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shutterstock_19566868Roots is the first section and the first step for anyone coming to this work. As the name suggests, Roots provides the essential building blocks. In this section, you will establish a deep knowledge of the key principles of effective cell and tissue cleansing. Much like the root system of a great oak tree, capable of living for hundreds of years, the knowledge in Roots will provide a powerful foundation for your cleansing journey. You will become adept at learning how to integrate these new principles into any lifestyle at any life stage, be armed with insights that will ensure your success and become familiarized with the terms and concepts that will be used frequently in subsequent sections.

Begin with Roots (or return to) Roots if you:
  • Are new to cleansing;
  • Have “fallen off the wagon”;
  • Are looking for a way out of the mainstream living paradigm.

Remember, the deeper your roots are, the more you’ll be able to grow and expand!

Books for Roots:


NRI Addresses Heavy Metal Toxicity

Like radiation, heavy metals are a major contributor to the demise of human health today.  Heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium and barium are entering our bodies daily through the most common elements of life, namely the air we breathe, rainwater and soil as well as through dental amalgams, cookware, pipes and drains and ...Read More

NRI Spotlights Radiation

Radiation is a global issue – whether you are living in a metropolitan area where you are swimming in wireless radiation, using cell phones 24/7 or on the receiving end of Fukushima fall out, humanity is bearing the brunt of radiation in escalating proportions. There is great variation in how people respond to radiation. Younger people ...Read More

NRI Degenerative Disease Philosophy

Fundamentally, we know that when one lives in opposition to life, cut off in anyway from the network of living energy, symptoms arise. The degree to which those symptoms arise is the degree to which one is operating in opposition to Nature.  While degenerative disease may remain a mystery to modern medical science, it is not ...Read More

Tips for Sticking with It: An Audio

Enjoy these excellent tips on how to stay true to a life-generating program! MP3 version: Read More

Perspectives on Celiac Disease

Macha and I discuss Celiac Disease in this approximately 35-minute-long audio: Read More

Talking Raw with Macha: An Audio

Hi Everyone, After reading that many raw food gurus feel they need to reintroduce cooked foods, grains, and animal products into their diets, I thought it was important to address this. There are many reasons why this would be the case, most of which Macha and I discuss in this audio: Talking Raw with Macha MP3. Our ...Read More

Audio with Macha: Labels or Self-Leadership

Enjoy this latest audio with me and Macha. We cover a great deal of ground. I hope something here serves you. This is a great one for parents! Read More

Miscellaneous Q&A Audio with Macha

This audio discussion is divided in two parts because the phone line broke off about two-thirds of the way through. Miscellaneous Q & A Audio with Macha Content covered in audio: * Understanding how and why the body thrives on less * What the body thrives on * How to use our unique strengths to benefit society at large * Using ...Read More

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Disintegratin’ Bones!

In this latest audio, Macha Einbender and I discuss the deterioration and rectification of the skeletal-muscular system as it applies for all ages! Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Disintegratin’ Bones Content covered in audio: * Understanding the skeletal and muscular systems of the body: * How to maintain their inherent strength * Origins of bone deterioration in the body and how ...Read More

Ana Ladd-Griffin Enters The Red Tent

I’d like to share this entry that my senior detox counselor, Ana Ladd-Griffin, posted on the Natalia Rose Institute membership community today on her Q&A area. It is such a timely and popular topic. If this topic interests you, keep an eye out for an audio interview on the reproductive system, menstruation, and fertility in ...Read More

Audio Interview with Macha: Getting Started on Detox 4 Women

Macha interviewed me today on the subject of beginning Detox 4 Women. I hope it proved helpful to all those beginners out there! Audio Interview with Macha: Getting Started on Detox for Women Content covered in audio: * The role of transition in Detox4Women * Why the approach in Detox4Women is essential right now * Transitioning socially and emotionally, as well ...Read More

Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

These freakish, non-organic cherries are your cells on modern living. I’m not speaking just metaphorically, either. Make no mistake: there is no difference between the havoc that modern living wreaks on your cells and the cellular degeneration of these cherries. Only the limitations of the naked eye keep us from witnessing this cellular holocaust in ...Read More

The Short, Easy Answer Is…

At first glance, becoming raw-vegan or vegetarian seems a logical way of honoring life. Most people do so for their health or for moral reasons. I, for one, applaud anyone who looks for alternatives to the mainstream diet-lifestyle and wants to be part of the solution. But this is not the solution it is thought ...Read More

A Salad in Motion Remains in Motion

When you launch into a diet high in living foods, you will discover that these foods contain a force that creates motion. Non-living foods (cooked proteins, cooked starches, nuts, etc.) do not have this effect on the body. Given the physical laws of motion, if you eat foods with no life force, your intestines will ...Read More

A Nation of Addicts

Why is just about everyone you or I know taking a pill or some other substance to suppress emotional pain? Why is everyone numbing themselves, and why is it accepted as normal? What is the common denominator here? A slow but steady detour away from the independent values that made our country great two hundred years ...Read More

Cancer: A Mystery?

According to a study from the American Cancer Society back in 2007, there were expected to be over 12 million new cancer cases and 7.6 million cancer deaths worldwide that year (about 200,000 cancer deaths a day). At this rate, we can expect that pretty soon almost everyone will be a candidate for some type ...Read More

All That Glitters

There are several television shows that call me periodically to speak on “newsworthy” topics. After participating in dozens of these segments over several months a couple of years ago, I opted to stop. They send a limo and driver, put my books up on camera, treat me like a celeb, and do the whole hair-and-makeup ...Read More

The True Measure of Health Food: Deep Tissue Cleansing

For those of you who are still confused about what actually constitutes a “health food,” let me clear the air: if a substance contributes to the removal of the accumulated waste in the body, either by awakening it or by helping it move through the eliminative channels—in a process called Deep Tissue Cleansing—it has a ...Read More

The Danger of Social Conditioning: Part Two

In Part One of “The Danger of Social Conditioning” (10/19/08) we discussed how humans are programmable and largely directed by social conditioning. We discussed why it is critical to stop feeding the group consciousness that is endangering us, and how to link up with a higher consciousness for life-generating results. Now, I would like to discuss the effects ...Read More

A Few Housekeeping Notes

It’s time for another housekeeping blog. Here are just a few things I’d like to mention: 1. My rates for private consultations have increased. The initial consultation fee is now $500; follow-ups are $250/hr; and initial phone consultations are $350. I have resisted raising my rates for several years because I wanted to be as affordable ...Read More

The Danger of Social Conditioning: Part One

Are we the rulers of our own destinies or mere products of social conditioning? This age-old question takes on new meaning when directed at our dietary lifestyles—and in light of the adage that “you are what you eat.” From infancy we are trained by our parents, our peers, the media, and other authorities in widely accepted ...Read More

Relationship Detox

When you cleanse your body you become much more sensitized to other aspects of your life. You will naturally want to organize and cleanse your immediate environment, such as your house or office space. Then, at a certain point, you will be ready to examine your relationships—how you respond to others, whom you choose to ...Read More

On Eating Disorders

A beautiful thing never gives so much pain as does failing to hear and see it. —Michelangelo All modern eating is disordered eating. The consumption of processed foods in thoughtless combinations, three meals a day plus snacks, all the grain, flesh, packaged foods and drinks—all of this is grossly unfit for the human body. The FDA ...Read More

Let the Truth Set You Free of Your Diet Obsessions

Have you wondered why many of my blogs seem to have nothing to do with food and diet when you come to this website predominantly for nutrition and diet information? If so, I’m happy to take this moment to explain. First, the whole reason for cleaning up the diet is to free yourself of concern over what to ...Read More

The 5 Truths of Nurturing Psychological and Emotional Balance in Our Children

Now and then a subject comes up that captures my attention so much that I have to drop everything—all of my projects and daily plans—to address it. This happened to me today as I read “The Bipolar Puzzle” by Jennifer Egan inThe New York Times Magazine. In this article, Egan investigates portraits of families with children diagnosed ...Read More

Do You Ever Feel Lonely?

“Always follow the highest you know.” —J.J. Dewey, The Immortal Do you ever feel lonely as you pursue the higher truths of this diet-lifestyle? Well, you’re not alone. If I had a tomato for everyone who has recently described to me this aspect of cleansing, I could make a batch of gazpacho big enough for all ...Read More

The Truth about Fasting and Answers to Your FAQs

Water fasting, juice fasting, liver cleanses, blended food fasts, the Master Cleanse…the list goes on and on. According to Spins, the market research company, sales of herbal cleansing products tripled to nearly $28 million worldwide last year. This figure reflects a tremendous growing interest in fasting, but it also reflects a lot of false advertising ...Read More

Valentine’s Day Sex Ed 101: Romance and Reproductive Health

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day—a time to celebrate romantic love. But who are we kidding? We cannot have a healthy, fun romantic life when our sexual organs are dysfunctional. The rates of cervical, ovarian and prostate cancer diagnoses are growing every day (to say nothing of breast cancer). HPV, ovarian cysts, erectile dysfunction, yeast infections, and ...Read More

Fresh Perspectives on Thanksgiving Dinner

Consider the ancient philosophical concept of the “highest good.” Every moment of every day we must make innumerable choices about what we are going to think, say, or do in every area of our lives. Our lives are streams of moments of chosen experience. Each time we make a choice based on our “highest good” ...Read More

Just Say No to Laxatives!

Hello Angels! I have received so many emails from you who, in your keenness to cleanse your intestines (which is great), are getting suckered into buying one of the myriad “cleansing” products on the market today (not so great). There are innumerable different brands, but they are all similar in concept and ingredients. I know how seductive ...Read More

Over-consumption + Under-elimination x Time = Accumulation

What is the real culprit behind aging, weight problems, and illness? Accumulation. Namely, the accumulation of substances, mostly from the foods we ingest. When you see a wrinkled, heavy, tired-looking 60-year-old person, you should know that he/she do not look this way because he/she has gone around the sun 60 times. Time alone does not age the body. ...Read More

Why Are We Sick? The Vicious Cycle Explained…

When I first began helping other people cleanse and regenerate their bodies, I thought my work was pretty cut-and-dry. People came to me predominantly to lose weight and boost their energy. However, there is a devastating cycle at play in the mainstream lifestyle that goes way beyond concerns of looking gorgeous or fitting into a ...Read More

Stop Clogging Your Life with “Miracle” Cures—Make Way for Cellular Cleansing!

Friends-in-the-cleanse, Last week I had a group of the most intelligent, light-filled, beautiful women in my home for a two-day Teacher-Training Intensive course. These women all attended with the intention of understanding the principles and details of the program at the most advanced levels in order to help others in their community—privately and professionally. I praise ...Read More

Do You Have to Exercise?

One of the most popular questions among my readers and clients is “Do I have to exercise?” Let’s shine a new light on exercise, once and for all. There are three key things the body needs to be doing constantly: 1. Taking in oxygen 2. Pushing out poisons (primarily through the bowel, skin, liver, and lymph) 3. ...Read More

Eat for Simplicity

If you are interested in diet, health, raw foods, or any offshoot of the detox lifestyle, you must understand the beauty of simplicity. No matter what level of health you are coming from—be it decades of raw or right off the hot dog cart—the quickest, most painless route to health and weight loss is extreme simplicity in ...Read More

Disclaimer of Health Related Information
This site and all of its contents including all courses and cleanses is a source of information only. The information contained in this site, on our recorded calls, and in all Course and/or Cleanse materials should by no means be considered a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional, who should always be consulted before beginning any new diet or other health program. Detox the World (Natalia Rose Institute) disclaims any liability for any adverse effects arising from the use or application of the information contained herein. The information received should not be seen as medical or nursing advice and is certainly not meant to take the place of your seeing licensed health professionals.

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