Private Consultation with Natalia

Natalia-Blue-DressPrivate Consultations may be done remotely via phone or in-person. Presently, Natalia is seeing clients with special needs only, on a very limited basis (including, though not limited to):

  • parents whose children are suffering from imbalances
  • clients with complicated symptoms or rapid aging and deterioration
  • clients who are slow to heal and/or slow to lose weight
  • young adults with food-abuse struggles.

If you feel you have an unusual situation that requires a personal consultation with Natalia please email us with details about your situation, and we will schedule session for you.

Single session rate


Please be advised

Private clients should expect to spend approximately between 1.5-2 hrs in the session (whether by the phone or in-person at her office in Manhattan). You must be on time for your consultation.

Schedule your appointment carefully

Cancellations within 24 hours will not be permitted to reschedule. There are very few openings, so please be courteous to others who need the sessions, and do not make a booking unless you are certain you are truly ready for the work and ready to implement the strategy Natalia designs for you. This powerful, life-changing work requires dedication.