Maximum Purification – Pre-Cleanse

Pre-Cleanse Outline

In order to best prepare for the physical cleansing that we will be undertaking together, we encourage you to start weaning off the most addictive/acidic substances, and start focusing more on higher grade, more alkaline intake. Depending on your level of cleansing, your pre-cleanse may look something like this:


▪ Alcohol, especially hard liquor
▪ Coffee and caffeinated beverages of all sorts
▪ Nicotine
▪ Soda & other mainstream juice drinks
▪ Junk “foods”
▪ Any recreational drugs
▪ Prescription drugs (after consulting with your doctor)
▪ Red meat
▪ White flour and grains
▪ Refined sugars

Upgrade (watch for additives & organic substances)

▪ If meat is desired -> stick to organic, grass-fed, free-range chicken or wild game, or better yet – fish
▪ If you were used to having bread and other grain products -> sprouted grain is best. Alvarado St. Bakery and Ezekiel have great options from bread to tortillas.
▪ If you enjoy sweets and candy -> enjoy dark chocolate, unsulphured dried fruit and naturally sweetened wholesome treats (with minimal ingredients) from your local health food store. See our shopping list in the Maximum Purification Booklet for details.
▪ Refined sugar -> Stevia or small quantities Grade B maple syrup &/or agave.
▪ Cow dairy products -> goat & sheep cheese, yogurt & milk.
▪ White rice & pasta -> millet, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat & spelt grains or products
▪ Regular Granola -> raw granola, such as Lydia’s brand, with almond milk

Focus on

▪ Increase your fresh pressed juice intake, including having juice instead of breakfast, or for longer periods throughout your day depending on your level;
▪ Raw & cooked vegetables in all forms, shapes and sizes;
▪ Raw low sugar fruit;
▪ Natural, whole foods.

To start feeling better immediately, start incorporating food combining principles, per the chart included on page 16 of the Maximum Purification Booklet. At the most basic level, you will consume your starches and animal products separately from one another, with raw or cooked neutral vegetables, and only consume fruit alone, on an empty stomach. Please also refer to the sample “Day in the Life” on pages 20 to 23 of the booklet to get a feel for what your detox day might look like.

You now also have the option to join our private Facebook group. Once you click on the link, you will have to request permission to join. We will be using this space to stay in touch with one another, answer questions and share experiences.

In Joyful Service,

Natalia & The NRI Team