Functional Expression

Suppression of your authentic functional expression is defiance of life. Period. You suppress = you are nailing up your own coffin — whether you are suppressing symptoms of illness, suppressing your heart-song, or pushing down your feelings.

Let me explain…

I define “functional expression” as those feelings and articulations of the spirit, mind, body & heart that continue to speak once the dysfunctional emotions and attitudes that come from self indulgence. have (at least for the most part) been addressed and released. These are the ones that are valid and life generating and therefore lend you your most important insights/directions.

Be ever so careful not to confuse functional expressions with dysfunctional expressions. The former are life-generating whereas the latter are the product of undisciplined, self-indulgent, destructive emotions and habits (I.e., self-pity, rage, unwarranted fear, vampirical impulses, etc. to name a few) and are therefore by definition life-deteriorating (chaos supporting, entropic).

Discerning between functional and dysfunctional expressions requires a certain level of maturity, attention and intention — such a one genuinely desires to tap his/her authentic expression by recognizing and dissolving deeply engrained dysfunctional emotions and attitudes that have long been a part of their way of life. It’s not a small undertaking, nor for the faint of heart but the reward is power over chaotic lower inclinations and the ability to be guided by a higher order of expression.

What is the alternative after all? Defying life?!?! It certainly gives one a sense of why death seems to win out over life.

If only we would defy death instead by putting our authentic expression first! Suppression of functional expression is the highway to death. Don’t suppress – just don’t. It’s not worth it for the illusion of things being what they are not. What is the opposite of suppression? Freedom. Defy life and be death’s captive. Embrace life by connecting with your authentic feelings and expressions and have your cup of life runneth over!