Q&A with Natalia – AUG 2018

PART 1 of 5:

00:30 When we include fat in the diet, does the fat coat the cells helping to prevent sugar from entering?
03:24 Is it possible to eat a detox diet that includes fruit when greatly lowering nuts/seeds/goat cheese?
07:32 Will Natalia ever include fruit in her diet again?
09:20 What are you reading these days and what’s inspiring you?
11:38 If a cell is kept clean and can go on living indefinitely, could the human body not die?
13:16 Taking back my power…answer in Part 2

PART 2 of 5:

00:00 Answer to taking back my power from Part 1
05:53 Low testosterone…
12:54 …and having trouble getting pregnant again
16:11 Info about the course 24 Stages of Power

PART 3 of 5:

00:00 Seeing behind appearances
10:09 Health benefits of bee pollen

PART 4 of 5:

00:00 Continuation on bee pollen
00:11 Weird ingredients in stevia, what brand of stevia using now?
01:07 Does coconut butter clog the body? What about ghee?
02:04 What do you recommend for damaged skin tissue like scars or stretch marks?
04:30 Taking bee pollen as a supplement and brands of bee pollen
07:22 How to love exercise

PART 5 of 5:

00:00 Cherry Angiomas, is it bromine detox?