Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 7/5/2012

Recommended Resources For Meditation
Almine, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Deepak Chopra – The Soul of Healing

  1. On Busyness, Communication & Habits: Natalia and Amanda discuss connectivity, the circadian cycle and setting boundaries.
  2. Juicing without colonics? – Should someone with significant health challenges drink juice if he isn’t getting colonics or will this create an over cleansing reaction?
  3. IBS – I have been eating soluble diet for months and don’t include salads. Is it true that salads and raw vegetables are triggers for IBS?
  4. Rebounding while menstruating? Is it safe to rebound while menstruating?
  5. D4W or RFDD? I am a beginner and wonder which protocol I should follow.
  6. Meditation: Do you have tips for getting started with a meditation practice?
  7. Recreational Drugs: What are the consequences for an 18-year-old male who is taking drugs while following a D4W approach? Are the drugs more dangerous while the body is detoxifying?
  8. Constipation: Do you have suggestions for a woman in her 60s who has only a few bowel movements a year?
  9. Clothing: What brands of bras do you recommend?

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