EGD-2 Guided Easy Green Detox w/Live Support

Course Dates: Janauary 15 to Febrary 26, 2015

Course Times: Thursday, January 15th

Format: Virtual, Guided + Live Support

Course Prices: $300 $249

Member Price: $280 $229

Repeat EGD discount: $ 249 $199 (Contact for Repeat discount code)

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EGD2 Isn’t just juicing!


Introducing EGD-2, The Easy Green Detox, based on the highly popular “EGD, Extremely Green Detox,” but without the “Extreme!” You tailor this course to your needs, your schedule, and your preferences, working one-on-one with Joanna Novick, and through live support in a community of fellow cleansers – no matter what age, level or stage!

You will receive specific, detailed guidance to help upgrade your diet/lifestyle smoothly, healthfully, and seamlessly as the pace that’s perfect for your circumstances. It’s appropriate for all those seeking to start 2015 as powerfully as possible!

We have listened to your feedback and added layers of emotional support tools to guide you through the process of putting any inner demons to rest so that you may fully realize how powerful you are in your ability to achieve the body and state of health of your dreams. Take a leap farther than you have ever gone before into the world of self-healing, regeneration, natural beauty, and weight loss.

EGD-2, while it stands on the powerful foundation of all of the principles that have made The Rose Program loved by so many, Easy Green Detox turns the dial up to ensure we triumph over today’s uniquely toxic environment and the resulting deterioration of our biology. This course also guides you to release any fears that get in the way of your achieving your ultimate state of health.

Who is EGD2 Easy Green Detox for?


  • Anyone who suffers from nagging symptoms despite incorporating moderate cleansing practices;
  • Anyone who has or suspects they may have a systemic yeast/fungus or mold condition;
  • Anyone who has given birth multiple times and as a result, is not functioning as well as she did prior to pregnancy and birth;
  • Spiritual warriors who wish to better embody Source energy and learn how to vibrate even more harmoniously;
  • Any man or woman who realizes how deep the toxicity from the modern lifestyle (from birth to present) penetrates the mind and body;
  • Any woman who is breastfeeding or pregnant;
  • Anyone who has a deep seated illness and wishes to heal;
  • Anyone who has found themselves on a detox-retox cycle and is looking to find balance and freedom in their relationship with food;

What you will learn:


  • What a green-centric diet is and why it is now the essential diet for humankind;
  • How to make a green-centric diet delicious and satisfying;
  • How and why pathogens like bacteria, yeast, fungus, mold and parasites establish themselves in your body and what to do about it;
  • The seemingly innocuous foods and substances that make overcoming a pathogenic scenario impossible;
  • How restoring the body to sovereignty through pathogen cleansing can dramatically improve your spiritual connection;
  • How to mobilize the most stubborn fat and the role that fat is playing;
  • How to approach this work in the most loving, gentle way possible so you can simultaneously navigate the realms of emotional and spiritual cleansing;
  • So much more!

With EGD2 you also receive:


  • A thorough understanding of this critical method of cleansing; EGD2 isn’t just about juicing!
  • 5 Live Video Conferences with Senior Detox Counselor, Joanna Novick
  • 1 Complimentary one-on-one phone or video session with Joanna and special 20% discounts on private sessions thereafter;
  • Access to private forum for dialogue, Q&A and inspiration from sessions;
  • Over 8 hours of audio recordings of weekly support calls that cover the fundamentals of the program, along with Q&A’s;
  • Over 5 hours of video recordings of food demos with Detox Chef, Doris Choi, Natalia Rose, and more Q&A with Natalia;
  • A “Go, No & Moderate” Foods list;
  • A recipe packet filled with meal-inspiration;
  • A shopping list;
  • Suggested healing tools to enhance your results;
  • Energy, healing & lightness like you’ve never experienced before!

Testimonials of Joanna’s impact:

“The power of your words is bringing a slow gentle balance and alignment to my soul. Issues that are really physical are coming to light and issues that are emotional are being sorted and looked at and the confusion of the two being jumbled together is fading. The truth behind my pain is beginning to be revealed to me to know what to do about it. This is lightening food obsession and showing me what I am running from and where I’ve been deceived.” – Mindy; Carson, California

“Thank you so much. You’ve changed my world and I am extraordinarily grateful. I feel slimmer, clearer, calmer and more vibrant – all things that matter and had seemed a little out of reach. You have a real gift – empathy, honesty and grace are the trifecta. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to this process. It shows. You have a real gift and I’ms so glad to have been the beneficiary of it.” – Lisa; Austin, Texas

“Thank you, Joanna, this opportunity has been so important, meaningful and profound for me. Joanna, I cannot thank you enough for giving me this opportunity! I’ve loved working with you. You are knowledgeable and compassionate with great energy and an apparent love for the work you do.” Anna; Sweden.

The Detox Lifestyle

“I had no idea how weighted down I was until I did EGD. I thought my lack of joy was due to my stress at work or my irritations w/daily life of my having too much on my plate…what I experienced was that my lack of energy, joy & enjoyment of my life was due to the way I was eating and what I had accumulated in my body from my lifestyle. As I started to clean out the old stuff, and put in good revitalizing foods – I felt 100% better. I had more love to share with the people I most care about, including myself. I felt less stressed at work, less irritated and yet I still had all the same responsibilities I did before the cleanse, but I was calmer from the inside out. It’s given me back the love I have for living on a daily basis.” – Regina

“My heart called me to take part in the journey with Natalia and the NRI team. I stand here now as a new person who is still undergoing an amazing transformation, both physically and spiritually. It has made me so much more sensitive in every essence of the word. I’ve lost weight, my skin is even clearer, my entire face has lit up, and I just feel better. While those are all amazing things, the real change is what’s happened inside. I’ve battled inner demons and social programming, slayed yeast monster, wrestled with old, buried emotions, and now I’m standing taller. Confident. Brave. If I can change my body, even on a cellular level, then I can change anything. I am free! – Kim