Hall of Mirrors

Herewith, a most concise evaluation of the ‘hall of mirrors’ we are born into.

To discover ‘the trick,’ to become fully aware of the grand illusions is to reclaim your independence from it. Life rule #1: know the difference between the real and the unreal. When we succeed at this we can be ‘in the world and not of it.’ We don’t have to run away from the world — the challenge in fact is to stay ‘in the world’ (in the ‘fun house’ hall of mirrors) without it affecting your purity or moving you out of your anchored clarity. From there you can powerfully impact it’s rehabilitation (like the noble physical path of those who undertake the rehabilitation of their internal terrain — which likewise can only be done when the physical ‘hall of mirrors’ is understood).

In both cases, we just have to root the clarity so we can succeed in living from the noble mind. We must be very careful, of course that we maintain our grip on ‘reality’ by remaining in a state of constant consciousness, as that ensnaring set of illusions is a master trickster. But when that’s solid (possibly through repeated slip-ups and overcomings), you bring the greatest gifts of service to mankind and you also get to experience all the heart-expanding joys of your birth-right: absolute freedom on every level!