Q&A with Natalia – Dec 2016

Audio 1:

0:03:02 Autism in children
0:07:33 Hitting wall with green juice and raw foods
0:15:41 Too much sugar in smoothies?  Working with a client in 60’s
0:24:54 How to combine jack fruit, Tamari creating gas
0:29:25 Benefits of living in colder climates
0:31:25 Apple seeds toxic?  Laetrile (or Amygdalin)
0:32:44 Mercury poisoning, Epstein Barr, Lyme Disease
0:39:23 Fruit or carrot juice when fasting
0:46:50 Using home colonic unit
0:57:32 Living less in our heads, more in the flow, Surfers of the Zuvuya by Jose Arguelles, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen
1:08:12 Earthing, Grounding, Avatar movie
1:14:56 Manifestation
1:32:50 Fresh green juices vs HPP bottled juices vs cold pressed juices
1:37:25 Autism at age 35, is Autism a myth?  The Magical Child
1:44:44 PCOS

Audio 2:

0:01:20 More on colonics
0:01:39 PCOS, will fasting increase testosterone?
0:07:05 Vaginal dryness, Solgar vitamin E 1,000 IUs
0:12:37 Weak, moody, cellulite, bruising, sagging skin, hair loss
0:20:36 Spirulina
0:23:43 Accommodating different ways of eating in family
0:26:19 Parenting challenges, book: Catch Them Being Good
0:36:24 Juice until dinner, how does this affect metabolism?
0:46:03 Reference back to cellulite and sagging skin question
0:48:54 Constipation when eating avocado
0:50:06 Reversal of gray hair?
0:54:11 Losing too much weight with this lifestyle
1:00:54 Emotional eating, refer to Emotional Eating S.O.S. on NRI Community
1:01:14 Colonic once per week when juicing until dinner
1:01:46 Having better bowl movements when doing colonics
1:02:45 Digital detox
1:05:19 Juice + Latte + Veg Centric Dinner OR Juice + Salad + Mainstream Snacking + Veg Centric Dinner.  Difficult to stop eating once started.
1:07:51 Are we on the brink of extinction?
1:10:56 Plans for NRI in near future, more classes?  A Life of Power: A Year With Natalia Rose
1:11:20 Thoughts on transgender
1:14:18 Sleep paralysis
1:17:00 Mindset behind the work (cleansing lifestyle), how to keep mind clear
1:23:27 Lack of muscle tone

Audio 3:

0:00:40 Dry fasting
0:22:30 Children, food at play dates
0:32:40 Vaccinations
0:34:27 Menopause
0:36:27 Freezing juices
0:37:41 Babies

Audio 4:

0:00:06 How to handle new foods like Reishi, TOCOS (Rice Bran Solubles) and Ashitaba
0:04:27 Small nuts
0:04:47 Food choices when out: sugary fruit vs. rice and beans vs. non-organic eggs
0:08:15 EMFs (also look into TRENDnet Powerline Adapters, and the WaveRider)
0:15:37 Pollution in foods
0:19:33 Almond milk