EGD Week 3 Video Conference

This week, Natalia shows us how to make her favorite raw marinara recipe, shared enlightening photos of live blood cell analysis by Richard Harvey, covered feeling lonely on EGD, confronting addictions to stimulating substances & many more questions brought up online by the community.

How to Juice Wheatgrass (with Lexen Manual Juicer)

Week 3 Q&A and Food Demo

Food Demo with Natalia

– Rainbow Pasta with Raw Marinara Sauce


– Why is dry fasting important on this protocol? How is dry fasting different than water fasting?
– What is youth regeneration?
– Why do we overeat on certain foods (e.g., fats, sugary foods, nut butters)? Why am I fine taking in very little all day but then binge at night?
– I am feeling lonely and disconnected while eating this way. How do I socialize with people who are not eating and living in a high vibration way?
– How do I give up stimulating foods and drinks (e.g., caffeine, alcohol, chocolate)?
– Can hair grow back after stress-related hair loss?
– My eyes are getting more and more yellow as the years go on. Why is this?
– I am having trouble sleeping on EGD. Why is this? How do I get to sleep?
– Is it better to get colloidal silver directly from a colloidal silver generator?
– Is it better to drink a smaller dose of wheatgrass more days a week, or drink a larger dose of wheatgrass less days a week?
– Are we allowed to use carrot juice in salad dressings and blended soups?
– What tips do you have for keeping the home chemical- and pathogen-free?
– How can I get the bowels to move if I have limited access to colonics?