Avatar Day 2

Follow along with the Day 2 Notes

Part I

Topics covered: Emotional Purification, Behavioral Purification, 6 Keys to Initiate-Hood, Identify & Dissolve Practice, Practical Tools for the Initiate

Part II

Topics covered: The Adept & Avatar stages, Avatar Qualities, Abundance & Money

Resource links:  Transition Bridge Diagram

Part III

Topics covered: Relationships, The EROS Equation, Sexuality


A Final Note to Avatars-in-the-Making

Dearest Avatars-in-the-making,

We have returned to the interconnected network of life together! What an achievement — we’ve seen the artificial construct that has held the world in bondage and we have been able to walk off the fake-set and reconnect with real life. We have dropped the blinders and taken wing in our consciousness! We’re no longer able to be fooled by separation/ego-identity consciousness again should we consistently keep our attention on the radiant “sea of Source.”

Remember always:
Source is my Source;
There is one cause of suffering: separation; there is one cure for suffering: reunification.

The Aboriginal people called the external world the “dream time.” What lies beyond the veil, they knew was the “real world.” Even if you cannot fully grasp that in your imagination yet, keep considering this truth and eventually you will be stunned by the power of this knowledge. The Aborigines were speaking about the difference between the world of fallen-consciousness and the sea of source, where life originates and abundance flows.

Also, remember that dropping the proverbial sandbags and clearing the proverbial land-fill waste off the garden soil is all it takes to move out of suffering. Humans were never intended to be so weighed down, so filled with toxic waste in all our fields (physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual). Once we clear these handicaps, we will see the bars of our cages dissolve and our gardens blossom with increased life-generating beauty.

Amanda and I are vested in your journey. The way we see it, our job has only just begun! We’ve shown you the keys to the cage but we are still standing by to make sure you move through the stages, if this is your desire. We also  you to listen to the Avatar class recordings as much as possible until you truly own the knowledge therein.

We are deeply connected and, together, we can bring heaven to earth.

Love, praise and gratitude,
Natalia & Amanda

Josh Groban / You Raise Me Up