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Q&A with Natalia – AUG 2018

PART 1 of 5: 00:30 When we include fat in the diet, does the fat coat the cells helping to prevent sugar from entering? 03:24 Is it possible to eat a detox diet that includes fruit when greatly lowering nuts/seeds/goat cheese? 07:32 Will Natalia ever include fruit in her diet again? 09:20 What are you reading these days and ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia – Dec 2016

Audio 1: 0:03:02 Autism in children 0:07:33 Hitting wall with green juice and raw foods 0:15:41 Too much sugar in smoothies?  Working with a client in 60’s 0:24:54 How to combine jack fruit, Tamari creating gas 0:29:25 Benefits of living in colder climates 0:31:25 Apple seeds toxic?  Laetrile (or Amygdalin) 0:32:44 Mercury poisoning, Epstein Barr, Lyme Disease 0:39:23 Fruit or carrot juice when ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia – May/June 2016

Audio 1: Questions from Audio 1: Setting the Context of this work: not about food/diet, it’s about life generating, primal energy. I am curious about the “Buddha Belly” symptom that some are experiencing, along with weight gain. If normal, ripe lemons leave an alkaline ash in the body, do unripe lemons create an acidic effect on the body? With regards ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia – 09/05/14

Listen here: September 5, 2014 Questions: Do we need to strain our juice when small fibers are present? What is the difference between being Divinely organized and haphazard? How do you find consistency as you cross the transition bridge of detox? How did you give up all of the things that were not life generating for your best good? What ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & The NRI Team – 5/30/14

Listen here: Live Q&A- May 30th, 2014 The team opens with a discussion about the 10 Day Juice Fast and Summer of Lightness. Questions: Deep inside of my ears have been very itchy. Whenever I put peroxide in my ears, inside starts hurting. Then I stick a cotton swab and I get smelly brown stuff on it. I know ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & The NRI Team – 4/24/2014

Listen here: Live Q&A- April 24th, 2014 Natalia opens up the conversation with an personal story describing how to get back in tip-top shape after a night of too much indulgence. Questions: I was exposed to a chemical that aggravated my eyes. After 2 weeks of rubbing, I know have deep wrinkles. Do you have any suggestions to ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team – 3/13/14

Listen here: Live Q&A – March 13th, 2014 Announcements: Please join us for the Advanced Training in April! This may be the last opportunity for live training in 2014. Questions: Hot Topic: How do we protect ourselves from Radiation/Fukishima? – Natalia address how is affects us as a whole and gives a detailed list of her top 5 supplements ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team – 12/5/13

Listen here: LiveQ&A-December 5th, 2013 Announcement: Join us in January for the Maximum Purification Course co-led with Natalia and Anita Briggs. Check out the course page for more details! Natalia opens with a conversation on detoxification, common side effects and how the intention and beliefs behind the process matter significantly. Questions: Holiday Indulgence: What tips do you have to bounce back from ...Read More

Live Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team – 9/6/13

Listen here: LiveQ&A-September 6th, 2013 Announcements: Avatar Cleanse with Natalia Rose & Amanda Dennis: Sept 19 & 20, with 10-weeks ongoing support – Questions: Wheatgrass Implants – I heard that a wheatgrass enema will help rebuild my intestinal flora. How do I do one? Alternative to breast milk – A friend is having problems pumping enough milk and needs to supplement ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team – 10/30/2013

  Listen here: Live Q&A – October 30, 2013   Announcements: The December Advanced Detox Certification Training is postponed to late-February / Early March 2014 Natalia is teaming up with Anita Briggs for the Transfiguration Cleanse, beginning January 11, 2014. For those who want to get a head start on the full-body cleaning and clearing, there will be a pre-cleanse beforehand. Joanna ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team — 05/30/2013

Listen to Live Q&A Call From May 30, 2013 Announcements: Extremely Green Detox with Natalia Rose: July 1 – August 2 Questions: Rebuilding Self-Confidence – How to reconnect to your center and speak your truth Kidney Stones: What are the causes and recommended dietetic protocol Coffee: What’s the acidity level and how can we wean off of it? Candida vs. detox symptoms: ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team — 04/25/2013

Listen to Live Q&A Call From April 25, 2013 Call Notes: Juice Feasting & Yeast Eradication – Is an extended juice feast the solution to combat candida or will fruit juices interfere with my cleanse? Therapeutic Sessions & Intense Cravings – I’m noticing intense cravings for junk food after therapeutic sessions (colonics, body work, etc.). Do you have suggestions for ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team — 03/28/2013

Announcement: Joanna’s Spring Cleaning Course from April 23-June 11 is open for registration! This powerful 8-week, all virtual course will guide you to cleanse, de-clutter and reconnect on all levels. For more details and to sign up, click here: Spring Cleaning! Call Notes: Natalia opens with her experiences navigating travel during otherwise stressful situations and then hosts ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team — 01/31/2013

Announcement: The next Advanced Detox Certification Course is coming up! This course offers an all virtual, live conferencing format over 5 days, from March 4th-March 8th. You can register for the extended course, at a discounted price here: About this call Tune in to this call about “Recapitulation,” a potent tool for emotional clearing. Natalia and Joanna discuss ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team — 12/13/2012

Announcements: Get ready for a powerful and packed 2013 with several offerings from DTW. Discounted Rose Cleanse: save 40% on the packaged cleanse from now until January 31st. January Cleanse: A 6-week live Whole Body Cleanse, beginning January 14th, details to follow! March 4,5,6: Advanced Training in NYC or via live-streaming April: Natalia and Anita Briggs’ will co-teach a course ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team — 11/29/2012

Career – I’m finding my current, acidic work environment less and less tolerable. Can you offer advice for making life generating career choices? Drugs & Detox – I was prescribed medical marijuana to manage back pain and have begun to use it recreationally as a sort of emotional crutch. How is this affecting my cleanse? Do over the ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & the Natalia Rose Institute Team — 11/13/2012

Announcement:- Amanda gives birth to PelemaTV (, a show about creating Paradise right where you are. Discussion: Becoming interconnected to the web of life, beyond the confines of the “matrix”. Embodying, and exposing, the goddess energy within. Being loyal to truth vs. fear. Watching for the signs that our children give us. Q&A: What techniques do Amanda and Natalia employ in order ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 10/25/2012

Announcements LA Meet-Up: November 1st at 5:30pm at MAKE Restaurant in Santa Monica. Email Joanna to let her know if you’ll attend! Personal/Group Consultations in LA: If interested in booking an in-person appointment while Joanna is in Los Angeles, email Joanna. Advanced Detox Certification Course: November 5th-7th, spaces remain! The Fresh Energy Cookbook is now out! Enjoy nearly 200 recipes and the newfound inspiration they’ll give you ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 9/20/2012

Event reminds: Fall Courses are coming up! October 1-29: Fundamentals of Deep Tissue Cleansing November 5-7th: Advanced Detox Training November 9-11th: Culinary Institute See our events page for more information and to register. Questions Hemorrhoids: I have hemorrhoids and colonics are quite painful. What specific protocol should I follow to reverse the condition? Cystic Acne: What suggestions and advice can you share to help me understand the cause and the ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 9/06/2012

Announcements: Fall Courses are coming up! October 1-29: Fundamentals of Deep Tissue Cleansing November 5-7th: Advanced Detox Training November 9-11th: Culinary Institute See our events page for more information and to register. Sign up now to take advantage of early bird discounts! Bouncing back: What should I do when I make a poor dietary choice? Bloating: What’s the cause? Detox for 50+: Where can I learn more about guidelines for this age range? Stevia: Is ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 8/16/2012

Natalia opens with a brief discussion on body image and the importance of taking the focus off weight loss and placing it on healing the whole body while harmonizing with nature. Recommendation: Michael Beckwith – Upcoming workshop on True Prosperity: Questions: Calories – How does the body maintain weight if more calories are being burned than consumed? What information does ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 8/2/2012

Call with Joyce Rockwood Protein – A biochemist told me we need more protein, as we get older. Is there truth to this? Colonics before Colonoscopy – Can you speak to why people who consume the PEG/OSP drink before a colonoscopy may show cleaner readings than others who had colonics to prepare for the procedure? Effectiveness of Colonics – How do ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 7/19/2012

Next Advanced Training Course on November 5-7th is open for registration! Natalia discusses 3 key aspects of Manifestation:gratitude, understanding the laws of nature, and trusting one’s self. Recommended Resources: The Healing Sun by Richard Hobday Questions: IBS: I developed IBS and other uncomfortable symptoms after detoxing and incorporating more juice and colonics. What do you suggest? Stomach Exercises: Natalia walks through Taoist exercises that are ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 7/5/2012

Recommended Resources For Meditation Almine, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Deepak Chopra – The Soul of Healing On Busyness, Communication & Habits: Natalia and Amanda discuss connectivity, the circadian cycle and setting boundaries. Juicing without colonics? – Should someone with significant health challenges drink juice if he isn’t getting colonics or will this create an over cleansing reaction? IBS – I have been eating ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 6/21/2012

Announcements: Guided Rose Cleanse – It’s back! This is a 30-day cleanse, which offers 60 days of access to the supportive virtual living room and all the material and recordings shared in January. Continue to bring your questions there and to these calls as they arise while participating! Life Force Families Calls – Free and open to all, held ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 5/24/2012

Upcoming Events Advanced Training Course: June 4 – June 6 Culinary Institute: June 8 – June 10 All New: Our Summer Detox with Joanna in July! *Where: In NYC or Virtually – Space is limited *When: July 2 – July 30, 2012 *What: 4 Meetings, 4 Calls, Weekly Walks (optional), Wrap-up with Natalia *Why: Spend your month with us to shed weight and re-energize your mind, body, and spirit ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 5/10/2012

Natalia addresses a few questions from the community: Symptoms: I am a new mom with weight gain, skin eruptions, and other symptoms. Is this a thyroid issue? Rose Cleanse & Bowel Movements: I am doing everything else right; why am I not moving on my own yet? Diet without Bowel Cleansing: I won’t have access to colon cleansing while on vacation. ...Read More

Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 4/26/2012

Announcements: Natalia Joins! A big, heartfelt thank you to everyone for the ongoing questions and for all the supportive dialogue on the community. Recommendation Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpey Q&A Dehydration & Water: Natalia speaks more about the Community Detox Tip, “Edema,” and explains how acidic waste holds onto water until waste is released. Enema & Rash: I recently gave myself an enema and ...Read More

Q&A with Ana & Amanda — 4/12/2012

Announcements: Upcoming Events: Advanced Training Course & Culinary Institute Ongoing Opportunities: The Rose Cleanse (to be re-launched soon) & PhDetox Your Questions: Thank you for submitting such great questions! We are receiving more than we can address on each call, but we are keeping track of them. We will prioritize those from callers who join us live and ...Read More

Q&A with Ana & Amanda — 3/29/2012

Recommended Resources: Zero Limits by Joe Vitale Toby Burrows, artist Brain Over Bridge by Kathryn Hansen Q&A What are your thoughts on liver cleanses? What causes migraines and how can you become free from them? How can you get the most enzymes without a juicer? I have a blender. Does store bought kombucha contribute to yeast? Why did my friend have her appendix removed ...Read More

Q&A with Ana & Amanda — 3/15/2012

Recommended Resource: Building a Meditation Practice, as offered by Edgar Cayce Q&A Do calories count or is it all about density, water content and quick exit qualities? What starches are safe on a yeast cleanse? Should we pay attention to fats? While juicing a develop a rash around my eyes but don’t when I consume the same ingredients in a smoothie. ...Read More

Q&A with Ana & Amanda — 3/1/2012

Welcome & Purpose of Calls Q&A What do you suggest for someone who keeps falling off the wagon and struggles with addictive behavior? I am struggling with blood sugar imbalance and keep getting pulled into mainstream thinking. What do you suggest? I feel great but I have recurring acne and my blood work shows low iron and thyroid levels. ...Read More