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shutterstock_125246693 (1)How vast is your vision? How big and how clear are the lenses through which you perceive the world? Our goal is to help you gain the proverbial eagle’s perspective. Soaring high above the earth, the eagle enjoys the big picture that land-animals, limited by their proximity to the ground, do not enjoy. Today, man’s vision is more akin to that of the herd animals than that high-flying, panoramic-visioned bird. It is time for mankind to shake off the blinders and take in the full landscape, as it were. Expect your perception to expand rapidly as you read, watch and listen to the reflections and concepts here.  The vaster your perception, the more powerful, healthy and happy you can become.

NRI Spotlights Radiation

Radiation is a global issue – whether you are living in a metropolitan area where you are swimming in wireless radiation, using cell phones 24/7 or on the receiving end of Fukushima fall out, humanity is bearing the brunt of radiation in escalating proportions. There is great variation in how people respond to radiation. Younger people ...Read More

NRI Degenerative Disease Philosophy

Fundamentally, we know that when one lives in opposition to life, cut off in anyway from the network of living energy, symptoms arise. The degree to which those symptoms arise is the degree to which one is operating in opposition to Nature.  While degenerative disease may remain a mystery to modern medical science, it is not ...Read More

Declare Your Interdependence!

Now that we’ve celebrated Independence Day, I’d like to suggest a greater event to celebrate — our INTER-dependence. But not as a day — as a way of life. Humans go through several stages of relationship on their course of development. First comes dependence – which we experience as baby and child when we depend ...Read More

The Root of All Suffering: Wall Street or Wetiko?

What if I were to tell you there is a virus we have all been exposed to that has caused a severe form of psychosis, one that has led to virtually every known disease and form of suffering in the world today? The virus, called wetiko, was first identified by the indigenous peoples of the Americas ...Read More

A Real Indication of Hope for Our Future

This video produced by the Hendricks Institute is one of the greatest indications I’ve come across that there may be hope for the future (maybe the only one). I think you will be as speechless as I was after watching. Read More

Communication Overload & Updates

Hi Everyone, It’s been a very busy start to the fall season with school and many new projects about to launch (some noted below). There are just so many seemingly endless demands on our time today, and all the while time itself seems to be speeding up. I find that unless I just say “STOP” to ...Read More

The Heart of Judgment

Dear Friends, This blog is actually coming as a surprise to me and emerging as a result of a recent series of not merely coincidental events. They all happen to circle around the same theme: judgment. I have always been completely honest with you all–both because I have nothing to hide and because I have always felt ...Read More

Till All Success Be Nobleness

I discovered this work in a moment in my life when I was at a serious crossroads. As many of you may have read in my personal story in the Detox Community, I struggled a lot with being in a body and in a world of untruth (though I didn’t understand it quite this way ...Read More

A Tribute to Michael Jackson and Neda Agha-Soltan

What do Michael Jackson and Neda Agha-Soltan, the beautiful young Iranian girl shot through the heart in Tehran earlier this week, have in common? They are mirrors—or what I like to call “perception-givers.” Their lives and deaths reflect to us the tragic effects of our commonly accepted ways of seeing, being, and engaging. My father, Ben ...Read More

The Necessity of Winter

Landing back in the harshness of winter and the even harsher reality of the U.S. recession was nothing short of a brutal reentry after three weeks of being blissfully cocooned in South Africa. Instead of going on about our joyful days in Cape Town and the surrounding area, I’ll post a few new pics on ...Read More

Mainstream Modernity vs. The Trajectory of Truth

Dear Love-lights, My family and I have just returned from five days on a private island in the Bahamas called Little Whale Cay. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips—the gift of our very dear friends whose extravagance and generosity know no bounds. We were eight adults with our children and a small staff whose sole ...Read More

Observations on a World Gone Mad (from the Cosmetics Counters of Bergdorf Goodman)

You can look at the world in two ways: as falling to ruin under war, greed, materialism, and disease, or as awakening to the divine purpose and limitless potential of humanity. If you subscribe to the same old, negative mindset—that we must toil endlessly to reap “just rewards,” or prove our superiority over others—you cannot ...Read More

The New Beauty

Cleanse the heart and the body will follow. Cleanse the body and the heart will follow. As an avid observer and anticipator of trends, I have noted a significant shift in what we find beautiful in our culture. Instead of continuing to value youth for the sake of youth and flawlessness for the sake of flawlessness, ...Read More

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