Week 4: Applied Lifestyle Discussion

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  1. Chapter 1 – Amanda’s Welcome & Guided Meditation
  2. Chapter 2 – Creating Our Own Experience
  3. Chapter 3 – Setting The Tone: Loving Yourself, Daily
  4. Chapter 4 – The Stories We Tell Ourselves
  5. Chapter 5 – Discussion – Effects your changes have on others, Candex, Navigating Challenging Events
    • How has your cleanse affecting the people around you?
    • How do you know if Candex is working?
    • How have you navigated a challenging event during this cleanse?
  6. Chapter 6 – Discussion – Favorite exercise routines, new favorite foods
    • Does anyone have an exercise routine that really helps the cleansing process?
    • What was your favorite food before this and has it changed?
  7. Chapter 7 – Discussion – Being open for others without allowing your energy to get sapped
    • What are techniques for being open and available but not letting myself absorb another’s energy?
  8. Chapter 8 – Discussion – Favorite recipes from week.
    • What have your favorite recipes been this week?
  9. Chapter 9 – Alternatives to Stevia and optimal Stevia choices
    • I can’t develop the taste for Stevia. What can you recommend?
    • Can we include chicken in this program?
    • Some stevia has additives, so which kinds are optimal?
  10. Chapter 10 – Success Story & Closing
    • Kim shares how she took small steps when beginning this lifestyle