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  • Life Force Lesson #9: Realign, Reclaim, and Recharge

    Life Force Lesson #9: Realign, Reclaim, and Recharge

    E = mc2. Remember this tenet of quantum physics originated by Albert Einstein? If E equals energy, m equals mass, and c2is the speed of light squared, this equation suggests that we can understand our bodies in terms of energy and light. Let this insight inform how you carry yourself. I call this “holding your flame.” Yes, your body, that sometimes hard-to-rouse-out-of-bed lump of flesh, is actually living light. And the very essence of light is fire. Therefore, you, my friend, are a living flame. Don’t ever forget it!

    The Energy Body

    The spinal cord, which is the core of the body, is the fire-rod axis, which ...

  • Ana’s Lazy Girl Food Tip: Frozen Treats

    Ana's Lazy Girl Food Tip: Frozen Treats

    Always find a way to satisfy a craving. Food should be joyous.

    I love icy desserts. They are ideal for these hot summer months, but they can also be enjoyed year-round. Moreover, they are safe for yeasted and non-yeasted folks alike!

    First, buy an inexpensive Popsicle tray. Then get creative! I freeze concoctions as simple as lemon-stevia water (which can even be enjoyed midday for those who juice until dinner, as it will not interrupt your fast) most days. But you can make easy fudge-sicles or frozen puddings as well.

    Try blending coconut meat and water from two raw young coconuts with stevia and ...

  • Recipe of the Week from Guest Chef Marlena Torres: Gazpacho

    Recipe of the Week from Guest Chef Marlena Torres: Gazpacho

    Marlena Torres is a certified clinical nutritionist and certified colon hydrotherapist in Lancaster, PA. She works with clients both locally and remotely, and also teaches an online course: Freedom From Emotional Eating. For more information and delicious, cleansing recipes visit!

    “Spring in Your Step” Gazpacho

    We tend to associate chilled soups with warmer weather and outdoor picnics, but gazpacho is delicious any time of year! This is a tribute to the spicy peppers and tart lime flavors that define traditional Mexican fare. This recipe is perfect for when you want a little “spring in your step.”

      • img-gazpacho
      • Testimonial from Patti

        Dear Natalia Rose Institute,

        I do a fair share of traveling as a flight attendant with American Airlines. I pretty much stay away from airplane food and pack my own when I do travel, on and off the job. Natalia’s food recommendations for airplane travel have really improved how I feel when I’m working. I no longer feel bloated and fatigued by poor food combinations and I always start out the day with my green lemonade.

      • Glossary Term: Carbonic Gas

        Carbonic gas occurs as soon as fermentation begins to take place. This happens anytime a substance enters your system and stays for too long. Carbonic gas invades the body on a deep cellular level, and creates a cleansing blockage in many ways: it prevents waste from moving freely out of the cells and tissues; it prevents waste from moving out of the colon, even during colon irrigation; and it prevents the body from contracting the way you would like. Apart from causing physical discomfort, it also becomes evident in the form of sagging skin, sagging facial tissue, thickened hips and waistline, ...

      • Natalia-ism on Nature

        “Humankind cannot thrive when cut off from Nature’s network of living light any more than grapes can grow when cut from the vine.”