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Dearest Friends,

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In my own life the evolution never ends. Just when I think I have reached the peak human experience, another gateway opens and shows me an even more rarified, dynamic expression of my/our humanness. Ever since I set foot on the path of higher knowledge of life/humanness, revelations have kept a speedy pace. However, recently it’s accelerated! My expansions of perception and physical enlightenment (actual rising of frequency in my physical body) are occurring faster than ever. The previews I have been privy to make me more certain of our remarkable makeup and our destiny — to fully embody the flame of life. The best way I can describe it is that the human being in his/her full truth is like a shining sun (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). As we release our misguided ideologies, limited lenses, and the assumed labels, belief systems, stories and social conditionings that have caused us to be blind to this fullness, we have the opportunity to transfigure ourselves into that original truth. Like a cloud moves out of the way to reveal the sun shining in a blue sky, so too do we shed all that blocks our true radiant nature. The sky is not grey – the grey is merely an illusion as the cloud is there.

There are two key things I wish to underscore in light of this experience. The first is the absolute confirmation that if you keep shedding the accumulation (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), you will reach higher and higher states of consciousness (a.k.a. expanded perception) and physical ecstasy. Such are the fruits of successful cellular cleansing. The body is the microcosm of the macrocosm. As we release the obstruction, we spiritualize. Now, granted, some may not choose to spiritualize as they undertake cell cleansing – they may deny their spiritual thirst and desire to play in materialism longer. That is fine for them. But, if you do not resist the spiritualizing of your being, you will find your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness cup runneth over.

This is a journey that leads through gateway after gateway of transformation. Think of the body itself as a living gateway to knowledge and evolution. As you cleanse, opening the pathways in the body and removing the blockages to the life-force (the God-force) your knowledge increases. As your knowledge increases, your antennae sharpen such that you are attracted to, motivated by and governed by revised qualities, abilities, desires and wisdom. This is a self-elevating spiral. There truly is never an end point. Just places to pause for a moment, enjoy the view and then continue on to a revised view. Remember, life is fluid. If we stay fluid we will see that our truth is ever expanding; if we are fixed we will constantly be trying to make everything fit our limited vision. The tendency to be fixed, without fail, results in sending ourselves careening into walls. That’s okay — those bang-ups remind us that fluidity, not rigidity is the law of the land. Calcification (rigidity), as you know well now, is part of the death cycle. So if we are wise, we catch ourselves if we become resistant, rigid and fixed and renew our commitment to fluidity.

How do you ensure you progress and get to go for this great ride up the evolutionary spiral of full being enlightenment? All you need to do is be attentive to what life is showing you, apply the life-generating principles that you are learning here to all areas of your life and be ready every moment to move through the next gateway you are presented with. By doing so you will be moving toward your unlimited true nature as microcosms of the great All That Is.

The second piece I want to share with you is that when one is moving, growing, transforming so rapidly it is a great challenge to communicate the myriad epiphanies one has daily because the vision typically expands again before there is even an opportunity to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, as it were, to capture it. If I am guilty of anything it is failing to capture the steps of the recent un-foldings for you all because they are too mesmerizing to step away from. I chastise myself for this because I feel it is my duty to document as much as possible to provide a blueprint for you. However, the experience of holding such a high frequency and perceiving such a grand design and destiny for man is so poignant that no one who experiences it can easily tear themselves away from it to document it. (It’s hard enough to step out to resume one’s role in “normal life” with a family and daily “to-do” lists.

Like me, your perception may be expanding faster than you are able to process it, and you may find it difficult to pin down the new vision of what your life, your being, your body all mean to you now with something as clumsy and limiting as words — particularly in the framework of conventional thinking. You may find that there are so many connections being made in your mind and heart (like puzzle pieces coming together rapidly revealing the full picture that was too hard to make out before with so few pieces) that cannot be communicated in the old limiting framework — particularly with others whose perception is still limited in the fixed modern world view. It can be frustrating to contemplate how to share such beautiful insights with those nearest and dearest to you. Insights that are at once so liberating for you and yet so incomprehensible to those you would like to share them with — this makes for an interesting paradox of sentiments. Don’t worry; if this is happening to you just trust that a new way of communicating is emerging — all is evolving together. A congruency will reveal itself as the changes settle in and bring about new structures, new ways of communicating, working, socializing, etc. that are harmonious with our developing higher vision.

I trust that as the deeper insights are anchored in us, causing us to fully embody that which we are discovering, much dissemination of information will occur by osmosis — those around us will receive the insights just from observing us. In this way, the most important thing we can do to uplift the world is to uplift ourselves. The more we embody the evolved, divine human, the more we empower those around us to do likewise. The more we embrace the qualities of evolved humanness, the more we give others the green light to do it too. The information will speak through us, inviting them to unburden themselves of their blockages and accumulation with confidence. We gift the world by charting this new territory and we gift ourselves with the fruits of the expedition. So instead of stressing out about how to diagram and document the blueprint of the experience, I am going take the time first to just really experience it fully and let the transfiguration do it’s work on me.

Let yourself have the time and space to feel your cells sing the song of life, to hum with the great resonance of the planetary frequency, to feel the darkness light up as you focus your light upon it. This will enable you to anchor it more deeply, in a lasting way. There will be time to document and diagram. Now is the time to feel the power and stand in joyful awe.

In other news…spring and summer give us the greatest opportunity to seize the benefits of the cleansing lifestyle so let’s take full advantage! The warm weather makes it easier to eat mostly water-containing raw and living foods and gives our bare skin and bare feet a chance to join the party, breathing in prana and exhaling waste (carbonic acid). The sun, of course is our best healer, (if we know how to harmonize with it). Helio-therapy means “sun therapy.” The sun is the most powerful magnet in our solar system. Like green juice, the cleaner the system it goes into, the more ease that results. This is why the more toxic one is, the more uncomfortable one is in the sun (and the more of a negative reaction one has — i.e., sun burn, overheating). Cleansed people fare far better in the sun than non-cleansed people. You’ll find your relationship with the sun evolves as your body sheds waste. The sun will magnetize waste up to the surface — a big cause of the confusion around skin cancer, which has its origins deep in the body; the sun merely exposes the inner toxicity. Use the sun in small safe amounts like you would medicinal green juice like wheat grass. For goodness sake, don’t spend your life avoiding the sun because you think it is the enemy of health, beauty and youth. Quite the opposite!

I referred to the two mindsets at play in our world today in my last letter to you. Going forward, I will refer to them as the divergent paradigms: the Artificial Matrix and the Interconnected Network of Living Energy. The Artificial Matrix is the conditioned, materialistic paradigm (the stagnant fixed ideologies our culture has set up for us) and the latter, the natural design of the Universe, which is fluid with the substance of God-force and infuses the qualities of life with everything it touches. In the last advanced training course, I taught the central Universal Laws we see underlying this Network of Living Energy. Going forward, we will be educating you more and more about these laws so they can play a bigger role in your awareness and in your ability to contextualize the teaching we share with you. We hope you will contemplate them and discuss them with each other. They will trigger your next epiphanies and help you make much more sense of the tenets of tissue cleansing.

It is our continued aim to serve you with the very best information and guidance available anywhere on cleansing the body and transfiguring yourself into more evolved versions of your divine humanness.

All Love,

Kim Wepler
Director of Community Support

Hello everyone!
I am so excited to be working with you all! My name is Kim Wepler and I am the new Director of Community Support. I am looking so forward to building The Community and bringing everyone together.

I found Natalia’s work in 2008 and my life changed for the better in every possible way. When I first read The Raw Food Detox Diet, something inside of me shifted and I began to look at food in a completely new way. Despite growing up with very poor eating habits, I was always able to maintain a thin frame. As I became older, though, my body could no longer tolerate the accumulation of waste and responded by becoming very unhealthy and very heavy, which in turn made me very unhappy. I had no idea how to take care of myself in a healthy way. While studying under Natalia, though, I realized I needed to stop focusing on my calorie intake. Rather, for the first time in my life, I needed to focus on being healthy. To do that, I needed to concentrate on choosing the right foods of the highest quality, as well as the best combinations of them. Because I came from such poor eating and lifestyle habits, it took me many years, filled with many small steps, to get my body, my mind and my life, to the healthiest it has ever been. By taking those steps, the weight then fell away. I look forward to offering members of The Community any and all support that they may need.

Please feel free to email me at anytime with any ideas or suggestions that you may have to enhance The Community. Also, please email me any questions that you have for our first recorded Community Call. We would like to have all questions submitted by March 15, 2016 so that we can release Natalia’s answers on a recorded call on April, 1, 2016.

I look so forward to hearing from you!
With love,