NRI Spotlights Radiation

Radiation is a global issue – whether you are living in a metropolitan area where you are swimming in wireless radiation, using cell phones 24/7 or on the receiving end of Fukushima fall out, humanity is bearing the brunt of radiation in escalating proportions.

There is great variation in how people respond to radiation. Younger people are more prone to the symptoms of radiation because they are still forming and they are energetically more receptive. Subtle organs like the endocrine system, reproductive organs, lymph tissue and bone marrow are first to be affected. There is no doubt that cancer is the most obvious result of radiation exposure.

Radiation affects us both directly from the devices that emit them as well as indirectly through the elements (soil, air, water and ethers)  that they have directly contaminated. Symptoms of exposure to radiation range from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, endocrine disorders, autoimmune disease, migraines and hemorrhaging. But often, the symptoms of these insidious frequencies are not immediately noticed.

 Prevention is of course the best way to protect yourself from radiation damage. However, this is very difficult today unless you live off the grid in a very alkaline environment. However, that is not an option for everyone.  While one day, society will surely regard the wireless sea as the lethal threat that it is, for now, “the grid” is constantly emitting.

Fortunately, there are some very powerful aids you can arm yourself with to neutralize the effects of radioactive frequencies.

The most important thing you can do is the two pronged deep tissue cleanse lifestyle of awakening and releasing the accumulated matter in your body through a highly-green-centric diet (green juices, green leafies and cooked greens being the centerpiece of your diet) and ample colon cleansing. Here’s why: the radiation is accumulated in the waste and adipose (fatty) tissue. When you release the waste you are also releasing the radiation! As the radiation-laden waste leaves your body, more can be called out of the adipose tissue and even out of the bones! Step one is to remove the accumulated radiation in you now. This will make your body much more apt to deal with the blows of radiation you continue to be exposed to. Step two is to prevent and neutralize additional radiation from impacting you. However, also keep in mind that as you continue to be exposed to radiation, your body will continue to develop more adipose tissue to ensure the radiation stays away from the vital organs. So ultimately, you will want to reduce your exposure or you will constantly be battling adipose deposits and cellulite.

Nascent Iodine, vitamin-C in high doses (intravenous), chlorophyll, wheatgrass, glutathione, MSM and other sulfur based amino acids are all great natural chelators that can also help with radiation. Essential oils of Rose, tea tree and Niaouli MQV also help heal radiation damage. 

Important videos to watch about radiation from cell phones and wireless devices: