10 Day Juice Fast – Q&A

These are candid questions from participants that came up in the facebook group during the live 10-Day Juice Fast and were answered by the NRI team.

Liquid Consumption

How should wheatgrass be incorporated on this fast? I have been following EGD for the past two months and wondering if I should set the wheatgrass aside for this duration. If it is recommended to incorporate is there an ideal order as to when to take it…say before fruit juices or after.

  • Wheatgrass should be consumed first being that it is medicinal. However, it is optional. You don’t  need to force yourself since the juice fast itself will be instigating very deep healing.

Should we dilute citrus juices?

  • Citrus juices are the only fruit juices that don’t need to be diluted with water, but they should consist of at least 50% grapefruit. Don’t include this until after the first day, and limit your intake to no more than 32 ounces per day thereafter. 

For some reason I wasn’t thinking that everything needed to be organic for the juice fast, and now I have a bunch of produce in my fridge to last me the first two days, some organic but mostly not. How is this going to affect the beginning of my fast? If I had the extra money I would go get organic produce, but I’m honestly very low on cash until later in the week, and Northwest Arkansas doesn’t have a variety of places to get organic produce at a good price. We basically have a co-op with pretty high prices. I don’t want this to get in my way! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  • Even though it is ideal to only juice organic produce, do the best you can do. Use the produce you have on hand, and employ extra washing methods such as a peroxide rinse and vinegar soak to eliminate as much of the toxic residue as possible.

What time should be finished juicing in the evening?

  • You can have juice as late as you need to in order to make it through the evening. While it is not advisable to go to bed on a full stomach, if it comes down to the option of taking a bite out of something solid, or drinking more juice, opt for the later. We strongly advise you to bookend your day with herbal tea rather than juice however, since this will make it far easier to juice all day and will make going to bed on a stomach full of juice a non-issue. 

As for adding apple to our green juice, will this affect the fast in any way? Would it be better to just do green juice without the apple for the best results? Or will the results be the same? Also, will the fruit added to our green juice feed candida? I’m just so used to Natalia saying it’s ideal not to have fruit juice mixed in with our green juice. Why is it allowed here?

  • We can include fruit juices as the fast progresses because they are no longer hitting matter that has been sitting in the intestine, therefore the danger of fermentation is much lower. We are also dowsing the body in alkalinity, while abstaining from food, which is the most powerful thing we can do to eradicate yeast – because it cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. There are many more factors at play when we are eating solid food, which is why it is best to avoid fruit in that case.

What are your experiences with wild grasses. Which grasses do you like, where do you get them and do you feel the effects of the higher frequency?

  • I’ve been juicing wild bluegrass from my backyard. We’ve been taking it like wheatgrass, about an ounce on an empty stomach. The life force is definitely comparable to the wheatgrass. I think because it’s wild, it probably has even more nutrients, and it’s not nearly as prone to mold as wheatgrass. It tasted pretty similar the first few times, but then I had wheatgrass for the first time after a few rounds of bluegrass, and it was kinda gross. I used to like wheatgrass, so I was surprised by how repulsed I was. The wheatgrass also didn’t sit very well with me. I have never had an issue with it before, so maybe I just got some mold from a careless vendor. I’m really into the bluegrass and plan to experiment with other wild grasses as I come across them.

Do we not want to stimulate digestion because it interferes with the alkaline juices drawing acid out of the body or because digestion makes us hungry and we want to eat? Both? How do supplements affect this?

  • It is not a fast if we are not taking a break from digestion. We are able to get much deeper into the cleansing process and give the organs a much needed regenerative break this way. In the case of a water fast, the body would go into full ketosis mode, and eventually hunger would go away completely for a while. Juices still somewhat stimulate hunger, but anything denser would trigger hunger even more. Supplements tend to be negligible in this case, but big pills should certainly be avoided.

Is miso broth allowed on this protocol?

  • Organic miso broth can be incorporated in small amounts if you wish, but vegetable broth is even better! It is best to avoid fermented products whenever possible. 

I am trying to get some more flavour into my broth. Besides sundried tomatoes, is it fine to use dried mushrooms? What about miso paste or powder? I’m assuming things like tamari and tomato paste are out. Any other suggestions?

  • By using onions, garlic, ginger, lots of herbs and vegetables you should be able to get quite a flavorful broth. If you want to use a bit of miso, that’s ok, but don’t overdo it. You may also want to add a bit of Himalayan sea salt, but minding that it will make you hold water if you overdo it. Curry powder, cayenne, paprika, turmeric are all good to add in too. Allowing the vegetables to simmer for longer, and then sit in the pot will also develop more flavor. I would keep the mushrooms out, but if they make the broth super tasty for you, go for it!

Is veggie broth ok throughout or just first few days?

  • If you really need the broth daily, it is okay throughout; however, it is ideal only for the first few days until the late night hunger subsides. 

Can I include almond milk?

  • The fat in almond milk triggers digestion, which we want to avoid. However, it can be okay towards the end of the fast if your nervous system feels to strained, but try grounding with your bare feet on soil, first, or sitting by a fire. 

Could I drink hot water with cacao powder and stevia without milk as a tea?

  • We would like to avoid powders as much as possible; however, if it helps you to stick with the fast then having this as a heavier liquid, later in the day, can be acceptable. There are brands of Stevita liquid stevia that come cocoa flavored, that may be a better alternative if you would like to add a bit of flavor to a rooibos tea. 

In the video demo, Natalia made 4 cups of broth – is that the amount we can drink in a day?

  • 16oz is the recommended amount per day, but if more is needed, that’s ok. Just try to not overdo it. 

First challenge of the fast – I don’t have access to juice today! Here I am 5pm EST having had water, tea, my oregano oil with water and my grapefruit seed extract with water. But right now I need a juice! I am wondering if I should take in some broth, continue with tea/water or have a salad and start the fast tomorrow. I’m pretty hungry but also think I can ride it untill tomorrow morning until I get access to juice. I have never done any kind of water fasting…what do you think?

  • If you are an advanced cleanser, you’ll be fine with tea and broth until tomorrow. You will also feel super proud of yourself for making it through this hurdle!

Is it alright to drink both Ana’s Super Chocolatey Juice and veggie broth tonight? I get off work at 9:30PM.

  • It certainly is. I would do the juice before the broth.

What are teas that you felt were better than others to have during the fast?

  • Any organic herbal teas you like. We love putting a few bags of rooibos in with vanilla stevia, or a chai variation of rooibos. Mixing fruity teas with lemon and ginger is another favorite combo of ours too! Rishi, Numi, Traditional Medicinals & Alviva are great great for organic, gmo-free tea.

Can I do a Yerba Mate and/or a Peppermint?

  • Yerba mate can be employed the first few days if you are used to drinking it, just keep it away from your juice since it is caffeinated, and acidic. Herbal teas are the recommended ones, so peppermint is a wonderful choice. 

Can I add salt to my broth?

  • Yes, but not too much as it can make you retain water. Omit it if you can since it will contribute to you holding on to fluids.

I am wondering about how to approach mold when buying produce. If after we purchase something discover some mold–as I sometimes do on my beets, sweet potatoes, bottoms of young coconuts, and fruits–do we discard the entire item or is it ok to cut off and salvage the rest?

  • Unfortunately, we must discard completely. The presence of mold means the fruit or vegetable has become acidic enough for mold to live on. Therefore it will contribute to creating a terrain in our bodies for mold and fungus to live, and it will literally deliver the mold and fungus into our body. You can prevent mold on your produce though. But your beets, and then as soon as you bring them home, put them in a bowl of water with some apple cider vinegar in it. I usually pour like 1/4 cup of ACV into a big salad bowl. Then let them soak for awhile before rinsing and storing. You can do this with almost any fruit or vegetable. Fruits are more prone to mold that vegetables because of seriously messed up agricultural practices. Many fruits are not even alkaline any more. They tend to mold in the skin when touching each other because it creates a perfect little environment for the mold to build up. The presence if visible mold in the skin means there is mold getting inside that we just can’t quite see yet. We could with a microscope though. We also have to really be aware of what we’re looking for as Natalia described about the apples. We often mistake the fungus spots for bruises.

I am going to juice up some grapefruit today and looking for ideas (besides oranges) to jazz it up…any suggestions?

  • If you juice it in your breville it will get really creamy and decadent – I like adding orange and ginger. You can sneak romaine in too and it won’t mess with the color

As we head toward the remaining days of the fast, is it recommended to taper down the use of fruit? Intuitively I always have taken all fruit juices out the last two days before I break but wondering if this is really needed and/or beneficial.

  • It is beneficial to keep it in for brain function and energy. The deeper you go into the fast the more you need that support.



Supplements? Particularly pathogen cleansers? Prescriptions?

  • Yes, the supplements are great… Avoid capsules if you can. Melatonin, Valerian root tea, Calms forte, lavender essential oil, vetiver essential oil, chamomile and Atreminisin… sweet wormwood is great, cell salts.

Can I, or should I take probiotics during the fast?

  • Yes, you can; meanwhile, they will have even deeper absorption.

Spirulina, chlorella, and bee pollen? Okay or not?

  • No spirulina, it creates too much cellulose in the body… try not to take powders and tablets. Bee pollen can be okay if you really want it

Nascent iodine drops…do you all follow dosing on the bottle? take 3 times/day or just once in morning?

  • As for Nascent iodine, we started out with the recommended dosage, and built up to as much as felt good. Personally I take the whole dosage in one go.

Can we take all three anti-pathogenic products (that Natalia mentions on the call) at the same time? How long should we take each one? Well , I know with Scram you finish the bottle, but what about the other two?

  • Yes, you can take Scram, food grade Diatomaceous earth, and wormwood extract together. I would take them for a month, or until you finish the bottle, and then pause.

Can we consume the diatomaceous earth while juice fasting or should it be saved for post-fast?

  • Yes, it’s fine for fasting.

Awakening + Releasing

Are the 3% peroxide in brown bottles fine to use in our colonics/enemas? We had been buying the food grade but it is 10 times the cost.

  • We have used the brown bottles for ourselves, but we always advise you to use your best judgement.

Gas is welling up again as I sit at my desk. It may be from the fruit in my juices. This makes me wonder if I ought to invert myself against the office wall (with door closed). Thoughts? Tips? How can we best utilize this tool for releasing gas, and what are the other benefits of the inversion board and the tricks to attain those benefits?

  • I used to go in the back and do a handstand against the wall for two minutes when I worked at a store all day… Just be careful when you dismount and stand up again so you don’t get dizzy! You could gently prop your lower back up on your forearms when laying down, and do the bicycle with your legs. This is a safer way to remove gas when you are fasting if inversions are not part of your regular routine. Gas travels upward, so any inversions you can do safely are wonderful; however, inversion boards are great because they free your hands to massage your tummy! Also try castor oil packs.

I’ve been VERY gassy over these last few days – my stomach has felt like a balloon! This was no exception last night, but I was too tired to do a colonic and decided to wait until this morning. Well this morning came and I was much less full of gas and the colonic was not incredibly gassy. Does this mean that I missed out on getting all of that gas out last night? Did it reenter my cells/bloodstream overnight?

  • A peroxide enema might reveal more gas than your colonic did. Also, gas also leaves through the skin, so sweating and movement is great for that too.

When you all are doing hydrogen peroxide, are you using a bulb or cara?

  • Cara enema kit.

When is the optimal time for a colonic?

  • After waste has been “tee-d up” book one as early as possible in the fast, it will make the first 2 days easier… then every 3 days will be ideal and home enemas can be everyday.

How and/or when, would you know if YOUR individual case of candida overgrowth will absolutely require some sort of fungal defense? I’m on day 5 of the juice fast, have received 3 colonics, hydrogen peroxide enemas, and reg enemas, along with wheatgrass implants, and there’s still no real change in my signs (besides some water weight).

  • I completely sympathize with your frustration, but I have good news for you – you can expect a very big shift in your body after breaking the fast! Right now you are in the thick of it, and you may feel worse before you feel better, as things are getting awakened. That said, you can certainly supplement your fast with some candida cleansing supplements such as GSE, Oregano Oil and Scram.

I am a little bit behind and having my Day 4, but i have a weird symptom. My legs truly hurt as if i have been working out for too long. They are really itching all over. So bad that i couldn’t sleep. Is this a common detox symptom.

  • I would definitely say they are detox symptoms. I would do more colonics or hydrogen peroxide enemas and have a good sweat! If you have access to a infrared saunas and also try an epsom salt bath.

I have my colonic tomorrow morning, please remind me if best on an empty stomach or okay with some juice?

  • If it’s early I will go on an empty stomach but follow it with water and then a green juice!

I have very sensitive gums and soreness of the mouth by the end of Day 9. Is this normal?

  • Yes, this can happen. Your teeth and mouth detox, which is a good thing. The means those channels are open instead of blocked.

Is anybody feeling light headed and dizzy?

  • It sounds like perhaps you could use a little grounding. You can incorporate root veggies in your juice, and get your feet on the bare ground if possible. Otherwise meditating upon your grounding cord can be beneficial too. Get to bed early and allow your body to rest – I’m sure you’ll feel better in the morning, especially after an enema!

I find I’m getting better results with the enemas over colonics. Last two colonics have only released gas… No matter. Is this normal?

  • We are awakening a lot of matter right now, after the fast you will find that you will release a lot; meanwhile, a lot of carbonic gas is being drawn out from deep inside the body so release of any gas pressure is great!

I no longer have a Woods practitioner in my area. The women I’m using has a pressurized machine but says the pressure she uses is even more gentle than gravity. I was pleased with my first colonic from her. It was very similar to what I was used to. For today she asked if I wanted to try an implant of coffee or wheatgrass. My instinct is to decline…thoughts?

  • Wheatgrass is great to do on occasion – really helps replenish the good flora in the body. Also, some therapists do know how to use the pressurized machine very skillfully – as a gravity unit, but it is a case by case scenario.

Ascending Onward

I actually feel like 10 days may not be enough!!! I am feeling so full!!!! It could be due to the fact that I have so much waste matter to tee up to get out – perhaps that is driving my fullness and my lack of a need for juice. I am straight up just drinking the juices because I love the flavors that I am working with, and they get me excited – but not at all because I feel like I need them. This makes me feel like 10 days may not be enough, because I feel like the first 4 days will just clear out what is in my colon, and I won’t start to get any deeper until then. Thoughts?

  • I know it can feel like that right now, but you’ll be surprised at how much the days will vary, and the big transformation you will go through even in just 10 days. Each couple of days will bring a whole new level of shedding and regeneration. Don’t jump ahead of yourself. In the meantime, sneak in enemas as much as you can. I would do them 2x/day if I were you. There is no need to worry about taking in “enough” juice. Your appetite will vary greatly. Remember, the body is going deep into healing, so you will experience highs and lows as part of that process, and varying appetite goes hand in hand with that. That’s why we don’t have a “meal plan”.

How often can a 10-day juice fast be done?

  • You can do it as often as you feel called to, as long as you are feeling good!

What are the thoughts on eating melons?

  • Well melons are tricky, they’ve been cultivated to be super sugary, which makes them (and us) more prone to mold and yeast. If you want to indulge in some melon, it needs to be on a completely empty stomach… We’re talking after a fasting at least a day with a colonic. Also, the only time that you will get a quality melon is during the natural growing season for that particular variety of melon. Find it as locally as you can, preferably an heirloom variety, and definitely organic!

Any thoughts on sea vegetables for post the fast and breakfast period?

  • Maine sea vegetables are great.

I went back to eating chewable foods yesterday. I ate some raw nuts on their own (Brazilian and a few Walnuts.) I had some Broccoli organic soup (dairy-free), a green drink I concocted myself made out of celery, avocado mashed up through the press, romaine lettuce, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, some cumin seeds (about 1/2 tea or less), bit of salt, bit of watercress thrown in, and at night a glass of fresh pressed grapefruit juice somewhere in the day on it’s own, and a half glass of white wine when I was out last night… Last, I had, organic green tea late at night (nothing added to it.) And, I had SOOOOOO much gas.

  • Food order and food combining is super important for optimum digestion. Eating light to heavy throughout the day and at every meal, raw leafy greens with anything dense or cooked, consuming fruit (or fruit juice) before anything else during the day, and only on its own, and also very important – keeping meals simple and not overly ornate, will keep the gas at bay for the most part. The other thing to consider is that you may still have hydrated old matter from the fast that the food is hitting, and it is causing gas – that is why it is important to keep the enemas and colonics up after a fast.