Natalia Rose Institute


Natalia Rose Institute is both a healing method and an organization dedicated to dispensing physiological truths that can prevent and reverse modern human degeneration. Natalia Rose Institute recognizes that accumulation of both organic and inorganic substances in the cells and tissues of the body is the source of all manner and degree of physical illness.

The Natalia Rose Institute method is the most promising solution for the plague of modern illnesses–including mental, psychological, and emotional imbalances, premature aging, and obesity. Its approach to healing effectively is to remove the accumulated substances that create the damage and deterioration, and also to prevent future accumulation.

Natalia Rose Institute also recognizes the effect that modern living has on human DNA. Prolonged exposure to unfit substances corrupts the genetic code and is the cause of the growing physiological, emotional, and mental deterioration of our offspring. This is a factor we can no longer ignore–and given this new knowledge, to do so is both self-destructive and irresponsible.

Natalia Rose Institute further acknowledges that the accumulation of substances and harmful organisms (i.e., life-deteriorating bacteria, yeast, and fungus) that develops as a result of a clogged physical environment creates addictions to unfit substances, making it extremely challenging to break away from the dietary habits that began the trouble. The proven tips and tools offered here aim to minimize this handicap with gentle but effective support.

Natalia Rose Institute offers a wealth of cleansing-diet guidance, but it does so in the larger context of modern living. The Natalia Rose Institute team believes that the mainstream diet-lifestyle is at the center of a vicious cycle that is leading to our social and planetary destruction. Modern social norms perpetuate the intake of substances that make people think, behave, consume and develop in ways that perpetuate suffering–and lead, ultimately, to the de-evolution of humankind. By contrast, truly clean, clear, self-directed individuals–who are free of addiction, chemical imbalance, and blocked, stagnated systems–are naturally loving, joy-filled contributors to a special life-generating civilization.

Natalia Rose Institute is wholly aware of the transition that will need to take place to bridge these two worlds–from the health of the microcosmic individual to that of the macrocosmic world community. Natalia Rose Institute takes this work seriously, for it requires a profound shift in experience as one transitions from incremental steps toward self-liberation to a more profound detoxification of one’s whole world. At Natalia Rose Institute, we aim for no less than to enact meaningful shifts that will change civilzation as we know it–the very blueprints of our industries and institutions. We aim to expel those substances, influences, and insidious forces that rob us of our great natural resources as vital members of a beautiful, life-giving world.

We must release the ties that bind us to life-deteriorating actions and reactions, for this is essential to successfully and completely “detoxing” ourselves. Natalia Rose Institute aims to help each interested individual perceive and then conquer all blocks–material and spiritual–that may stand in the way of clarity, freedom, truth–and, let’s never forget, joy.

In addition to books and MP3 audios published by Natalia Rose and the DetoxCommunity, Natalia Rose Institute is training practitioners in this method to offer professional support to individuals and groups all over the world.

We support you in the Life Light,
Natalia Rose & The Natalia Rose Institute Team