Q&A with Natalia & Amanda — 8/16/2012

Natalia opens with a brief discussion on body image and the importance of taking the focus off weight loss and placing it on healing the whole body while harmonizing with nature.

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  • Calories – How does the body maintain weight if more calories are being burned than consumed? What information does caloric content provide?
  • RFDD or D4W – For someone who has been following The Rose Cleanse and D4W for sometime, which protocol is recommended?
  • VSL3 – This probiotic was recommended to me; have you heard of it?
  • Twitching – This stopped when I began to slow down, incorporating meditation. How else can we raise our vibration?
  • Allergies – I am 18 months into cleansing, have healed an irritated bowel and I am consistent with juicing and eating pretty cleanly. A few weeks ago allergies that I haven’t had in 20 years have resurfaced. What steps do you recommend?
  • Spider Veins – What causes them and can they disappear with deep tissue cleansing?
  • Debt – How can you be free and be who you really are when you’re over your head in debt? I feel so enslaved and constricted?

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