PhDetox Module 1 – Introduction to Toxicity

Module #1 – Introduction to Toxicity (click to open audio in new page)

In this first module we establish the fundamental precepts of toxicity and the process of purposeful detoxification. By the end of this class you will have gained essential clarity on the process of detoxification and be able to answer the following questions: 

  • What is Toxicity?
  • What are its symptoms?
  • Why is excess weight largely waste?
  • How can one determine how much waste is in their system?
  • What creates and causes obstruction in the body and what are the effects?
  • What is the role of genetics in toxicity?
  • What specifically supports a life-generating environment? What specifically triggers the demise of a life generating environment in the body and leads to decay?
  • How can the decay or “life-deteriorating” cycle be halted and/or avoided?
  • How specifically does the body communicate and how can we create a smarter dialogue with our bodies?
  • What is truly human food?
  • What exactly is Life Force Energy and how can we harness it to transform ourselves inside and out?

MODULE #1 Recap Doc (click to open document in new page)