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Q&A with Natalia & Amanda – 5/13/2014

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  • Join Amanda and an intimate group of your fellow detoxers in the perfect, alkaline, cleansing environment on the Big Island of Hawaii! Nourish your body, mind and spirit as you enjoy detox friendly foods and juices, daily movement and meditation, visits to Sacred Sites, ceremonies, ocean swims, spiritual workshops, and much more! 
Discussion Topics:
  • Amanda’s transformative experience of moving to Hawaii
  • Conducting love as a life force family
  • What do you feel about ultrasounds during pregnancy? Did either of you have them?
  • How do you navigate the waters with doctors when you haven’t vaccinated?
  • How aggressive can I be with yeast-cleansing while breastfeeding a 1 year old?
  • How do you find a midwife and doula?
  • What do you think about eating for your blood type?
  • How old do you need to be to juice fast?

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda – 1/14/2014

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Discussion Topics:
  • Letting our kids experience the world even when it clashes with our way of seeing things
  • What do to when one person is ready for children and the other is not
  • The best approach for presenting partners with ideas for big family changes
  • Handling the topic of birth control and sex with young women
  • Calls will move forward on a quarterly/seasonal basis  

Q&A with Amanda – 12/10/2013

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Discussion Topics:
  • Redefining the holidays – Santa, Birth of Jesus, Decorating, Gift Giving, Etc
  • Dealing with the overwhelm of having MANY projects, ideas, directions coming at once – prioritizing, staying calm and peaceful, staying in the ease and grace
  • The fear that going for our dreams, committing fully to the lifestyle we know is best will mean loosing the people we love (family, friends, etc)

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda – 9/10/2013

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Discussion Topics:
  • Stepping out of Matrix Consciousness to become a better parent
  • Introducing rituals and authentic community into your family flow
  • Practicing releasing expectations
  • The effects of computer, television, and phone screens on our children
  • Avatar Cleanse with Natalia Rose & Amanda Dennis: Sept 19 & 20, with 10-weeks ongoing support –

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda – 6/11/2013

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Natalia and Amanda talk about dental health and tooth care.

Discussion Topics:
  • What is a cavity
  • What to do if you have mercury fillings
  • The importance of alkalizing during pregnancy and nursing
  • When to wean your baby from nursing
  • Natural tooth care and whitening
  • Is the mouth another place where we eliminate?
  • Can cavities self-repair?
  • If you find out you or your children have a cavity, what do you do?
  • What are your opinions of oil pulling and tongue scraping?
  • Is teeth whitening safe?
  • Does breast feeding damage children’s teeth?
  • Do I have to take Vaccinations when travelling to africa, even if it is my husbads’ company policy?
Recommended Resources:
  • No Life Force Families call in July – Send in questions that you may have and we will answer them personally.
  • Avatar Series in late September – Amanda and Natalia will be hosting a workshop in New York about using all aspects of detox lifestyle to become full embodiment of source energy, teaching the tools and practices to keep vibrations high and channels clear so we can serve the emerging paradigm on this planet.
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Q&A with Natalia & Amanda – 5/14/2013

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Topics Discussed:
  • What is a life force family?
  • The qualities of life force energy – Love, Balance, Harmony, Beauty, Abundance, Peace
  • The Brightness Quotient – How brightly does your kid’s light shine?
  • Angelina Jolie’s full mastectomy and the prevalency of historectomies today
  • Mother’s Day Proclamation by Julia Ward Howe, 1870 –
  • Society’s pressure to vaccinate our children
  • How do I heal [my body, my relationship with my child] from a C-section?
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  • “We need to become activists for love and activists for the planet and activists for what’s real.” @detoxtheworld #lff
  • “Always make decisions out of love rather than fear. Always look for the big picture behind agendas.” @detoxtheworld #lff

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda – 4/10/2013

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Amanda shares her take-aways of living her highest truth and how this affects every aspect of her life.

Topics Discussed:
  • Asking the right questions when difficult situations arise. What quality is wanting to be birthed through me right now?
  • How does someone differentiate between a programmed fear and the wisdom of the universe saying no? If everyone were about to do what I’m about to do, would the world be a better place?
  • Light as pure information
  • 5 ways to cultivate our childrens intuition: Practicing the art of non-interference, keeping the physical body clear, keeping the emotional/mental bodies clear, cultivating our own intuition
Recommended Resources:
  • PeleMaTV Blog posts and free videos –
  • Fire of the Goddess: Nine Paths to Ignite the Sacred Feminine – Katalin Koda
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  • “Obligation is one of the things that has to go to be truly in line with the universe.” @detoxtheworld
  • “I trust fully that if I continue to let my essence move me I will be completely taken care of by the universe.” @detoxtheworld

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda – 3/12/2013

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Natalia starts off the conversation with a note on loving and supporting our children and how important that is due to their receptive nature.

Topics discussed:
  • Functional vs dysfunctional security (rational vs. irrational fear)
  • Spiritual maturity
  • Clearing fears and trust issues
  • PeleMa TV coverage of vitally relevant topics (
  • Environmental toxicity & consumption concerns while pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Protection of precious life
Questions answered:
  • Is candida cleansing safe when breastfeeding?
  • What help should i be seeking to clear fears coming from childhood experiences?
  • How do Amanda and Natalia find strength in the face of shooting disasters?

Live Q&A Call From January 15, 2013

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Topic: Teen Sexuality

  • The influence of mass media & other forces on our views of sexuality;
  • Tools & solutions for clearing up distorted programing around sexuality;
  • The importance of good mother/daughter/father/son relationships in the evolution of children (called input).
Open Q&A:
  • How do I deal with the influence of TV on my 6 year old daughter?
  • Does my 3 year old daughter have a blood sugar problem?
  • Free episodes on important topics available at Pelema.TV

Live Q&A Call From December 11, 2012

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Natalia opens up the discussion about healing family patterns in light of the holidays and the process of forgiveness.

  1. I continue wanting to juice until dinner and be yeast concious even though I am in my 1st trimest. Can I safely continue?
  2. I am 6 weeks pregnant and stuggling with severe nausea and aversions to veggetables. I am only attracted to junk food, but it’s making me feel worse. What should I do?
  3. My 1 month old baby is having breakouts on his face. What can that be attributed to?
  4. Do you have any tips for conceiving while nursing 4 months after giving birth?
  5. How do we heal charges between in-laws?

Live Q&A Call From November 13, 2012

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Amanda gives birth to PelemaTV (, a show about creating Paradise right where you are.

  • Becoming interconnected to the web of life, beyond the confines of the “matrix”.
  • Embodying, and exposing, the goddess energy within.
  • Being loyal to truth vs. fear.
  • Watching for the signs that our children give us.
  • What techniques do Amanda and Natalia employ in order to maintain their healthy relationships & how do we draw in the right partner?
  • What is the ideal nutrition for babies beyond 10months?

Live Q&A Call From October 9, 2012

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Natalia & Amanda open with a discussion of the role of Family, what’s threatening the fabric of this unit, and what we need to do to repair it.

  1. Interdependent Relationships – Shannon shares the ways in which strengthening her relationship with her husband while focusing on her personal growth has better prepared them for bringing children into the world.
  2. Eczema – My daughter is 3 ½ with eczema and a staff infection. What recommendations do you have for an elimination diet?
Recommended Resources:
  • Power vs. Force – David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D
  • True Love (5 CD Set – Audio) – Adyashanti
  • A Return to Love – Marianne Williamson
  • Conscious Discipline – Becky Bailey
  • You are Special – Max Lucado

Addendum to call notes – click here

Live Q&A Call From September 11, 2012

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Opening Topic: The Wild Mother & The Desire to Protect

Natalia & Amanda contemplate how to best respond to children’s exposure to and preference for modern, crude song lyrics.

Live Q&A
  • Vaccinations: What documentation do I need to provide so my daughter is exempt from vaccinations?
  • Emotional Eating: I loose control in the evening while managing a household full of small children and need advice for how to avoid using food to numb my stress.
  • Meat: My two and a half year old typically chooses meat over any other dinner options, and I wonder if you have any advice for how to shift his preferences.

Live Q&A Call From August 12, 2012

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Special Guests, Jennifer Taveras, an acupuncturist, and Dr. Patricia Mather, a naturopathic doctor, are two brilliant experts on sleep who share their philosophies and tools to help restore children’s sleep patterns.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can reach them by email: Jennifer Taveras, Dr. Patricia Mather

Recommended Resources:
Sleep Related Questions:
  • What do you recommend for a baby who wakes up screaming and doesn’t stop until she is held? Some people suggest it might be night terrors.
  • Is the Holistic Baby Sleep System just for babies or could adults benefit, too?
  • Can you share recommendations for an 8-year old who is wetting the bed?
  • My teenager loves to sleep in our guest bedroom, which is next to our room, and has always had trouble falling asleep. Do you have any insights or suggestions?
  • Every time I put my two year old down for a nap, he gets wired and energized, even when I know he is sleepy. What rituals do you recommend?

Live Q&A Call From July 10, 2012

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  • Culinary Institute is this weekend; spots remain!
  • The Rose Cleanse is available as a 60-day, self-guided experience
  • LFF Calls take place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month; mark your calendars!
  • The Unschooling Unmanual
  1. Soy: My son is allergic to soy. I would love suggestions for how to prepare soy-free meals and how to stock my pantry, especially since soy is so prevalent as a secondary ingredient in packaged foods.
  2. Snack Ideas: Natalia and Amanda share creative ideas for using simple, high quality ingredients to prepare snacks for kids.
  3. Eczema: My 3 year old has some eczema, even though she eats a clean diet. Any insights on the origin or advice for how to help her heal?
  4. Managing Time: I am a single mom with a demanding corporate job and would love ideas for navigating the jungle of responsibilities while finding time to take care of myself.
  5. Home Schooling: What are your opinions on both the benefits and drawbacks of home schooling? What is un-schooling?
  6. Affirmations for Parents: In closing, Amanda shares a few affirmations as tools to set intentions, open our hearts, reverse social programming, find the strength to navigate challenging circumstances, and be present while raising our children.

Live Q&A Call From June 12, 2012

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  • Evolution of Life Force Families
  • Purpose of these calls
  • What are “Life Force Families?”
  • Birthing Electra: Natalia shares her experiences during pregnancy and in giving birth to Electra. She talks exercise, colon cleansing, choosing a home birth, weight loss after pregnancy, consuming the placenta and more!
  1. Weaning: My 25-month old daughter is still nursing. How can I wean her in a non-traumatizing manner?
  2. Post-Partum Weight-Loss: I am still nursing and can’t seem to lose weight. Do you have advice?
  3. Kids’ Food Choices: My husband eats differently than us and my kids are sneaking his food and lying about it. What can I do?

Disclaimer of Health Related Information
This site and all of its contents including all courses and cleanses is a source of information only. The information contained in this site, on our recorded calls, and in all Course and/or Cleanse materials should by no means be considered a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional, who should always be consulted before beginning any new diet or other health program. Detox the World (Natalia Rose Institute) disclaims any liability for any adverse effects arising from the use or application of the information contained herein. The information received should not be seen as medical or nursing advice and is certainly not meant to take the place of your seeing licensed health professionals.

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