ALOP Q&A Quarter 4

ALOP Q&A Q4 Part 1 of 3

00:03:19 Difference between Cosmic Laws and Universal Laws

ALOP Q&A Q4 Part 2 of 3

00:00:00 Resonant frequencies
00:14:11 How can we use our psyche to keep us motivated?
00:14:35 Golden light through crown chakra
00:17:45 Final thoughts/advice for initiates
00:22:31 Relationship with husband, boundaries, uncomfortable behavior
00:45:06 Continuing on relationship(s), coping with everyday life, differences with husband

ALOP Q&A Q4 Part 3 of 3

00:00 Dry fasting
08:29 Water fasting, did not have a good experience
11:56 Request for book suggestions, go here: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
13:17 Any further recommendations on for parasite and heavy metal removal?
15:19 Being around anyone and anything once we’ve retrieved our Primal Power
17:55 Recapitulation, refer to Emotional Eating S.O.S. (downloadable PDF)
19:30 Hypothyroidism
23:10 Bye for now…