shutterstock_66789259Education is our primary goal at Natalia Rose Institute. In our experience, once a person learns how to effectively cleanse their body (and, ideally, also their mind, heart and spirit) with grace and pleasure, it becomes natural to embrace cleansing as a lifestyle. As part of a long term lifestyle, cleansing offers a gateway to unimagined personal transfiguration. Weight loss, vibrant health and energy are only the first of many positive, cummulative effects. It is our joy to provide a detailed blueprint for achieving such a life-enhancing experience. We hope this knowledge and loving guidance will serve as your trusted companion on this life-affirming journey.

While the concept of cellular cleansing is a simple one, the details and protocols required for successful cleansing are not quite so simple. A few misguided moves, such as many of the popular fad-detox suggestions, can undermine your process. By following the guidance in the curriculum we provide, you will deftly avoid these common traps and reap the benefits of a successful cleanse instead!

We have carefully organized the guidance here in a specific order (1. Roots, 2. Sprouts and 3. Wings) such that each section builds on the knowledge base of the previous section. For best results, we strongly encourage you to follow this layout and not jump ahead. In conjunction with these, we offer educational events on a regular basis to help expand your grasp of the detox lifestyle and offer ongoing support. These are listed under Courses and also under each category that it pertains to.