EGD Week 4 Weekly Challenges

Week 4 Challenges:
  1. Increase your wheatgrass intake to 3-4 ounces 5 days a week (or continue with less until your body is in harmony with it);

  2. Create a daily meditation practice (if you have not already started one). Anita Briggs’ tools are our recommendation while on this protocol, but choose what resonates with you – a tool that helps you quiet and still the mind. Doing so is a prerequisite for full body purification, for removing the blockages that keep you operating from old, destructive programs and patterns, and for fully embodying your authentic self. Start small and build your way up to a steady practice. Observe how it changes your perception and the way you respond in situations that were once trigger points for you. Let this practice be a tool to bring in more love, acceptance and joy;

  3. Make at least 3 new raw recipes & post your favorite one to our Facebook group;

  4. Return to the contract that you made to yourself in week 1. What was easy for you and what was challenging to you in this cleanse? Many of you have experienced incredible healing and leaps in consciousness throughout this month and will want to continue on with some or all of the EGD protocol for another month or longer. Now is a good time to write a new contract with yourself from your new perspective. State clearly what you are going to do daily, weekly, or monthly. Make a list of things want to continue doing, things you want to continue to experiment with, things you still want to try, and a list of what you want to incorporate back into your life (if any). After you create your list, state clearly the purpose of this commitment and what you expect to get in return for these efforts.