude and changes you all make. This is not just a program it is a priceless lesson bigger than us all and beyond this lifetime that will serve all that is in the most beautiful expression! The taught that such space exists let alone being part of it is just beyond what one can describe…Cheers to eternal love, unity and just pure luminosity! Thank you group for everything may we all shine brilliantly!” ~Leila Firmin, Boston, Mass -Age 36

“Thank you for being an on-going inspirational mentor Natalia and for providing this sacred space where we are all gathering to raise the collective vibration of our planet. I am so grateful for you, your entire team and for all of the magical people that you magnetically attract to you. I Love you and I Support you. LOVELIGHTBLISS” ~Anne Van de Water Santa Barbara, CA

“MP is amazing! It’s been just 2 weeks and already, when I think of issues that gave me contractions in my body (gut etc)…I’m finding my body can’t or won’t hold the contracted state! I just cancel and release whatever it is. I can only imagine where we’ll be at the end of 6 weeks. There’s no way I could go back to the other way of eating! Deepest gratitude for this!” ~Olivia S. Seattle, WA -Age 57

“Hi Anita and friends. This work is taking me into the deepest adventure within I have ever had.” ~Bruna De Araujo New York -Age 37