10 Day Juice Fast – Sample Intake

On an average day you may want to take in anywhere between 64 ounces of juice to 120 ounces. This will vary greatly for each of you, from day to day. That is because as the body goes deep into healing, it will affect your hunger in different ways. This is hard to predict, and encourages you to surrender to nature’s operating table. You will likely not only want to take in juice when hungry, but cravings may trigger desire to take something in, as well as the habit of “comforting” through intake. This is not encouraged, but sometimes necessary to keep moving forward. Generally speaking though, a sample juice fasting day might look like this: 


  • 16 oz. pure water
  • 16 – 32 oz. herbal tea: blueberry, ginger, lemon & stevia is a favorite mix of ours. 


  • 16 – 24oz. 50/50 mix of orange and grapefruit juice, strained

2-3 PM

  • 16 – 32oz. Classic Green Lemonade (with 2-3 green apples + stevia if desired), or a similar green based mix

5-6 PM

  • 16 – 32oz. Bunny Milk (greens + carrots -> a more hearty, grounding juice), or a similar green based mix

7-8 PM

  • 16 – 32oz V8 style mix of vegetables, such as carrot, celery, kale, beet, belle-pepper, lemon, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, followed by a sweet & simple carrot/cinnamon juice

8PM – bedtime

  • 16 – 24 oz. vegetable broth & or herbal tea (camomile & lavender are great for the evening, + stevia)

Remember to go with the flow, and don’t expect to stick to this outline. Some days you may be hungry upon waking, other days you may want to wait until mid-day. If you need more juice to feel satisfied, there is nothing to worry about! Do what you need to in order to keep moving forward, and make sure you make your intake tasty and enjoyable!