Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 7/19/2012

Next Advanced Training Course on November 5-7th is open for registration! Natalia discusses 3 key aspects of Manifestation:gratitude, understanding the laws of nature, and trusting one’s self. Recommended Resources: The Healing Sun by Richard Hobday



  1. IBS: I developed IBS and other uncomfortable symptoms after detoxing and incorporating more juice and colonics. What do you suggest?
  2. Stomach Exercises: Natalia walks through Taoist exercises that are helpful for strengthening the peristalsis of your bowels.
  3. Weight loss: I lost a lot of weight in the beginning and then gained it all back. Is this hormonal or a reaction to detoxification?
  4. Eyes: My friend has been following NRI for a few months, gets colonics every 3-week, and receives chelation therapy. Her eyes shut involuntarily, and she has high levels of mercury. Any suggestions?
  5. Sun & Benefits: Can you elaborate on the importance of the sun, in light of so much negative press about it?
  6. Agave: What are your thoughts on the reports that agave is not raw or natural and causes us to hold fat? Should we avoid it?
  7. Personal Mantra: Natalia shares her favorite mantra for staying full of bliss: I love life and life loves me.

Listen to Live Q&A Call From July 19, 2012