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Q&A with Natalia – AUG 2018

PART 1 of 5:

00:30 When we include fat in the diet, does the fat coat the cells helping to prevent sugar from entering?
03:24 Is it possible to eat a detox diet that includes fruit when greatly lowering nuts/seeds/goat cheese?
07:32 Will Natalia ever include fruit in her diet again?
09:20 What are you reading these days and what’s inspiring you?
11:38 If a cell is kept clean and can go on living indefinitely, could the human body not die?
13:16 Taking back my power…answer in Part 2

PART 2 of 5:

00:00 Answer to taking back my power from Part 1
05:53 Low testosterone…
12:54 …and having trouble getting pregnant again
16:11 Info about the course 24 Stages of Power

PART 3 of 5:

00:00 Seeing behind appearances
10:09 Health benefits of bee pollen

PART 4 of 5:

00:00 Continuation on bee pollen
00:11 Weird ingredients in stevia, what brand of stevia using now?
01:07 Does coconut butter clog the body? What about ghee?
02:04 What do you recommend for damaged skin tissue like scars or stretch marks?
04:30 Taking bee pollen as a supplement and brands of bee pollen
07:22 How to love exercise

PART 5 of 5:

00:00 Cherry Angiomas, is it bromine detox?

Q&A with Natalia – Dec 2016

Audio 1:

0:03:02 Autism in children
0:07:33 Hitting wall with green juice and raw foods
0:15:41 Too much sugar in smoothies?  Working with a client in 60’s
0:24:54 How to combine jack fruit, Tamari creating gas
0:29:25 Benefits of living in colder climates
0:31:25 Apple seeds toxic?  Laetrile (or Amygdalin)
0:32:44 Mercury poisoning, Epstein Barr, Lyme Disease
0:39:23 Fruit or carrot juice when fasting
0:46:50 Using home colonic unit
0:57:32 Living less in our heads, more in the flow, Surfers of the Zuvuya by Jose Arguelles, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen
1:08:12 Earthing, Grounding, Avatar movie
1:14:56 Manifestation
1:32:50 Fresh green juices vs HPP bottled juices vs cold pressed juices
1:37:25 Autism at age 35, is Autism a myth?  The Magical Child
1:44:44 PCOS

Audio 2:

0:01:20 More on colonics
0:01:39 PCOS, will fasting increase testosterone?
0:07:05 Vaginal dryness, Solgar vitamin E 1,000 IUs
0:12:37 Weak, moody, cellulite, bruising, sagging skin, hair loss
0:20:36 Spirulina
0:23:43 Accommodating different ways of eating in family
0:26:19 Parenting challenges, book: Catch Them Being Good
0:36:24 Juice until dinner, how does this affect metabolism?
0:46:03 Reference back to cellulite and sagging skin question
0:48:54 Constipation when eating avocado
0:50:06 Reversal of gray hair?
0:54:11 Losing too much weight with this lifestyle
1:00:54 Emotional eating, refer to Emotional Eating S.O.S. on NRI Community
1:01:14 Colonic once per week when juicing until dinner
1:01:46 Having better bowl movements when doing colonics
1:02:45 Digital detox
1:05:19 Juice + Latte + Veg Centric Dinner OR Juice + Salad + Mainstream Snacking + Veg Centric Dinner.  Difficult to stop eating once started.
1:07:51 Are we on the brink of extinction?
1:10:56 Plans for NRI in near future, more classes?  A Life of Power: A Year With Natalia Rose
1:11:20 Thoughts on transgender
1:14:18 Sleep paralysis
1:17:00 Mindset behind the work (cleansing lifestyle), how to keep mind clear
1:23:27 Lack of muscle tone

Audio 3:

0:00:40 Dry fasting
0:22:30 Children, food at play dates
0:32:40 Vaccinations
0:34:27 Menopause
0:36:27 Freezing juices
0:37:41 Babies

Audio 4:

0:00:06 How to handle new foods like Reishi, TOCOS (Rice Bran Solubles) and Ashitaba
0:04:27 Small nuts
0:04:47 Food choices when out: sugary fruit vs. rice and beans vs. non-organic eggs
0:08:15 EMFs (also look into TRENDnet Powerline Adapters, and the WaveRider)
0:15:37 Pollution in foods
0:19:33 Almond milk

Q&A with Natalia – May/June 2016

Audio 1:

Questions from Audio 1:

  • Setting the Context of this work: not about food/diet, it’s about life generating, primal energy.
  • I am curious about the “Buddha Belly” symptom that some are experiencing, along with weight gain.
  • If normal, ripe lemons leave an alkaline ash in the body, do unripe lemons create an acidic effect on the body?
  • With regards to gas accumulation in the bones and particularly skull, if humans were to consume organic, native, unadulterated whole grains and starches, would it still have the negative effect of creating gas in the body?  Also, it seems as though children that are bottle fed have larger heads, is this the effect of gas accumulation from the formula?
  • I just wanted to ask about fermented foods and Natalia’s thoughts on them now?
  • My son was recently diagnosed with irritable brain activity after his first seizure. The neurologist expects more seizures. Have you read anything connecting food to seizures/neurological activity?
  • Best advice for pre-teens/ teens starting to see acne?
  • I was wondering what your thoughts are on aching joints?

Audio 2:

Questions from Audio 2:

  • What are your thoughts on sleep?  After suffering from insomnia for months and trying what felt like everything under the sun, my sleep is finally regular and deep again after starting to eat more density and more throughout the day.
  • In a clean celled body, what is the healthy menstrual cycle like?
  • Can Natalia speak about her thoughts on fermented foods and broths and their role in aiding the healing of the gut?

Audio 3:

Questions from Audio 3:

  • In your opinion, when leading a detox lifestyle, how necessary are chiropractic adjustments?
  • No matter what the food combinations I have a lot of gas.
  • As someone who has been abusing their body with food for years and now suffers from obesity, digestion problems, and hormone imbalances, where do I start?
  • I have heard people speak about raw juices being a little hard on system where the gut is compromised.  Can Natalia speak about her thoughts on this?
  • Are kelp noodles a good transition food, are they even nutritious, and has Natalia ever had them?
  • What Natalia’s recommended protocol for addressing and healing anemia, especially if it runs in the family?
  • In Natalia’s blog post about Electra’s arrival, she said that she was taking the preventive steps before getting pregnant.  Since then I’ve wondered, what are the best forms of birth control that align with this lifestyle?
  • I just turned 57 and my doctor keeps telling me that I need a colonoscopy.
  • Please describe why WiFi waves are bad for our health?

Audio 4:

Questions from Audio 4:

  • I’ve been at this consistently for about four years now (I am 26), and I am still struggling to lose the weight.
  • I had a question about peanut butter in regards to food combining. I know it should generally be avoided since it’s so mucus forming, but if it’s going to be used as an occasional treat, does peanut butter combine with starches since peanuts are legumes or does it combine with nuts/dried fruits?
  • I also wanted to know if cold pressed juices are as beneficial as making fresh juices?
  • My kids are not vaccinated and we are traveling to Africa (Tanzania) for a family safari.  Is it necessary to vaccinate them for this trip?
  • I have been following Natalia’s work for years and absolutely love it! I go back and forth with researching the best way to eat and go back and forth for her knowledge and  recommendations and to plant-based.  I live in Chicago- so I tend to want warm foods all day and would love some day-day what to eat based on seasons and foods.
  • I am traveling to Tokyo and wanted to know what would be food recommendations since I won’t have the best access to green juice.
  • What’s the best way to test my acidity levels?
  • Weight and weight loss.
  • Wrinkles.

Q&A with Natalia – 09/05/14

Listen here: September 5, 2014

  • Do we need to strain our juice when small fibers are present?
  • What is the difference between being Divinely organized and haphazard?
  • How do you find consistency as you cross the transition bridge of detox?
  • How did you give up all of the things that were not life generating for your best good? What was your inspiration? What are the keys to the kingdom? How to not fall back into old habits?
  • What are strategies for eliminating autonomic system degeneration?
  • Which of the books are most appropriate to start with as an older woman?
  • What suggestions do you have for those struggling with food sensitivities and migraines?
  • What are some actions steps one can take to clear self-loathing programs? Are there specific meditations and activities to clear the programs in our subconscious?
  • Do enemas harm the colon?
  • Recommendations or diet adjustments for those who are very athletic and interested in building the body?
  • In regards to filtering the water used for enemas/colonics: Do you only bowel cleanse when water is properly filtered?
  • Why do we sometimes feel like we’ll have a large bowel movement after a colonic, and then only release strings of mucus (sometimes with a little blood)?
  • What are your thoughts on hormonal imbalances and HRT?

The community calls will now take place once a season

Q&A with Natalia & The NRI Team – 5/30/14

Listen here: Live Q&A- May 30th, 2014

The team opens with a discussion about the 10 Day Juice Fast and Summer of Lightness.

  • Deep inside of my ears have been very itchy. Whenever I put peroxide in my ears, inside starts hurting. Then I stick a cotton swab and I get smelly brown stuff on it. I know I should go see a doctor, but I’m wondering if its a sign of mold, fungus of that kind. All I can think of is that I wasn’t eating well this winter, and that toxicity might be coming up now.
  • Is ear-popping gas leaving the body?
  • What are your thoughts on the Clean Stream shower enema?
  • What are your recommendations when you get a stomach bug?
  • What is safe cookware?
  • How can I encourage my own bowel movements?
  • My friend has Chron’s disease; what are your recommendations?


The community calls will now take place once a season; the next call will be in the summer.




How to gracefully recover from a “big night out”

Natalia shares with you the secrets of “big night out” recovery. As you anchor yourself more and more on the cleansing lifestyle, you’ll seek to poison yourself less and less. Nevertheless, there may be times when circumstances combine to make the wine and conversation flow into the wee hours. Before you know it, you’ve crossed the line from alkaline to acidic. In this new video, Natalia shares her secrets for rectifying the blood to its original purity.

Q&A with Natalia & The NRI Team – 4/24/2014

Listen here: Live Q&A- April 24th, 2014

Natalia opens up the conversation with an personal story describing how to get back in tip-top shape after a night of too much indulgence.

  • I was exposed to a chemical that aggravated my eyes. After 2 weeks of rubbing, I know have deep wrinkles. Do you have any suggestions to help this heal?
  • I am nursing a 5 week old, and I am hungry all the time. I’d like to start a Rose Cleanse, but I just can’t stop eating. Any advice?
  • What is the difference between ozonated water and structured water?
  • Juice fasting questions. How much juice daily? When do I incorporate fruits?
  • Carbonic gas questions: What is the cause of it in the body? What is the silver bullet solution to getting it out?

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team – 3/13/14

Listen here: Live Q&A – March 13th, 2014


  • Please join us for the Advanced Training in April! This may be the last opportunity for live training in 2014.


  • Hot Topic: How do we protect ourselves from Radiation/Fukishima? – Natalia address how is affects us as a whole and gives a detailed list of her top 5 supplements for chelating.
  • Is it true that kale can cause hyperthyroidism and kidney stones? – Natalia sheds light on this trendy topic of debate
  • Is it safe to detox while breast-feeding and newborn?
  • How can I help my son heal from nerve-damage?
  • What are your insights on copper/zinc toxicity?
  • Do you have any recommendations for an electrolyte supplement? I’m dehydrated despite drinking lots of water.
  • Does dehydrated corn combine as a starch or neutral?

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team – 12/5/13

Listen here: LiveQ&A-December 5th, 2013


  • Join us in January for the Maximum Purification Course co-led with Natalia and Anita Briggs. Check out the course page for more details!

Natalia opens with a conversation on detoxification, common side effects and how the intention and beliefs behind the process matter significantly.


  • Holiday Indulgence: What tips do you have to bounce back from holiday indulgences?
  • Receding Gums: Is there a way to stop this from happening or progressing?
  • Alcohol Replacement: Do you have suggestion of beverage alternatives I can enjoy while following the Extremely Green Detox?
  • Colds & Winter Weather: If colds are symptoms of the body detoxifying, why does cold weather bring about more colds?
  • Sore Throat: Can you review natural remedies for a painful, sore throat?
  • Cooking with Aluminum & Cookware: What can I use to substitute cooking with aluminum foil? What are the dangers? What kind of cookware is safest to use?
  • Epsom Salt Baths: Do we absorb minerals from soaking in Epsom salt?
  • Puffiness: Has anyone woken up with a puffy face, especially early in the mornings? Is this a yeast flare up?

Live Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team – 9/6/13

Listen here: LiveQ&A-September 6th, 2013



  • Wheatgrass Implants – I heard that a wheatgrass enema will help rebuild my intestinal flora. How do I do one?
  • Alternative to breast milk – A friend is having problems pumping enough milk and needs to supplement while she figures it out. Any advice on brands?
  • NuNaturals Stevia – Have they changed the formula? My new bottle tastes bad.
  • Stevia Recommendation – Can you recommend a brand other than NuNaturals?
  • Water Fast – Do water fasts ruin metabolism in certain individuals and cause the body to store the foods that you eat after the fast as fat rather than burning them?
  • New Sleep Patterns – My internal clock completely turned upside down from working at night last year. How do I change my sleep patterns so I easily fall asleep and wake up early?
  • Body Slant Board – What brand do you recommend?
  • Abuse – My husband is not physically abusive, but he is abusive in every other way. How do I disengage from his drama and madness and live my life in spite of him? How do I keep my self-esteem when the one who’s supposed to love me the most tells me I’m worthless?
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