PhDetox Module 5 – The Alimentary Canal

Module #5: The Alimentary Canal (click to open audio in new page)

Familiarity with your entire alimentary tract from beginning to end and the role each section plays in moving and assimilating substances is elementary to good internal hygiene. What may at first glance sound like dull subject matter will become exciting and critical when you learn how empowering it is to know how to manage the intake and elimination of your digestive system. You will learn:

  • Where food is in your digestive system based on what you consumed and when.
  • How to overcome all manner of digestive imbalances and how to work with the various imbalances specifically (acid reflux, gas, colitis, diverticulitis, constipation, etc.).
  • The anatomy of waste elimination in the large intestine.
  • How to choose a colon therapist and what to expect in a colonic session.
  • How to determine if a colonic is successful and well administered.
  • How many colonics to incorporate into your detoxification program.
  • How to self-administer a great enema.

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