Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 6/21/2012


  • Guided Rose Cleanse – It’s back! This is a 30-day cleanse, which offers 60 days of access to the supportive virtual living room and all the material and recordings shared in January. Continue to bring your questions there and to these calls as they arise while participating!
  • Life Force Families Calls – Free and open to all, held on the first Tuesday of every month, these calls explore all topics related to bringing this lifestyle to families and are a perfect forum for your family related questions!
  • Our Summer Detox – This month-long course begins July 2nd, and there are still a few places left! With the summer heat in full swing, it’s a perfect time to participate and fall in love with the healing sun. Cleansers at all levels are welcome!
  • Rose Program Culinary Institute – Spaces remain for the upcoming July course! Past participants have raved about it, and we know you will too!


  • Dr. Steven Chang – on Taoism, The Complete System of Self-Healing
  • Kathleen McGowan – The Source of Miracles
  • Heliotherapy – Why is a clean-celled person less likely to burn? How does the sun heal?
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Is this useful for treating systemic viruses?
  • Eyes – I hear a faint clicking sound and my eyes feel dry; do you know what this indicates?
  • Twitching – I find myself twitching during the day, and it interrupts sleep. I’m feeling overwhelmed and depressed; what can I do?
  • Sexuality – How does cultivating our energy relate to sexuality, masculine and feminine energy?
  • Clothing – How does the desire to wear certain, unrestricted clothing relate to our ability to take in energy from the earth and conduct it?
  • Speculums – Why are stainless steal speculums better than the plastic variety?

Listen to Live Q&A Call From June 21, 2012