Q&A with Natalia – May/June 2016

Audio 1:

Questions from Audio 1:

  • Setting the Context of this work: not about food/diet, it’s about life generating, primal energy.
  • I am curious about the “Buddha Belly” symptom that some are experiencing, along with weight gain.
  • If normal, ripe lemons leave an alkaline ash in the body, do unripe lemons create an acidic effect on the body?
  • With regards to gas accumulation in the bones and particularly skull, if humans were to consume organic, native, unadulterated whole grains and starches, would it still have the negative effect of creating gas in the body?  Also, it seems as though children that are bottle fed have larger heads, is this the effect of gas accumulation from the formula?
  • I just wanted to ask about fermented foods and Natalia’s thoughts on them now?
  • My son was recently diagnosed with irritable brain activity after his first seizure. The neurologist expects more seizures. Have you read anything connecting food to seizures/neurological activity?
  • Best advice for pre-teens/ teens starting to see acne?
  • I was wondering what your thoughts are on aching joints?

Audio 2:

Questions from Audio 2:

  • What are your thoughts on sleep?  After suffering from insomnia for months and trying what felt like everything under the sun, my sleep is finally regular and deep again after starting to eat more density and more throughout the day.
  • In a clean celled body, what is the healthy menstrual cycle like?
  • Can Natalia speak about her thoughts on fermented foods and broths and their role in aiding the healing of the gut?

Audio 3:

Questions from Audio 3:

  • In your opinion, when leading a detox lifestyle, how necessary are chiropractic adjustments?
  • No matter what the food combinations I have a lot of gas.
  • As someone who has been abusing their body with food for years and now suffers from obesity, digestion problems, and hormone imbalances, where do I start?
  • I have heard people speak about raw juices being a little hard on system where the gut is compromised.  Can Natalia speak about her thoughts on this?
  • Are kelp noodles a good transition food, are they even nutritious, and has Natalia ever had them?
  • What Natalia’s recommended protocol for addressing and healing anemia, especially if it runs in the family?
  • In Natalia’s blog post about Electra’s arrival, she said that she was taking the preventive steps before getting pregnant.  Since then I’ve wondered, what are the best forms of birth control that align with this lifestyle?
  • I just turned 57 and my doctor keeps telling me that I need a colonoscopy.
  • Please describe why WiFi waves are bad for our health?

Audio 4:

Questions from Audio 4:

  • I’ve been at this consistently for about four years now (I am 26), and I am still struggling to lose the weight.
  • I had a question about peanut butter in regards to food combining. I know it should generally be avoided since it’s so mucus forming, but if it’s going to be used as an occasional treat, does peanut butter combine with starches since peanuts are legumes or does it combine with nuts/dried fruits?
  • I also wanted to know if cold pressed juices are as beneficial as making fresh juices?
  • My kids are not vaccinated and we are traveling to Africa (Tanzania) for a family safari.  Is it necessary to vaccinate them for this trip?
  • I have been following Natalia’s work for years and absolutely love it! I go back and forth with researching the best way to eat and go back and forth for her knowledge and  recommendations and to plant-based.  I live in Chicago- so I tend to want warm foods all day and would love some day-day what to eat based on seasons and foods.
  • I am traveling to Tokyo and wanted to know what would be food recommendations since I won’t have the best access to green juice.
  • What’s the best way to test my acidity levels?
  • Weight and weight loss.
  • Wrinkles.