Why Women Shouldn’t Use Vibrators

Why women shouldn’t use vibrators (and why their partners have an equally vested interest in that).

Yes, there is actually a cleansing lesson in this, I promise!

If you’ve studied with me, you would have learned right from the start that the toxicity quotient of a substance is determined by the degree to which that substance stimulates your body and energy field. Stimulants are always toxic (think about everything that has a stimulating effect — sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, flashing images, etc.). All toxins (all stimulants) also have a de-sensitizing effect. They decrease your natural sensitivity to the world around you — they decrease instinct, they decrease the ‘signal’ of the little antennas of your cells (and of your intuition or ‘sixth sense’).

You would have also learned that stimulation is synonymous with a term I call ‘false-fire’ (false fire gives a bolt of stimulative energy but it is not true energy and as such is highly addictive and requires an increased amount of that bolt to provide the same result the next time (just like street drugs and sugar do). False fire stimulates, providing the experience that is confused with energy, but it is not real energy — it is artificial, acidic, addictive, de-sensitising and temporary.

Real fire by contrast is a totally different force from an entirely different source! Real fire (real energy) comes from the network of life through which life force energy is conducted. Real energy – true primal fire (or Qi or Prana as it is also known) is the force from The Source. That’s right, it’s is from the great centripetal spin of cosmic Qi!

Anytime we introduce stimulation we create need; need creates external attachment. Add to that the fact that all stimulating substances are addictive and acidic and you can see what a danger stimulative substances (and gadgets) are. Vibrators are quite an obvious stimulator (so are our smart phones, seeing as we’re on the subject).

As with stimulative substances like unnatural foods and drinks, what really makes vibrators damaging is that their use reduces the sensation of the (by comparison) understated, nuanced human touch and ‘er pulsations. Such stimulation ruins the sexual palate for real eros-energy because it has been triggered or re-wired for false fire.

This is not healthy or desirable for either partner. The woman stops feeling the unique nuances of her partner’s body, energy and touch and the man misses out on the gratification of her natural responsiveness to all that he’s bringing her way. The intercept of real fire, the conductivity which makes lovemaking great, is lost.

It’s like someone who has over-stimulated their palate with sugary, salty, starchy foods. They don’t appreciate the flavor of an organic carrot out of the garden or the nuance of a plain baked sweet potato or fresh tomato. Meanwhile, someone who has never had artificial food will find the pleasure of those vegetables unsurpassed and even ecstatic.

The analogies are endless as we are a frighteningly over-stimulated society. When we re-sensitize ourselves we can start to experience the ecstatic life we were born to live, rather than some artificial imitation of life.

I’m presently writing a book on love and relationships…so perhaps I’ll share more along these lines if there’s interest.