3DJF Pre-Fast Prep Guide

“Have you ever thought about what the lack of appetite means when sick? And that animals have no doctors, and no drug stores, and no sanitariums, and no machinery to heal them? Nature demonstrates and teaches by that example that there is only one disease and that one is caused thru eating and, therefore, every disease whatsoever it may be named by man, is and can be healed by one “remedy” only – by doing the direct opposite of the cause- by the compensation of the wrong – i.e., reducing the quantity of food or fasting.” – Arnold Ehret

Welcome to Natalia Rose Institute’s 3 Day Guided Intelligent Juice Fast with Natalia Rose!

Congratulations on taking this important step toward deep detoxification, a calmer mind, and greater health. It is our desire to position you for true and lasting success so we have designed the fast and accompanying materials and Q&A pre-recorded calls to educate, empower and guide you through the ancient art of fasting.

This guided fast is designed for anyone who desires to aid their body and mind in deep healing, detoxification, and weight loss – from the person just beginning on the detox lifestyle to the seasoned veteran who is ready to take their health to the next level through periodic fasting. Whether you are seeing this fast as a bold jumpstart toward a more long-term lifestyle change or you are a seasoned detoxer who would like to integrate fasting into your weekly or monthly approach to healing the body – it is our desire to give you the tools and information you need to integrate fasting into your lifestyle in a way that truly honors the body. 

The results of a well-designed fast that honors the body with appropriate preparation, thoughtful execution, and a deliberate post-fast approach are far reaching – including but not limited to permanent weight loss, clearer skin, reduction of cellulite, a clearer and calmer mind, and one big step toward less disease in the body. However, there is a lot of misinformation in circulation about fasting and many approach fasting as a “silver bullet” that will miraculously cleanse them of years of overeating and toxic eating. Although this makes a very sexy sales pitch, it is not the truth! When it comes to true detoxification, we must not have a short memory – years of mistreating the body by bombarding it with toxic substances cannot be completely remedied in three days! However, fasting is a wonderful tool to integrate into your overall health approach. When we fast, we allow the body to take a break from the constant and for most people, overburdening process of digestion. This break gives our body the opportunity to go deeper into the detoxification process because it is not busy with the process of digesting the last few meals we ate – instead, it can focus on processing and eliminating the accumulated waste that is stored deeper in the tissues and cells of the body. So while we cannot “right” all of the “wrongs “we have done to the body over the period of our lives during a 3 day fast (or a 7 day, or 10 day fast!), we can take a giant step in the right direction.

What You Can Consume During the Fast

Although you are going to take in only liquids during the period of the fast, there are a surprising amount of satisfying options you can choose from! See below for a list of liquids that are ok to consume during the fast:

• Any fresh-pressed vegetable (add fruit for desired taste)
• Homemade fresh squeezed lemonade with stevia
• Pulp-free, organic orange juice and or orange/grapefruit juice
• Organic coconut water
• Herbal tea
• Vegetable broth (best to make your own by putting any combination of vegetables and herbs/spices into a large pot of water and letting it simmer on low heat for at least one hour, then straining and using the broth only – but if you do not make your own, make sure there is no MSG and limited salt in the brand you choose to purchase at the store)

To make your juices more filling, we suggest doing a more hearty juice in the afternoon. One of our favorites is a combination of ½ carrot juice, ½ celery juice, one cucumber, and a generous helping of cinnamon poured over ice! Hot tea and vegetable broth are great options when you are feeling especially hungry or if you are in need for something nourishing and warm.

Pre-Fast Preparation

Pre-fast preparation is key to your success on this 3 day fast. The sooner you can begin the pre-fast preparation, the better, but do not worry if you have joined the program only a few days before our start date as anything you can do before-hand will make the fast smoother and more effective. 

Step 1: Prepare Your Body

It is important to know where your starting point is. We recommend taking the test in Raw Food Detox Diet in order to find your current detox level. If you are coming from a predominantly mainstream diet, and you test at a Level 4 or 5, you will then understand why you are having some major detox symptoms (like migraines or rashes) throughout the fast. Knowing the depth of waste that is in your system will help you understand why these symptoms are happening – the more waste that is accumulated in the body, the more your eliminative organs are going to be working to rid themselves of that waste during the fast. There is a language that the body speaks and it expresses itself in symptoms. 

In addition, if you have pre-existing conditions (migraines, acne, joint pain) prepare yourself for the possibility that these issues might become more acute during the fast. For you, being in an office environment might be more difficult so if you can plan to get some alkalinity into your environment throughout the day (walk in the park or otherwise get into nature), you will help to off-set this overload of acidity. 

It is ideal to limit grains, eliminate red meat and processed foods, and eliminate hormone dairy and poultry for a couple of weeks before starting the fast. These foods are extremely dense and stimulating and going “cold turkey” on them during the fast will make the three days more difficult. When you fast, substances that you have consumed in the past that are still stuck in your body as accumulated waste matter will be “awakened” in the body and if these poisons are not eliminated quickly, they will circulate in the bloodstream making you feel extremely edgy. The less you can consume these types of substances before the fast, the less likely it is that you will be overwhelmed when old waste is awakened in your body. Focus on vegetable-centric meals as much as possible leading up to the fast start date. See any of Natalia’s books or visit the Recipe section of Natalia Rose Institute website for recipe ideas.

If you are already juicing on a daily basis, keep up the good work! A few times before the fast, we recommend attempting to “juice until dinner” to see how your body responds to approximately 16 hours of fasting. If this is easy for you, the 3-day fast will be a cinch as you will only be eliminating one more meal per day. If juicing until dinner is difficult for you, notice what time of day you have particular challenges and plan ahead for those times so when you are in the throes of the fast, you are not tempted to quit. Have some warm vegetable broth in a thermos at work, your favorite herbal teas, or the thicker, more satisfying carrot based juices easily accessible. 

If you are not juicing in the mornings, yet, we recommend that you start as soon as you can! The benefits of incorporating green vegetable juice into your daily routine are detailed in all of Natalia’s books so we will not go into them here, but you should at least use this pre-fast time to get oriented with juicing (see Detox 4 Women, Raw Food Detox Diet, and Raw Food Life Force Energy) for more details on juicing. If you do not have a juicer, we recommend any juicers from Breville.

During the fast, your body will cleanse itself of abundant amounts of waste. The waste will “get in line” for elimination through your colon but if it does not exit quickly enough, it will re-enter the bloodstream causing very uncomfortable detox symptoms like headaches, skin eruptions, and irritability. Therefore, the less waste you begin the fast with, the less likely it is that you will experience these undesirable detox symptoms. We recommend getting one or two colonics with a professional colon therapist the week before the fast OR treat yourself to a few enemas to clear your intestines as much as possible (a colonic the day before you start the fast is ideal). You can visit this link to find a colon therapist near you. 

Ideally, you would do a colonic the day before our fast starts. For dinner the night before the fast start date, enjoy an avocado or goat cheese based salad with steamed vegetables and/or a sweet potato. The colonic will clear your system of some accumulated waste and this dinner will be easily digested and eliminated without further clogging your intestines. 

Please note: Those with a history of constipation or IBS may need a month of weekly colonics or regular enemas to clear the accumulated waste, otherwise, the constipation or IBS symptoms may get worse during and after the fast. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Kitchen

It is important that you have as many of the ingredients on hand that you will need throughout the fast. Or conversely, if you have access to a great juice bar and prefer the convenience of purchasing already fresh-pressed juices, plan ahead and purchase enough of these for the fast and freeze all juices except the ones you will use the first day. Hunger can come on quickly and be overwhelming at times but if you have your favorite juice to make or thaw and/or a large pot of vegetable broth in the refrigerator or thermos, you are setting yourself up for success to get through these times of temporary discomfort. 

Here is a list of items we suggest you have on hand for your fast:

• Favorite veggies and fruits for juicing (e.g. cucumbers, romaine, celery, lemons, limes, apples, carrots, beets, ginger)
• Coconut water
• Pulp-free jug of organic orange juice (make sure oranges are the only ingredients on the list!)
• Oranges and grapefruit (if you are making your own citrus juice)
• Plenty of veggies for the vegetable broth OR the Pacific brand vegetable broth or other organic vegetable broth with no added sodium
• Herbal teas
• Stevia (NuNaturals and Stevita brands are our favorite!)

Also, if you are going to be at work all day or otherwise away from home, have something to carry your juice and other liquids in. When you love what you’re drinking from it can make a big difference! Mason jars or stainless steal containers in a cooler bag or packed with an ice pack are ideal for keeping juices cold. Make sure you put your vegetable broth in a thermos that will keep it warm – the warm liquid can do wonders for keeping the hunger at bay toward the end of the day! 

Step 3: Prepare Your Schedule

You should be able to do your normal activities during the course of a three day fast but it is also important to set aside extra time to nurture yourself on many levels. You may find that during the fast physical AND emotional discomfort come to the surface. What we do to our bodies on a physical level is also mirrored on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level so by accelerating the pace at which our body rids itself of physical waste, we are also opening the door for accumulated emotional issues to be brought to the surface, acknowledged and eliminated. Therefore, it is important to set aside time to nurture yourself both physically and emotionally. Make time for an evening bath, meditation in the morning, or a yoga class. Listen to music that nurtures and calms you. Take a walk in nature or indulge in a really great, uplifting movie (without snacking, of course!). 

You also may need to simply distract yourself at times from the hunger. Any time of the day that you are used to eating will probably trigger a conditioned desire to eat. If trying on dresses, getting a pedicure, playing basketball or talking on the phone with friends are things that can help you pass hours without thinking about your hunger – do them! You will want to have some activities scheduled that will take the edge off when you need them. 

Let’s Get Started!

With the above preparation, you are now in an amazing position to begin this fast! Food has a pretty tight handle on most of us and overcoming addictive and conditioned eating patterns has an extremely empowering effect for most people. Many people experience physical, emotional, and spiritual break-throughs while fasting and the whole experience can be both challenging and extremely rewarding! 

We will be here to support you. If you have questions regarding the pre-fast preparation, or during the fast please email them to info@detoxtheworld.com. We will do our best to address these questions as they arise. 

In joyful service,
Natalia Rose and the NRI Team