Rose Cleanse Testimonials

What Former Rose Cleansers are Saying!

“What an entirely wonderful and empowering experience this is. I learned so much through these posts and am able to trust my intuition more and more. When people come together with open hearts and honesty, miracles happen. Each of you has been so inspiring. In total, what I experienced during this cleanse surpassed my expectations. How pleased I am now that I found this stepping-stone to integrate health into my life.”

– Karina – Munich, Germany

“I am so grateful for the on-line support of this cleanse. Just hearing all your voices and ideas gives me inspiration and ENERGY each day. It makes all the difference, especially for international people who may not have the same access to resources. I lost 9 pounds, revitalized my skin and shed lots of waste (mental, physical and emotional). My body just “compacted” — I lost so much bloat and volume. I got off the sugar train, a cycle that was exhausting me. I have been gifting the book Detox for Women to spread the word! Most importantly, by continuing this lifestyle, I will teach my daughters (Daniela 2 and Eva 7 months) how they can best live empowered, full lives, and avoid many of the physical and mental problems brought on by our modern toxic society. So thank you!! The Rose cleanse is an excellent tool on the path to becoming my best Self.”

– Erika – Madrid, Spain

“Hi all, I’ve been noticing over the past few days extreme feeling of gratitude. I’ll be going about my day and a wave of gratitude will wash over me, almost hard to contain. You know, that excitement for life and what tomorrow may bring, I’m finding myself excited to wake in the morning and explore the day.”

– Ginger – Nashville, TN

“I’ve been on the Natalia train coming up on 3 years, but something about the guided fast and now the 30-day Rose Cleanse has just kicked things up a notch. This journey has been sooooo amazing, and I truly believe it has saved my life. All that congestion! I was on a sure slope to a smaller and smaller life. I envy you 20 & 30 something’s that have discovered this work so young. Here’s to spring-cleaning – year round!!!”

– Heather – Los Angeles, CA

“This has been an awesome week of reacquainting myself with what works for my body, mind and spirit. Being able to take control of what goes in and when is so freeing!”

– Bruna – Brazil

“I feel like there is a transformation happening inside me. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to be participating and love reading everything that people are sharing. On the physical side, I’ve lost 8 and a half pounds, my skin is transformed and my cellulite appears less visible. On the emotional and spiritual side, there’s been a lot of cleansing as well. I feel more present, clear, and grounded. Mostly I just feel full of gratitude, for my body and how flexible and patient and strong it has always been and gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this cleanse with all of you. The “living room” and all of the sharing here, the calls with Natalia and Ana, I’m just amazed by what a fantastic way this has been to start the year. Thank you so much everyone. The energy of this group has been so powerful.”

– Jenn, Jersey City, NJ

“I feel very blessed to have come across your website, my search is over. A BIG THANK YOU!”

– Kim – Wanaka, New Zealand

“I want to thank everyone for their role in creating this opportunity for the world. My life is changing. I can’t believe how great I feel – how much love I have in my heart. My husband was astonished today and told me I had a dragon’s heart – so fierce with love. My body feels light and free, my spirit is happy and humming, people around me are inspired by my tenacity, my attitude of gratitude has impacted my stress levels and I am calm again. I fill my business with love and it is having a tremendous affect on our clients, sometimes I feel goofy! I love this cleanse and look forward to a changed life-style hereafter.”

– Lisa – Cleveland, OH

“What an awesome journey! Thank you so much for all your time and effort into changing lives. I hang on every word of the calls/recorded messages. Thanks to everyone for being extraordinary pioneers in carrying the message of life force energy and to Natalia for founding this and sharing her wisdom and knowledge on our calls. Just a month ago I didn’t dream I could juice until dinner! When I started this I thought, ‘Get ready to be really hungry for 30 days,’ and I had the exact opposite effect. I feel fulfilled and light. The best way I can put it is that my voice is coming out, as is who I was really created to be in all areas. People at work and around me are affected positively, too. Thank you so much!”

– Mindy – Carson, CA

“Thank you for the reminders that we can do anything (together) for 30 days, and the sacredness of our bodies and lives. I have had dark under eye circles that puffy eyes since I was 5 years old that make me look tired all the time. I noticed today my skin is absolutely glowing, the puffiness is totally gone, and the darkness under the eyes has dramatically faded. It is like I have had a facelift–making all the organic produce I buy seem really worth the cost! I feel so grateful to have this opportunity to cleanse with you all!!!

– Daniela – Mountain View, CA

“I usually come home around 5 quite exhausted and worried about so many things I have to take care of. Yesterday, however, I felt something very strange to me: I had energy, and I did not know what to do with it. I do not “work out” because I never have the energy for it, but last night I NEEDED to move. It felt like back when I was a kid and the 9AM break hit and I would just run around the school’s backyard playing with my friends. I do not remember having that kind of energy ever since. I can only attribute this sudden courage to the cleanse since now that I think about it I’ve been more courageous on several aspects of my life this year. I have been obese ever since I can remember, and I was born overweight, so I have much work to do. I’m so grateful I have found the answer to a lifetime of inherited addiction; I can’t really put it in words. I feel like I am setting myself free. Thank you all for helping me make this happen!”

– Raquel – Venezuela

“I have to say The Rose Cleanse changed my life. I felt the best I have felt in decades! Just got hooked on that FEEL GREAT state of mind and body! I am already promoting this lifestyle to my patients!”

– Belchertown, MA

“My thoughts are clearer, my attention span is longer, I have more confidence in my communication with others. It’s amazing. It’s all about eating good life force foods! My skin is better and brighter, I’ve lost about 7lbs already, my willpower is incredible, and my kids think I’m great. As the days go by it gets easier and easier to wait till dinner to eat. It’s simple; I don’t have to worry about what to eat for lunch. There is no lunch!!! Just juice baby! I stumbled upon Natalia’s Raw Food Detox Diet book in the bookstore 2 years ago, and I’ve been a changed person ever since. And, I’ve given myself the best gift that anyone can give them self. I turned 52 today!”

– Sandra – San Diego, CA