DTW’s 10 Day Guided Juice Fast

Congratulations on embarking on this physical, emotional and spiritual journey with us! The fasting process takes us deep into our inner-space, inviting us to interface with aspects of ourselves that we may not be very familiar with. This is an opportunity to expand as human beings as we simultaneously cleanse our cell-space.

Yes, it takes self-discipline and courage. But you are not alone! We are on this adventure together and, like trackers on a safari, we know the terrain like the back of our hands; we know how to lead you to the vistas with the marvelous, inspiring views! The other side of your self-discipline and courage is well chartered: greater life-force, renewed cells, waste-loss and inner growth.

Ten days of trading in food for prana, digestion for internal rest, habitual patterns for the absence of them and you’ll have gained so much! The time will pass quickly and your delayed gratification will pay off more than you can imagine.  Just commit and let it ride. As I always like to remind myself when I am embarking on a fast (the hardest part of the fast for me is the first day, sealing the commitment), “The food will be there after the fast. It’s not going anywhere.”

You will have access the Facebook “living room”. This space is used to post and answer questions, share experiences, tips as well as recipes!

Remember, you will be able to take in a variety of delicious elixirs, even outside of juicing:

• Any fresh-pressed vegetable (add fruit for desired taste)

• Homemade fresh squeezed lemonade with stevia

• Pulp-free, organic orange juice and or orange/grapefruit juice

• Organic coconut water

• Herbal tea

• Vegetable broth (home-made, preferably)