Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 8/2/2012

Call with Joyce Rockwood

  1. Protein – A biochemist told me we need more protein, as we get older. Is there truth to this?
  2. Colonics before Colonoscopy – Can you speak to why people who consume the PEG/OSP drink before a colonoscopy may show cleaner readings than others who had colonics to prepare for the procedure?
  3. Effectiveness of Colonics – How do you know colonics are effective?
  4. Risks of Colonics – Can you respond to common concerns that colonics are dangerous and risk puncturing the colon?
  5. Salt Water Cleanse – Is drinking salt water in the morning helpful for moving the bowels and cleansing the digestive tract?
  6. Remedy for poor meal choice – What’s the best way to sweep an indulgence out of the body?
  7. Waste matter – What are the white bits that come through the tube?
  8. Self-treatment Techniques – Can you recommend techniques for maximizing the release during a treatment?
  9. Solar Plexus – How can you massage this area during a colonic?
  10. Coffee Enemas – What’s your opinion; are they valuable?
  11. Digestive Enzyme – Which brand do you recommend?
  12. Preparing for a Colonic – What should we eat the night before a treatment? Is administering an enema the day before helpful?

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