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Curriculum topics for Preconception include:

  • Why Preconception Cleansing is Essential
  • Why Both Men and Women Need to Do Their Part
  • How to Apply Transitioning Basics to Preconception
  • Shopping List Ideas
  • Detoxification Tips for Preconception
  • When to Go Off Birth Control

If you are reading this now and thinking about starting a family, you are about to receive a precious gift for you and your future children! This is your opportunity to create an amazing foundation for your family-to-be. The longer you are able to cleanse your grateful cells prior to conception, the better. And any amount of time is better than nothing! Never fear that it’s too little too late. You are preparing your body to be a home for your baby, and now is the time to focus on cleansing and strengthening that home to be ready for conception. You are literally pre-protecting your little one.

We are in a state of emergency. Our children are getting sicker and heavier. People in their late teens are suffering from the same conditions that plague people in their 50s, such as joint pain and rheumatism. We should never see these diseases in children under 20, much less in a first grader, yet they are manifesting at earlier and earlier ages. Babies are born with a litany of allergies. Young children are developing cancerous tumors. Why is this happening? In an unclean body, which carries years of toxic accumulation and a poor health lineage, the sperm or egg has compromised blood chemistry. This is passed on to offspring, and with each generation this DNA becomes weaker and weaker.

Healthy humans living in clean air, on clean soil, drinking clean water, and on a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables would not have compromised blood chemistry. Their offspring would be a reflection of their perfect cells. When you start introducing elements that are not meant to be in the body, the cellular structure starts to mutate and the DNA starts to shift. The damages were lighter in earlier generations because the toxic load in soil, water, and food sources were lighter. Cows grazing on clean grass in natural pastures produced a raw milk product that was very different from the milk we typically drink today. Post-industrialization is then thrown into the mix. Our migrant ancestors were arrived in this country coming from clean farm living and eventually adopted the Standard American Diet. Now we have a dire situation.

Cleansing through clean eating and living is no longer a luxury. Cleansing your pre-conception body starts the ball rolling, and you begin your child’s life by giving him or her a huge leg up. Pre-conception cleansing is the best health insurance you can provide. A clean egg meeting clean sperm produces a clean baby. Which means that this process is not just for women: it takes two to tango! Viable sperm is just as important as a viable egg.

Let’s use the analogy of soil and seed. A farmer does not take the time to prepare his soil—composting and tilling in fresh fertilizer—only to then plant inferior seeds. Nor does he neglect the soil and then plant carefully cultivated heirloom seedlings in it. Both sides of the equation need to be in place. We should not be surprised that infertility is such a common issue today. In fact, it’s high time we look at this seriously. All of the evidence is right in front of us: if we are not able to conceive, or if we are producing unhealthy offspring, it’s clear that something is seriously amiss. The survival of our species is being threatened. This is not happening randomly. ADD and ADHD, allergies, cancer, childhood leukemia, diabetes, and obesity in preschoolers are realities for a huge number of families. This is not a throw of the dice. This is the result of the mindless mass consumption of substances that are unfit for the body.

Here’s the good news: making dietary and lifestyle changes can be fun and easy! When we embrace a cleansing lifestyle, we don’t dive full throttle into an all-vegan, raw diet. In fact, we operate outside those labels. We make a graceful, intelligent transition, with full awareness of where we’re coming from and where we want to go. This is the time to begin wading slowly into cleansing water. You can dive right in, in terms of your determination and conviction, but transition your body gently and slowly. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Note: The great thing about pre-conception cleansing is that you are still outside the realm of critique in many ways. Once you become pregnant, you’ll find your nutrition program to be under much higher scrutiny. Right now, you don’t yet have to listen to the mother-in-law, spouse, or friend who doesn’t think you’re eating enough meat or drinking enough milk. You have freedom from prying eyes and criticism.

First, take the adult Assessment Survey and calculate your transition level. Follow the instructions for your transition level and apply as many of the dietary principles as possible. Gather your supplies of Transition Foods per the shopping list below, and incorporate as many of the Transition Ideas (also provided below) as you can into your diet

Shopping List of Transition Foods

Transition Ideas

  • Substitute your processed flour breads and bagels with sprouted-grain options. Alvarado St. Bakery and Ezekiel make sprouted-grain tortillas, breads, bagels, and English muffins.
  • Start to incorporate big, fresh salads into your diet. Try an avocado salad accompanied by a sprouted-grain bagel with butter and honey.
  • Begin your day with a veggie juice, even before you eat breakfast. Play with combinations that please your palate, and add stevia to sweeten the deal.
  • Eat more fresh fruit. Having fruit for breakfast on an empty stomach is such a delicious and energizing way to start the day.
  • Replace sugar and artificial sweeteners with stevia, organic maple syrup, and raw honey. Drizzle syrup over your berries, add stevia to your juices and salad dressings, and enjoy honey on your sprouted-grain toast.
  • Switch out your oils. For cooking, use organic butter or coconut oil. And high quality, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is a great addition to your salads.
  • Choose healthy condiments. Marinara sauce with no added sugar, organic ketchup, organic Dijon mustard, and Nama Shoyu soy sauce are delicious with your new snack and meal options.

Note: Many women worry about weight gain during pregnancy. If you properly prepare your body for pregnancy beforehand and maintain cleanliness throughout pregnancy, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a better body after pregnancy than you had before. The concept of ruining your figure with pregnancy is part of mainstream thinking, because if you follow the Standard American Diet, it will most likely be true. Stretch marks, sagging, weight retention, pigmentation, gestational diabetes, and developed food sensitivities are not a part of this lifestyle.

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to dive in and start employing your cleansing principles. You will note that these are the sample principles that we recommend for those who are struggling with infertility, but with slightly different emphases. Whether you are struggling with infertility or not, these are still the best steps you can take to help prepare you for parenthood and create a clear and welcoming space for your future child.

1. Give Your Body a Rest from Digestion

The more your body can rest from the process of metabolizing substances, the more your energy can go toward healing, turning over cells, and cleansing the blood. This means throwing out the false concept of a “fast metabolism.” There is no metabolism per se, which implies an actual, measurable part of the body. The concept more accurately refers to what I call “metabolization”—the act of taking in, breaking down, and eliminating substances. When more substances are going into your body than you can fully process, you become like an assembly line gone amok. You become overloaded and end up spewing matter everywhere!

When you overeat, or eat in combinations your body doesn’t recognize, your body works very hard to adapt. Overworking your system in this way ages you faster and also deteriorates your blood chemistry and DNA, which you will pass to your offspring.

Proper food combining (or eating in “Quick Exit Combinations“) is the best way to give your body a rest. Miscombined foods take about 8 hours to metabolize vs. approximately 3 hours for a properly combined meal. While going through the process of digestion, the food sits and ferments in your stomach at 98.6° Fahrenheit. This heated ball of festering matter feeds bacteria, fungus, and yeast, and it’s all downhill from there.

Eating your meals while sticking to the basic rules of food combing will be a huge step in the right direction. Basically, you only want your meal to include one food category at a time, accompanied by large amounts of neutral raw and cooked vegetables.

2. Flood the Body with Health-Generating Foods

Our job is to alkalinize the body and hydrate old waste matter to get it ready for removal. When these two things take place, you begin to soar. The best thing to consume for alkalinizing the body is pure vegetable juice, always including at least one leafy green. Leafy greens bring chlorophyll, or synthesized sunlight, into the body, giving us the highest energy levels possible.

All raw fruits and vegetables are alkaline and hydrating, so including them with every meal is an important part of the cleansing process. Eating a large salad before every meal, starting your day with raw veggie juice, and opting for fresh fruit for breakfast and snacks are easy ways to start to mobilize old waste and alkalinize the blood.

Note: When blood becomes acidic, the body alkalinizes it by releasing calcium from the bone stores. To grow a baby with strong and healthy bones, keep blood alkaline with plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.

3. Remove the Rubbish

Nothing that you consume can heal the body if its problems are caused by obstructions. An infected splinter cannot be remedied with cream or a Band-Aid. The splinter must be removed for the skin to begin to heal. The same principle holds true for all ailments of the body. As we begin to mobilize the old toxic waste by hydrating it with water-rich, alkaline foods, we can begin to remove the offending obstructions.

Do not be fooled by all of the products at drug stores and health food stores with the word “cleanse” on them. Remember, true cleansing only takes place when waste matter leaves the body. Luckily, we have the tools for waste removal at our disposal. We can use colonics and enemas to gently hydrate waste and send it on its way. This is an imperative part of the process. Alkalinizing and hydrating waste is the first half of the process, and the removal of waste is the second half. One is useless without the other.

Note: Beginning a relationship with a qualified and skilled gravity method colon-hydrotherapist will give you much deeper insights into the workings of your body, and a partnership that can last for many years. Visit our Colon Therapy Directory to find a gravity-method colon hydrotherapist near you. Click here to see our favorite enema option for those times when colonics are not an option.

4. Set the Stage

By beginning this process, you are setting the stage for the whole future life of your child. The seeds are sown during pre-conception. Parents who are socially conditioned with life-deteriorating ideas and who are consuming life-deteriorating substances will very likely end up dealing with a rebellious sixteen-year-old who’s abusing drugs. That child will have internalized sixteen years of untruth in every aspect of his or her teenage life, and will feel broken by it. Sixteen years of unfit substances piled onto compromised genetic lineage, and compounded by unfathomable social limitations, create unlivable conditions.

This is not just about diet. We need to change our thoughts, look at our environment, and evaluate our values. How are we treating each other? What are we going to offer our children? Will they be accessories? Is having a child just something that your spouse wants, or that you feel you’re supposed to do? Or do you actively want to create a person who will truly get to live and thrive on this planet?

Having children is not about getting them into Harvard or having the perfect Pottery Barn crib. We will reap what we sow, and the more we can change our attitudes and weed out bad relationships, the more our blood chemistry will improve. At conception, the baby receives not only the current condition of the mother’s blood chemistry, but also an imprint of the parent’s values as well. Cleansing the physical body is extremely important for healthy conception and pregnancy, but cleansing our emotions, relationships, and lives in general is just as important for the birth of a healthy human being. After all, how can we create vibrant, inquisitive, bright-eyed, healthy children when we ourselves are not vibrant and healthy and receptive to the world of truth? During this pre-conception cleanse, we encourage you to dive into this self-exploration in order to help set the stage for the lives of our unborn children.

5. Practice the Art of Sacred Sexuality

The words “sacred” and “sexuality” rarely go together in our culture. Our concept of sex is generally one of selfish indulgence and lust—which leads more often than not to a feeling of emptiness. We all too rarely approach sexuality with the goal of giving and becoming one with a partner. Conception is far more often the result of either an accident (from a night of intoxication or blind lust) or an overly mechanized, stressful process of temperature taking, pill popping, and “perfect timing.” Today, conception is rarely the result of the powerful union of male and female, of two human beings expressing their love for each other and sharing their united intention to bring about new life.

True lovemaking, as an art of sacred sexuality, is a lost practice. We’d safely bet that most of you did not learn about this from your parents, your friends, or from Hollywood! However, there are still cultures today (especially ancient cultures) that honor the power, beauty, and balance of male and female sexual energies. The balance of yin and yang, of night and day, and of earth and sun are all metaphors for the perfect whole that results from the union of male and female. Explore this exciting world with your partner in books such as Grant Me a Higher Love by Cindi Sansone-Braff, the entire Anastasia Ringing Cedar Series by Vladimir Megre, Tantra: The Path of Ecstasy by Georg Feuerstein; and Tantric Quest: An Encounter with Absolute Love by Daniel Odier.

When you are ready to have a child, one of the best things you can give your child is the power of your combined intention to bring new life into the world. Learn about this now so that, when the time comes, you are ready to pass this gift along to your child!

Ideas to Remember:

  • Healthy, clean sperm and eggs make healthy, clean babies
  • Pre-conception cleansing is just as important for men as it is for women
  • Transitioning to a cleansing lifestyle should be easy and gradual
  • For all of your favorite foods, there are health-conscious alternatives that will work during your cleanse
  • There is no metabolism per se. Metabolization is the act of taking in, breaking down, and eliminating substances.
  • It is important to go off birth control for at least one year before you try to conceive and avoid all non-essential medications.