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NRI Addresses Heavy Metal Toxicity

3D splashLike radiation, heavy metals are a major contributor to the demise of human health today.  Heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium and barium are entering our bodies daily through the most common elements of life, namely the air we breathe, rainwater and soil as well as through dental amalgams, cookware, pipes and drains and even deodorants, hair dyes and cosmetics.  Clearly, these fundamental elements of life should never contain these destructive contaminants to begin with. How are they collecting in our water and soil and what we can do to protect ourselves from the damage they ensue?  You’re about to find out…

Heavy metal contamination in the air is a byproduct of manufacturing and transportation emissions so it is no surprise that living in or near large cities, commuting hubs or factories will expose you to substantial amount of heavy metals through the skin and lungs.  As mentioned above, they also enter your system through your food and drink, through toxic cookware, pipes and drinking water as well as through seemingly innocuous substances like household cleaning products.

In addition, however, one must also take into account the possible effect of chemtrails.  Chemtrails are the deliberate spraying of chemicals, particularly heavy metals such as those noted above from airplanes into the atmosphere.  These should not be confused with Contrails, which are the normal emissions from commercial and cargo aircraft.   Chemtrails are not normal. Their roots are far more sinister.  All controversy aside, it is undeniable that we are being saturated in heavy metals that are causing profound injury to our wellbeing. 

The physiological symptoms and effects of heavy metal toxicity are extensive but they include everything from nausea and digestive distress to endocrine malfunction to depression, Alzheimer’s and dementia. For us to maintain homeostasis our blood must remain clean. Heavy metal contamination ruins the biochemistry of that precious, scarlet life-fluid. The effects on the endocrine, reproductive systems and brain are all debilitating. A 2004 study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 toxins, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and chemicals from non-stick cookware.

Like radiation, heavy metal accumulation weakens the integrity of the bones, compromises brain function, impacts the emotions and poisons the blood, leading to every possible degenerative disease under the sun. Yes, heavy metal toxicity is a major harbinger of cancer.

As long as planet Earth is swimming in these contaminants, it is impossible to avoid them in the body. Remember, the state of the body is a mico-cosmic mirror of the state of the earth. But, there are several highly effective ways to neutralize their effects in your body. 

egd-thumbnail1: Detoxification though a Green-Centric Diet and Colon Cleansing: Leafy green vegetables are excellent chelators. Their highly alkaline charge enables them to collect these acidic heavy metals and escort them out of the body. The more green-centric your diet, the better chance you will have of eliminating any heavy metals you accumulate.  You can increase the amount of greens you consume very easily by drinking green vegetable juice and wheatgrass which pack a wallop of chelating power! Heavy metal ions will be encircled by and bound to the chelating agent (the green juice) and then transported through the body’s eliminative pathways.  What more could you ask for?!

The more accumulation of waste in your intestine, the more you will be holding heavy metal residue in your body.  The heavy metals nest in the waste matter, creating greater accumulation as new heavy metal exposure collects. One of the best things you can do to avoid this is simply to ensure you clean your colon regularly.  

For those aesthetically-motivated among you – did you know that the body stores heavy metal residue in the adipose (fatty) tissue so the more accumulation of these metals that can be removed in the gut, the more fat the body creates to store the heavy metals away from the vital organs.  When you chelate the heavy metals, your body can start to release and eliminate the stored up toxicity in the adipose tissue and, having no further use for the adipose tissue, it can and will release it! This is a main reasons that even thin women have cellulite. The body stores the dangerous toxins as far away from the internal organs as possible, thus creating homes for it in fatty deposits in the thighs, belly, arms, neck and chin. 

For those of you that desire a detailed detox plan, we have the Extremely Green Detox available for you to undertake any time, virtually, from anywhere in the world! For more information, click here. It is the ideal protocol for heavy metal chelation. 

2. Natural Chelation suppositories are another highly effective tool. The highest quality natural chelation suppositories have been proven to work four times longer in the body than IV Chelation. In has also been shown to be gentle on the liver and kidneys as opposed to IV chelation, which can be harmful. There is the added convenience of being empowered to self-administer and simply benefit from them while sleeping overnight. There is one brand of chelation suppositories that reign supreme.  They are only 20% of the cost of IV chelation therapy. However, they are hard to come by. For more information, please read this article and use the contact information at the bottom.

3. Organic Sulfur: Organic Sulfur is among the most popular tools for detoxing heavy metals. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Chordroitan and glucosamine are all sulfur-based amino acids is highly effective in rummaging through the blood seeking out and binding heavy metals in the blood. We used to  receive a great deal of organic sulfur from plant foods. But since the advent of commercial farming with nitrogen based fertilizers in the early part of the last century, the soil has been systematically stripped of sulfur. However, like most things, the majority of commercial sulfur-based amino acids are stripped of their sulfur content during processing. In addition, make sure your organic sulfur is procured via DMSO from living trees, not mineral sulfur which is toxic (and not other plants and soil that can be deficient in sulfur).


ADCT Promos 3Your partners on the detox journey,

Natalia & The NRI Team


For more education on heavy metals, their impact on the body, as well as prevention and treatment, join us for the Master Class, October 27-29.




NRI Spotlights Radiation

Radiation is a global issue – whether you are living in a metropolitan area where you are swimming in wireless radiation, using cell phones 24/7 or on the receiving end of Fukushima fall out, humanity is bearing the brunt of radiation in escalating proportions.

There is great variation in how people respond to radiation. Younger people are more prone to the symptoms of radiation because they are still forming and they are energetically more receptive. Subtle organs like the endocrine system, reproductive organs, lymph tissue and bone marrow are first to be affected. There is no doubt that cancer is the most obvious result of radiation exposure.

Radiation affects us both directly from the devices that emit them as well as indirectly through the elements (soil, air, water and ethers)  that they have directly contaminated. Symptoms of exposure to radiation range from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, endocrine disorders, autoimmune disease, migraines and hemorrhaging. But often, the symptoms of these insidious frequencies are not immediately noticed.

 Prevention is of course the best way to protect yourself from radiation damage. However, this is very difficult today unless you live off the grid in a very alkaline environment. However, that is not an option for everyone.  While one day, society will surely regard the wireless sea as the lethal threat that it is, for now, “the grid” is constantly emitting.

Fortunately, there are some very powerful aids you can arm yourself with to neutralize the effects of radioactive frequencies.

The most important thing you can do is the two pronged deep tissue cleanse lifestyle of awakening and releasing the accumulated matter in your body through a highly-green-centric diet (green juices, green leafies and cooked greens being the centerpiece of your diet) and ample colon cleansing. Here’s why: the radiation is accumulated in the waste and adipose (fatty) tissue. When you release the waste you are also releasing the radiation! As the radiation-laden waste leaves your body, more can be called out of the adipose tissue and even out of the bones! Step one is to remove the accumulated radiation in you now. This will make your body much more apt to deal with the blows of radiation you continue to be exposed to. Step two is to prevent and neutralize additional radiation from impacting you. However, also keep in mind that as you continue to be exposed to radiation, your body will continue to develop more adipose tissue to ensure the radiation stays away from the vital organs. So ultimately, you will want to reduce your exposure or you will constantly be battling adipose deposits and cellulite.

Nascent Iodine, vitamin-C in high doses (intravenous), chlorophyll, wheatgrass, glutathione, MSM and other sulfur based amino acids are all great natural chelators that can also help with radiation. Essential oils of Rose, tea tree and Niaouli MQV also help heal radiation damage. 

Important videos to watch about radiation from cell phones and wireless devices:



Ana Ladd-Griffin Enters The Red Tent

I’d like to share this entry that my senior detox counselor, Ana Ladd-Griffin, posted on the Natalia Rose Institute membership community today on her Q&A area. It is such a timely and popular topic. If this topic interests you, keep an eye out for an audio interview on the reproductive system, menstruation, and fertility in a few weeks, which we will also post here on the blog area. I trust you will find Ana’s insights very enlightening. Thanks for sharing, Ana!

Q: Marie writes: “I stopped taking the pill a little over a year ago, and started the Detox 4 Women meal plan. I have only gotten my period once since then. I’m a little worried. Why is this? And when will it return? My husband and I want to start trying to get pregnant.”

A: There are several parts to answering this question. First, I want to address oral contraceptives, as well as all hormone-based contraceptives (rings, shots, etc. I am keeping pharmaceutical brand names out of this). I do not wish to contradict medical advise; I am not a doctor. However, my experience with many many women dealing with the same issue is that after stopping a hormone-based contraceptive, the menstrual cycle can take a long time to return to normal. I have seen it take over two years. My own cycle took even longer to return to normal after stopping the pill, and this was even before I began to cleanse and work with Natalia. After only a few months, most medical professionals will recommend that you get back on some form of birth control to bring your period back. This decision is at your discretion. I only ask that you make an educated and informed decision. This is a fact: almost all of my clients who stop the pill while cleansing do not see a full return to normal menstruation for at least one year.

Secondly, I’d like to address what is really happening in our bodies when we menstruate. Yes, it’s the body preparing a womb for a potential fertilized egg as we’ve been taught. But there is a second component. Our bodies are storing toxins in menstrual fluids so that they will be kept away from our baby. The release of blood-like fluids every month is a powerful detox! The body stores the toxins so they cannot interfere with pregnancy, and then releases them when no egg is fertilized. Men should be so lucky! This is a detoxifying monthly function that is specific only to the female body, and is a great aid in mobilizing toxins we ingest and encounter through poor air quality, compromised water, etc. However, this is why periods have become such a trial for us. They are starting in younger and younger girls, lasting for up to eight days, smelling strongly, and are accompanied by intense emotions and cramping. This is the result of our toxic load! We can look forward to shorter, lighter, cleaner, and less emotional visits from Aunt Flo as our bodies become cleaner. It is sometimes said that a perfectly clean body will menstruate without a fluid release (read: no toxins were stored for removal). I’m not sure this is possible in the modern world, but it illustrates the profound change that comes with cellular cleansing.

The third issue in this question is the effect of the cleansing program itself on the female cycle. Just like every other system in our bodies, the reproductive system is profoundly effected by our toxic load. All of you out there who struggle with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, PMDD, uteran fibroids, etc. understand better than anyone. As we begin to awaken and release toxic matter, these systems will slowly start to reset, and regulate themselves without the influence of bacteria, carbonic gas, yeasts and fungus, and environmental estrogens, not to mention the influx of animal-sized doses of hormones that make up the biomass of conventional meats (and dairy).

This is not an overnight process. But please rest assured, a clean body can perfectly regulate every system better than we could ever have dreamed. Patience, and progress. Keep moving forward knowing you are doing the absolute best thing for your reproductive system, and that all of the issues you experience will come out in the wash (literally!). You need to know that this detoxifying regime will never harm your body’s cycles, but will only help them to become perfectly regulated. You also must throw out any timeframe you have put upon your process. We have the stored toxins of our lifetime, combined with the damages of generations of accumulation on our lineage.

I would never make a 6-month, yearlong, or even five-year promise to you. Some of these things run dark and deep. Perseverance and trust are what you need now, not false timelines to keep you motivated with baseless information. You know this intuitively. Think about all that we have done to this planet, reflected in our poor bodies. Could you fix the problem with a 10-day juice fast? Never. It’s time to set aside your panic and deadlines, and fall in love with the process. The promise I will make is this: If you are cleansing your body, you are walking in the right direction and taking the only possible steps toward restoring your body to the vitality it deserves.

Natalia has said what I am about to say before, and please forgive me if I am not as delicate as I could be with these issues. I have the deepest empathy for all of us. Reproductive issues are the result of a failing planet. We are a true reflection of the clogged and poisoned waterways, the smog, and the deforestation. We cannot escape the damages we continue to do to fragile ecosystems, and fragile reproductive systems. This is the mess we have made: many men and women have become so toxic that their bodies decline to produce viable offspring. Men have testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction. Women have ovarian cysts, uterine tumors, and devastating monthly cycles.

These are the facts, and the only right step we can now take is the start to clean up what we’ve done. We have all played a part in this destruction, and now we have a chance to be heroes to the generations to come. Keep this in mind as you’re cleansing. The female and male reproductive organs press directly against our overworked, impacted, clogged colons and intestines. What more evidence do you need?

Last, I just want to give a nod to the importance of pre-conception cleansing. If you can give your son or daughter a clean nine-month home, clean breast milk, and superior DNA blueprints that come with this lifestyle of cellular cleansing, you are already winning parenting awards. There is no greater gift.

Ana has addressed the following subjects on the membership community for those of you who are interested:

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Tempering Passion with Joy

For those of us who see through the illusions and injustices of the world, it is easy to get riled up over them. Speaking for myself, if left unchecked, my passion for truth can quickly turn into aggression. But aggression is aggression, whether it’s coming from egotistical oppressors or impassioned activists, whether its intention is to overpower or to reveal truth.
Passion is a key emotion that can lead to great positive change, but in the hands of those who do not understand its inherent trappings, it can lead to tragedy.

Here’s what truth-seekers and change-makers need to know about the passion for reform: We can only make life-generating contributions by maintaining healthy, life-generating passion, not falling into the trap of aggression. This is not an easy task because passion is inherently active, boisterous, lively, expressive—all excitable qualities that resist being governed.

But to get carried away by our passions is to let them own us instead of using them as tools to reach our goals. In my case, my deepest desire has been to recognize the illusions that stand between me and a life-generating experience—personally, communally, and globally—and then to apply these insights to create life-generating results.

Aggression and depression are two common traps of passion. They are the negative polarities to which the pendulum of passion can swing when left unchecked. When passion turns into aggression or depression, it becomes dangerous and gains momentum toward life-deteriorating results. In this way, even the best intentions can turn ugly.

The best life-generating results come from clarity. Passion can be clear or cloudy, depending on how we exercise it. When we let passion veer off toward aggression or depression, we lose our place and spin away from our goal. And like any trap, this one is not always obvious.

The trap of misdirected passion is rage on the one hand and impotence to effect change on the other. It is understandable that we sometimes fall into the trap of feeling inconsolable, depressed, or furious at the state of the world and the powers that be. But if we do slip into such traps, we must not dwell there for long, lest they render us impotent.

Nobody wins—neither you nor I, nor our evolution—by getting stuck in clouded, negative passion. Furthermore, there’s just no time for it. We, our communities, and our planet are already terribly sick, and getting more so by the minute.

So how do we open our eyes and the eyes of others to the realities of our world, and how do we watch the slow motion of the wheels of justice without becoming impatient and aggressive—or so furious as to become apoplectic, or so depressed as to become suicidal? I have spent a lot of time chewing on this question because it has been part of my personal journey.

If our passion for truth can swing toward the extreme of blind aggression and anger (e.g., hatred, shouting, fighting, violence, dogma, etc.) and toward the related extreme of depression (apathy, impotence, surrender, self-numbing, substance abuse, addiction, suicide, etc.), we must ask ourselves, “What will bring the passion back to a healthy range?”

The answer is joy. According to the great modern mystic, Almine, joy is “the desire to live.” Almine also coined the concept that joy is the emotional mate to passion. That is to say that passion, like any emotion that falls out of balance, must be “checked” by its partner emotion, joy, in order to remain in the sweet spot. Joy can bring us back to equilibrated, life-generating passion.

For example, when I catch myself leaning toward imbalanced states of passion, I immediately remind myself what all this work is about—I envision a world that works for humans and for all life. I hold close the vision of a world that embodies joy, like Anastasia’s, like life-generating native communities that work in inter-dependant harmony. I focus on what makes our inner and outer worlds brim with natural life. The desire to live guides me back to a passionate approach that serves my purpose rather than diluting it.

This approach lifts me out of aggression and into that sweet place where passion and joy pulse together. It brings my warrior out of imbalanced fight mode and into productive protection of all that is good, magical, beautiful, and harmonious.

To give you a visual illustration, think of desire as the key that turns on the ignition, passion as the accelerator, and joy as the wheel. Passion gives us the energy to create that which we desire to manifest. The desire is the reason we choose to pursue a vision. Joy keeps us on the life-generating road.

Notice there is nothing remotely passive about pulling passion out of aggression. Passion in its equilibrated state is actually more powerful and effective than aggression. It actively works to build a new reality, rather than strengthening its opposition with knee-jerk resistance and ineffective battles that only spill vital energy and fan hatred.

Remember, we always run the risk of strengthening that which we oppose. Instead of fighting against big business and insane cultural paradigms with just another brand of brute force and insanity, we should use our energy creatively. We can do more good by healing those aspects of ourselves that reflect the destructiveness of the world. In reforming ourselves, we can liberate ourselves, and thus empower ourselves to help others heal as well.

We must lead by example. By creating alternative ways of life that actually work, we can create a whole new template for others to try when they, too, are worn thin by the old ways.

So many people talk the talk. They want you to know they eat a raw diet and practice consciousness, and so on and so forth. They desperately want to be seen in this light because they do not yet own it. They want to be whole but they are not yet whole, so they fly in a holding pattern around the life they want, never quite landing on it because growing and changing are so hard to do. This kind of change requires a leap over a chasm, which requires an enormous amount of energy.

The energy must come to the individual in the form of desire, passion, and will. Typically, this potent blend of desire, passion, and will comes to a person only after hitting the intolerable lows of a life that doesn’t work. Sometimes people unconsciously create horrible events in their lives in order to effect change for the better. More often, though, people get stuck in life-deteriorating patterns because their will is inactive.

We all have those aspects of ourselves that stand in the way of personal growth that we tend to shove under the bed rather than face. But this is the first obstacle to change, on any scale. We have to address the need for change within ourselves, not just point fingers at the world. For everything we want the world to overcome, we should overcome something within ourselves.

We have to lead life-generating lives and practice—day by day, moment by moment—what we feel is true, not just talk about it, not just keep on wrestling the same old demons. At a certain point, it’s time to move beyond them, beyond indulgent self-reflection, and take action.

What must you change in your personal life? What dragons must you slay for you to be able to live your truth? Identify the steps you must take, and take them. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake, for there is no greater mistake than inaction in the face of suffering. This is the only way to find your equilibrium and create a way of life that sustains that equilibrium. Be vigilant moment to moment, so you don’t fall into those old traps that would corrupt your passion and leach your joy. If you do get pulled one way or the other, toward aggression or depression, work to reclaim your sweet spot as soon as you can. Keep practicing until you can hold that space longer and longer—until it comes naturally to you.

I know this is a major task. But this is your chance to have a real life, to be free of your demons and dragons (call them what you will), to live and to lead by example. Everyone wants to be free of the old traps, but who is going to show them that it’s possible if not you? If you merely wallow in your issues for too long, you will miss this amazing opportunity to live, truly live, in all the wonder and beauty of the human form. This is your chance to bust out of your cage, to lead a life of exhilarating growth and ever-greater levels of freedom.

People usually enter this work wanting to change their bodies and improve their health. What I hope most people come to realize is that correcting misguided eating patterns is just one obvious part of becoming whole again. It is an essential step to regaining our clarity and equilibrium—breaking free of the cages that hold us, the illusions that paralyze us with fear, the clouds that loom overhead and dictate our future—not just to look good and stay out of the doctor’s office. We do this work to increase our joy, to embrace life and to give life with every fiber of our beings.

So when I find my inner warrior falling out of balance and lashing out in rage against authority figures, I remember that this is my passion succumbing to imbalanced aggression. I remember the vision of life that I am working for and hold that vision until I am clear about my real mission. Then, if that assertive part of myself still wants to express itself, I can allow it to do so from a place of awareness. I give it some room and watch it act out its part, and then I put it neatly away, like an actor might remove his or her costume and makeup after a performance. This way, I can maintain balance even while letting my inner warrior express itself. Of course, I am not always so perfectly aware, but the more I witness myself in this manner, the more I am able to remain centered and empowered with clarity of purpose.

My personal quest has always been one of equilibrium (it also happens that I am a Libra, the symbol of the scales, or balance). Finding equilibrium is like finding the Holy Grail—or the alchemical recipe for transforming our lower (base) self into our higher (rarified) self. It is an experience that comes with great clarity.

People tend to equate equilibrium and balance with moderation. I think this is a mistake. The common saying, “Take everything in moderation,” is a pet peeve of mine. When I hear it, I always chime back, “Especially moderation!” Moderation and balance have become intertwined concepts, defined by our culture as having a little bit of everything. The problem is, if you have a little bit of everything in our culture, you’ll be sick and very mentally and emotionally imbalanced.

The Buddhist tradition speaks of the middle way, but this is not moderation as our culture knows it. The Buddhist middle way is the place where the body and mind are extremely clear, only after being purified by asceticism. It is the middle way because it is the place where life can flow, where the stream is fresh in the center of the flowing river. It is the place where you are so abundantly filled with life force and inner peace that you are not lured into states of extreme happiness or sadness by outside events. Rather, you are whole because your inner life is whole. You are aware of what is truly life-generating, and you are able to hold yourself in that place consistently.

The modern individual cannot achieve this by partaking of his or her unnatural world “just in moderation.” A cup of coffee, a single donut, a nine-to-five job, a turkey sandwich, a bag of chips, a coke, a cigarette, an hour of television, a single beer, a small burger, a couple of medications, a bit of Metamucil, a touch of milk of magnesia, twenty minutes of exercise three times a week, and a prayer before bed—here is a life of modern moderation. Here is something utterly out of balance.

Equilibrium is the sweet spot in all things. It is the place to look when you are healing aspects of yourself that seem impossible to overcome. Ask yourself in each case, “What is disrupting my equilibrium here?” Then apply what you learn, and remember to employ joy to keep your passions as a truth-seeker and change-maker positive and fruitful.


Go Native, Not Neurotic!

This morning, I just took my first exercise class in probably a decade. My beloved, adorable, oldest childhood friend recommended it (bless her heart) and convinced me to go. Even in the middle of winter, I still make a point of trekking through Central Park on foot or bike almost every day, but the weather conditions have been particularly challenging this week.

On the brochure, the profile of a young, tiny, firm buttock gracing the cover promised a worthwhile time investment. The place was close by, and offered lots of attractive amenities, so I thought, why not, it could be nice to shake things up—I might even learn something new.

The class was described as a blend of Pilates, Lotte Berk, yoga, and ballet. Images of finely whittled torso leaping across the floor in grand jetés came to mind. I dropped the kids off at school and made my way through the fifteen or so blocks of headwinds to the Madison Avenue location. That walk would turn out to be the most effective part of the excursion.

But before I continue, I should mention that I generally stay out of gyms and exercise classes for a few reasons:

1. Fresh air is essential. I place a premium on fresh air, especially when it is high in negative ions; in New York, that means in the winter, fall, and spring. The indoor lifestyle requires city dwellers to take as much time outdoors as possible. Maximize your daily intake of new, clean air with long walks, jogs, ice-skating, skiing, biking, outdoor yoga, martial arts, team sports, or whatever else gets you breathing deeply outdoors. The more time you spend outdoors and the more deeply you breathe, the more you bathe your cells in freshly charged air and revitalize your body.

The fresh air factor is gravely overlooked in the exercise class and “gym rat” culture. Without a regular bath of simple, negative-ionic-charged air, the cells will get sluggish, weak, and prone to the mutations of free-radical damage from stagnation and acidity. A brisk walk for an hour outside in the fresh air will always beat an indoor exercise class. This is also why it’s so important to sleep with the windows open—to renew the blood with oxygen to maximize the benefits of sleep.

2. I have far better alternatives. I’ve got my feet and my bike. Sometimes, I can even get to a tennis court or a mountain or a beach. (Next week, I’ll be in Jackson, Wyoming, stocking up on mountain air). At home I have my rebounder, and when the mood strikes, I can move all the furniture and dance my heart out. Yes, the body has to move every day, but we need to know how to move it without someone telling us what leg to lift when and how many times! I’ve studied yoga and dance for years and strongly believe that they should be learned not as ends unto themselves, so one can take classes from here to eternity, but so one can learn how to use and move one’s own body. You have a body. Master it. These disciplines can offer guidance so you don’t make mistakes of alignment. But then take what you know and own your moves!

Learning to master your body is not something we should even have to be taught. It’s basic and intuitive, though the right guidance can certainly accelerate the learning process and help prevent injury. Owning our bodies, rather than just blindly entrusting them to exercise instructors year after year, is yet another aspect of our life education that is undervalued and overlooked.

3. Gyms and exercise classes are hotbeds for self-loathing. Gym-goers constantly compare themselves to each other and either hate or worship what they see in the mirror. Either way, their physical self-esteem is dictated by the mirror or the eyes of others. I often forget that women especially are vulnerable to this competitive reflex, because in the detox lifestyle it tends to dissolve. But the moment I step into a gym—BAM!—I’m reminded of all the bad feelings that keep everyone pounding away on the machines. In my experience, I find gyms and exercise classes to be unhealthy for the mind and self-esteem.

4. They depress me. Gyms carry a heavy air of disappointment and resignation. Women especially are chronically disappointed with the results, yet resigned to spending hours of their lives in exercise classes in hopes of eventually feeling better about their bodies—or at least maintaining the status quo. They follow regiments that will never give them the body they want, but they do it anyway because they don’t know what else to do.

5. They frustrate me.
 Gyms remind me of all the people who need help but are beyond my reach. I wish I could emancipate them from their old, useless patterns. While I already have wonderful clients who inspire me every day, I need only go to a gym to see that there are still masses of people who are still stuck in the caged mentality. Meanwhile, they look terrible—you can see it in the way they are retaining water, in the puffiness and dark circles around their eyes, in the lines and weight in their faces (not to mention elsewhere) that indicate struggling livers and kidneys. In short, their blood chemistry is way out of whack, yet they keep attending their exercise classes and slathering on expensive creams and makeup.

6. The music is bad. What more do I have to say?

But today, I went to this exercise class with an open mind. I was looking forward to lifting, reaching, and twisting my torso, moving my body in elegant, fluid movements, tuning into my core power. I enjoy engaging my body’s strength and flexibility and remembering the importance of good posture, a nimble spine, and an open center.

This class didn’t offer anything remotely like what I was hoping for. For all its popularity among Upper East Side women (think The Nanny Diaries types), there was nothing modern or evolved about it. As I said to my husband, it could have been 1983 with Olivia Newton John on the speakers and Jane Fonda calling out the moves. In fact, that would have been more fun and more effective—and the music would have been better!

I lost heart about twenty minutes into the class. The moves were not even intuitive, let alone evolved. For an hour we were asked to move in ways that made the body more tense, more in need of correction! This class was an unnecessary stress all around.

I thought back to the cover of the brochure, with its promise of a tight, tiny set of buttocks. Then I looked around the room at the women who seemed to be regulars. I don’t mean this in a catty way at all, just as an observation in light of the advertising: no one had a good figure (really, not a single one among thirty women, not even the teacher).

Here’s the thing. That image on the brochure, were it not so obviously photo-shopped, could only belong to a more evolved type of human, one who lives in harmony with the natural world like a “native”—not a Manhattan socialite or any member of the “civilized” race over age thirteen. You cannot have a set of buttocks like that unless you’re living like a native or you share a gene pool with one!

So here are all these women looking for sleek, fit bodies, trying desperately to fight the clock. They are gathered for an hour of agony with all their accumulated intestinal waste matter and corresponding gas pressure and water retention. They suck in their cores and lift their legs five dozen times in a variety of movements for sixty minutes, but they are never going to get anywhere. They’ll go for a ladies lunch over grilled hormone (I mean “chicken”) salads and decaf cappuccinos and be back again later that week, or the very next day, to suck in their stomachs and contract their muscles again. They’ll sign up for another series of classes and rush to make it on time, grabbing a protein bar on the way.

They’ll hate every second of it (this class was not remotely enjoyable) and they’ll still hate their bodies when they strip their impeccably tailored designer pants off their legs and stand in front of the mirror. What they will not get from this class or the lifestyle that goes with it is that set of buttocks advertised on the brochure, or that wonderful innocence of sometimes forgetting you have a body when you feel so good in your skin.

The way I understand it, this class is booked up on the hour, every hour, every day. This is what these women—who are supposedly in the know on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and who can afford anything—do with their resources. (Why on earth aren’t they calling Doris for food delivery, drinking veggie juice, and eliminating all that accumulation through a colonic tube? But who am I to suggest such a thing?!)

As I was pulling my things out of my locker, I overheard a couple of the women discussing the many businesses they’ve created and successfully sold. These are not a bunch of dim gals. It would be easy to pigeonhole this group as brainless ladies who lunch and shop—but no, these are highly educated, ambitious entrepreneurs and executives between the ages of 25 and 60. Yet, for all their higher learning, they know nothing about how to care for their bodies.


Sometimes I feel like a puma pacing around in a circus cage. We live in the Big, Bad Apple, which I both love and hate. Half the time, I’m in love with this city; the rest of the time, I find myself looking out, hands clenched around the bars, praying for escape (especially around this time of year, when my kids are climbing the walls!).

So I take laps around Central Park, and I find ways to keep myself connected with my center so I don’t hurl myself against the cage and hurt myself. But it is a cage, nonetheless, and not a place for either a puma or a human.

However, on days like today I realize that my cage is not what it used to be. I sometimes forget that people still beat themselves up mentally and physically in search of a better life experience in their bodies. I used to live in a cage like that, a cage of unfulfilled promises.

Yes, I’m still in a kind of cage; I still move within a culture that is a threat and affront to the human spirit. My cage still makes the cherished untamable part of me hugely resentful at times. But my cage is not what it was ten years ago. I’m not in a supermax lockdown prison like I was during the first twenty years of my life. Today, it’s more like what in penitentiary lingo is called “pre-release.”

As I suffered through the remaining forty-five minutes of class, reluctant to put my body through some of these unnatural maneuvers, I couldn’t help thinking: It’s such a pity. Here all these women are investing all this time, energy, pain, and hope in this torture chamber with hideous music (filled with lyrics that objectify women), when all that lean vitality is right there, waiting to be freed. If they’d remove the waste and gas pressure, they’d find natural, outstanding muscle tone, skin that naturally hugs the body, and cells and tissues glowing with wellness. 

I continued along that train of thought: Give me two weeks with them, with no exercise at all, but all the right moves for removing waste, gas, and fluid imbalances, and watch them start to see what they are looking for. But I couldn’t very well stand up in the middle of the class and say this.

I waited until class was over, feigning as much participation as I could, gathered my things and headed home. I would love nothing more than to help these women. But, I’m not going to get into the commerce game and build the kind of establishment that will attract them. I had a fleeting thought of speaking to the manager about doing a lecture series there or joining forces somehow, but all the worldly logistics that go into something like that would take even more time away from my understanding children, from my own reunion with my wholeness, and from what I can offer all of you! So, I take the experience for what it’s worth—a reminder that the diet and exercise world has not changed much.

Now, allow me to return once more to the perfectly poised buttocks on the brochure. (Really, you should see them!) What makes such buttocks native to the world but alien to our culture? Such buttocks come from clean lineage, lived in the outdoors on alkaline water, air, and sunshine. They come from cells that have remained pristine by their very interconnectivity with the natural world—cells that have soaked in the rays of the sun through the skin, absorbed that powerful substance into the blood and circulated it throughout the body. Such a body is unfazed by its beauty because it is one with the world, in love with life. There’s no place for vanity or one-upmanship in such a body.

Sometimes it seems like there’s a big time and energy investment in this lifestyle — from arranging the fresh veggie juice, fresh salads, food combining and bowel cleansing to contending with the critisism of friends and famiy. Whenever I get the least bit annoyed with what it takes to keep myself in high states of health and mental clarity, I think about what life was like before I knew and implemented this knowledge. This class reminded me of what unnatural and uncomfortabe lengths other people go to to try to get some physical balance and aesthetic appeal. It was yet another reminder that I should never complain about my rituals and the time and effort they may take. I’m so fortunate to have the knowledge I have and to put that time and energy into things that work and are not only to my immediate and aesthetic benefit but to my long term vitality and ease of being.

Tomorrow, I’ll bundle up and head out into my little wilderness of Central Park. I’ll be grateful for the crisp (ok, Arctic) air and I’ll give my cells their bath in the renewing, oxygenated atmosphere and the cage won’t feel so limiting.

As a native of California, for years I wished away the months of brutal cold in the Northeast. But because of what I know now about clean Arctic air, I embrace it as the cornerstone of my winter health regime. I just make sure to have the right accessories: wooly hat, gloves, and iPod. The only healthy and sure way to get your buttocks looking more like a native’s is to do everything in your power to renew your blood chemistry.

So get outside and go native, not neurotic!


Calling All Frogs!

What humanity came up with and held onto during its first three million years was a social organization that worked well for people. It didn’t work well for products, for motorboats and can openers and operettas. It didn’t work well for the greedy, the ruthless, and the power hungry. That’s what we have, a social organization that works beautifully for products—which just keep getting better and better every year—but very poorly for people, except for the greedy, the ruthless, and the power hungry. Our ancestors lived in societies that every anthropologist agrees were nonhierarchical and markedly egalitarian. They weren’t structured so that a few at the top lived lives of luxury, a few more lived in the middle in poverty, just struggling to survive. They weren’t riddled with crime, depression, madness, suicide, and addiction. And when we came along with invitations to join our glorious civilization they fought to the death to hold on to the life they had. 

—Daniel Quinn, from If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways

You know the parable of the frog: If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will leap out right away to escape the danger. But if you put a frog in a pot that is filled with water that is cool and pleasant, and gradually heat it until it starts boiling, the frog will not become aware of the threat until it is too late.

This is a pretty good illustration of how our culture, through slow but steady changes away from ancient communities that worked for humans for millions of years, now finds itself in acute distress—on the verge of snuffing out human life.

Undertaking the cleansing lifestyle is a little like reversing this process. As the accumulated waste with its accumulated toxins and bi-products leave the body, the proverbial boiling water gets turned down. What a relief to escape the jaws of death! However, the cooled water is a gateway to another stage: although the water temperature is no longer a threat, you look around and realize that you’re still in a pot!

The roots of our suffering are in this pot—in the civilization in which we find ourselves. The towering, cylindrical walls rise up around us and separate us from our home in the natural world. The pot isolates us from the interconnectedness of the greater living world, which our pre-technocratic ancestors simply took for granted. The best I can determine is that this isolation is the cause of all modern psychopathology. As long as we are cut off from our interdependent relationship with the living world, we are like a plant cut from its roots—roots that would otherwise generate and regenerate us. Cut off, we become madmen, consumed with ourselves, our fears and shortcomings, our need to possess and protect ourselves against this world in which we’re stuck.

If you have escaped the boiling water by successfully cleansing your cells and tissues, you’re sensitized now to the myriad other injustices to the human organism that most people just accept as normal life. People, like frogs, don’t belong in pots. They are a part of the whole natural world. This is the reality beyond the immediate peril of the murderous water temperature. Frogs and people belong in nature doing what frogs and people do best—leaping across stones and streams, creating life-generating communities, and bathing in sunlight at the break of day.

At this stage, seekers may look for respite in spiritual or philosophical systems, while isolating themselves further, suffering in silence and antisocial behavior because the world doesn’t make sense to them. Or they may just ignore the internal unrest and tell themselves that this better place they have reached is the best one can expect from life—that it’s the end of the road, a dead end they should accept. Only when it dawns on them that they are in a place they don’t belong will they initiate the next cycle of growth and liberation.

The next step toward more gratifying life experience is to leap out of the pot, regardless of the water temperature. The more we respond to things that disturb us, instead of writing them off as normal, the more we discover that we can make liberating changes.

The wonderful thing about life and growth is that there is no endpoint. It’s nice to stop boiling, but even tepid water can’t make the pot our home. It’s a tomb. Frog or man, being buried alive in a pot is far worse than suffering a short, painful death.

The beauty is that with every cycle of growth another one awaits, as illustrated in the upward spiral of the double helix—the very promise of human life, past, present and future! Life-generating challenges satisfy and vitalize the mind, body, and soul. (Hell is stagnation and decay, the opposite of alchemy.)

If we think of heaven as an adventure of greater vistas, greater knowledge and creativity, and the opening of gateway after gateway, we can begin to create heaven on earth.

Time to jump the pot, turn it upside down, and play drums froggy-style!



A Nation of Addicts

Why is just about everyone you or I know taking a pill or some other substance to suppress emotional pain? Why is everyone numbing themselves, and why is it accepted as normal? What is the common denominator here?

A slow but steady detour away from the independent values that made our country great two hundred years ago has landed us in a nation addicted: land of the numb, mind-controlled, programmed masses. As a people, we have lost our consciousness, and with it a tremendous amount of wisdom. We have confused what is considered desirable with what is life-generating. We have lost touch with our true emotions—that voice within which speaks for inner balance and self-knowledge. Too many of us sleepwalk through life following a set of socially programmed norms that can only lead to ruin: physical, mental, and emotional.

The hard fact is that just about everyone is an addict today because a sinister social conditioning has quietly snuck its way into “normal” living: the consumption of foods unfit for the human body. These foods are profoundly harmful and highly addictive. That’s right: the most insidious addiction today is not to recreational drugs, but to grains, sweeteners, food additives, and preservatives (including hormones and antibiotics, just for starters) in the mainstream diet. Addiction, therefore, is a problem not only for the drinker, the smoker, and the drug abuser; it is a problem for every human being who is not aware of what he or she consumes.

 But here’s the gem: the cause and cure of addiction hinge on the same all-important factor—consciousness. We can understand addiction as a loss of consciousness, and it’s ubiquitous in today’s diet-lifestyle, which in myriad ways poisons the biochemistry of the blood and ravages the intestine, cells, and tissues. Yet, we keep eating and living according to the customs that have been programmed into us by the so-called authorities, the media, and the influence of our peers. We have thus become little better than a nation of addicts.

When our inner voice knows better, when our spirit rises up to question the status quo and to resist the whole program, we are quickly labeled “depressed” or “chemically imbalanced” and written a prescription. In the meantime, the dictates of mainstream culture urge us to silence our distress with “comfort foods,” alcohol, drugs, and other mind-numbing diversions.

How long will we slap names on diseases without truly understanding them? How long will we continue suppressing the symptoms so that more virulent forms of illness crop up? How long will we blame the imbalance rather than its source? After all these millennia of medical achievements, we have missed the obvious universal law of nature: when there is pain, it is a call for change, not a call for suppression!

Social norms dictate not only how we should live, but also how we should feel. We are taught to avoid “negative” emotions and embrace only the “positive” ones. Over the generations, we have completely lost touch with the wisdom of our emotions. We have learned to repress undesirable emotions without even knowing that we are doing it. These repressed emotions become the harbingers of addiction.


All the spiritual leaders and great minds of history—including the Buddha, Christ, Socrates, and Jung—emphasized the importance of awareness. And contemporary teachers like Eckhart Tolle have made the concept more familiar to people today. However, there is still a great chasm between the desire to practice this virtue and the practical application of it. For so many people, living in the present is so hard to do. Nonetheless, it is the single most essential tool of personal liberation available to us. Once we start to live with awareness, we gain clarity about ourselves and the world around us. We see through the clutter of social expectations to hear our own authentic voice.

Any set of social expectations that fails to honor a person’s spirit and allow for its honest expression is an agent of repression, and is therefore antithetical to life. The emotions of pain, anger, and fear arise to tell us to pay attention. They come to us as friends, to pull our hand away from the flame. In heeding rather than repressing them, we can let them go, and also let go of our addictions. Soon, we can bring awareness to any situation, ideology, or question with a penetrating power of discernment. We can ask ourselves: “Is that a social conditioning or is a life-generating truth?”

We are a nation of addicts because we have been living in the dark. Too many widely accepted norms are destructive to our bodies, minds, and spirits. Our authority figures perpetuate the madness by creating more drugs for more illnesses and building more infrastructures to keep the vicious cycle alive. Frittering away personal power, we get ever more lost in the quagmire, blind to the road signs of our emotions. Addiction feels like a normal life experience rather than an aberration of nature. The modern ethos is to pacify feelings with all that glitters and sells. “Don’t feel this,” our culture whispers in our psyches. “You don’t need to feel sad. Here, take this instead. Have a donut and a latte. There, there. Now, isn’t that better?”

The cure for depression, obesity, and even cancer may be far simpler than we ever realized. It is time we (a) correct our biochemical imbalances through cleansing, and (b) expose destructive social norms for what they are and cultivate the power of conscious choice. It’s time we wake up to what we are really made of—as fully empowered human beings who know our own authentic needs and desires, not mindless automatons of an addiction-fueled society.

We all want to lead great lives and achieve wonderful things, but a great outer life is only possible through a healthy, balanced, and beautiful inner life. Let us feel deeply and let our emotions nourish our personal growth through smart, life-enhancing choices.


The Danger of Social Conditioning: Part Two

In Part One of “The Danger of Social Conditioning” (10/19/08) we discussed how humans are programmable and largely directed by social conditioning. We discussed why it is critical to stop feeding the group consciousness that is endangering us, and how to link up with a higher consciousness for life-generating results.

Now, I would like to discuss the effects of socially conditioned behavior on the programming of our genetic material—specifically, how socially conditioned consumption of unfit substances (mainstream food, drink, drugs, medications, etc.) affects our DNA. Our life experiences are determined by two critical elements: (1) the focus of our consciousness and (2) our DNA coding based on what we consume.

Human DNA is programmable, like a computer system. But the programs are ever-changing based on the messages our DNA receives from our experiences, thoughts, and the substances we consume. If we commit ourselves to certain life-generating disciplines, we can become more powerful, leading us up the evolutionary spiral. We can shift the genetic imprint we were given from an unfavorable trajectory onto a much more favorable one. (We can also program ourselves to do the opposite—to degenerate our mental and emotional balance and physicality.) A few disciplines that can enable us to remove blockages and begin to evolve: Deep Tissue Cleansing through a highly alkaline diet and regular gravity colonics; connecting to our Higher Self; and shedding patterns and canceling programs that don’t serve the Highest Good.

We can evolve your own being tremendously—in this body, in this lifetime. When our hearts are aligned with the Highest Good, when our emotional, physical, and mental bodies are clear, there are no limits to our powers of creation.

Now, let’s start from the beginning and discuss the impact of social conditioning on our DNA and how it affects our offspring. The “programming feature” of our DNA can be our best ally or our worst enemy. It can lift us up to untold greatness, but steeped as it is in the conditioned values of our current diet-lifestyle, it is leading our race and our planet to sure ruin.

Every single one of us is a product not only of what we have programmed into our DNA, but of what our entire lineage has programmed into us throughout the generations. We receive it all. This means that each new generation that springs forth will be weaker than the one that gave birth to it because with each generation the offenses made against the body have become exponentially greater.

For example: Bob was born of Irish-German descent. For generations, his family consumed large quantities of alcohol, flesh products, white bread, and flour. This steady diet of acidic, unfit substances saturated the cells and tissues of his predecessors, degenerating their health, and was passed along in the seed of Bob’s father to Bob himself. Bob’s health is now more compromised than that of his parents when they were born because he has received the accumulated energetic makeup of 20 to 30 years of unfit living. Bob and his wife will continue their social customs with 20 to 30 years of even more unfit consumption, and then will pass along their DNA to their children, who will be the most compromised of all three of these generations. It’s a continuous downward spiral of Inherited Energy.

Inherited Energy determines the constitution of our offspring and is often the origin of birth defects and other infant/childhood imbalances. Emotional and mental disorders are also carried in Inherited Energy like a blueprint of our ancestors’ physical, emotional, and mental lives in the DNA.

The degeneration of Inherited Energy has become exponentially more dramatic in the last 50 years. Prior to that, unfit substances were not nearly as damaging or over-consumed. Meat, raw dairy, potatoes, beer, and sugar are the “Pollyannas” of food compared to the chemically laden, highly refined, ultra-pasteurized packaged goods we started to consume in the last couple generations. These substances cause hormones to misfire and the body’s entire communication network to go haywire. The organs become damaged, the blood filthy, the life force energy blocked—and the DNA reads all of this into the blueprint of the body and its reproductive organs.

Have you noticed that children are becoming sicker and more overweight at a much younger age than ever before? Children are suffering from the socially accepted consumption of their lineage and are manifesting the degeneration of the DNA in their physical, emotional, and mental fields. In other words, unfit consumption is degenerating our species!

We all love our children, but how many of us will make the changes necessary to stop their pain? Children are more overweight today not only because they eat more junk, but because they were born with compromised bodies and are unable to process and metabolize these heinous substances. It’s like sending the weakest warriors into the biggest battle of the war. Babies bear the brunt of the damage their parents have done to their bodies, their organs, and blood chemistry. This is why social conditioning is so dangerous.

We have become a society that expects our government organizations, medical associations, and other authority figures to look out for our health and safety. When we blindly follow convention, gorging on Big Macs, sodas, and other junk foods, we give our power away. As a result, our kids today have to work harder than ever to stay well. 

Now, at the risk of offending a lot of people, I will speak the un-PC truth: The many men and women today who are struggling to reproduce are bio-chemically unfit to bear children. Natural selection has determined that it is not in the best interest of the species to reproduce from these couples at this time. Yes, it is painful. But remember, pain is a call for change. Infertility is an alarm bell that society is not heeding, but rather ignoring and suppressing with invasive treatments that defy the body’s wisdom. Infertility is nature’s last call before a complete degeneration of the species. We cannot say we haven’t been duly warned.

My friends, I am not trying to offend you, but I am not here to protect your feelings. My role is to help you to protect your power, your truth, your offspring—in sum, our humanity. If you are struggling to reproduce, try Deep Tissue Cleansing to help make your body a hospitable environment for a baby and to offer your baby cleaner genetic material. Now, you may not be able to clean up entire generations of damage, but in time, if you approach cleansing intelligently by awakening the old waste through alkaline foods and fresh vegetable juices, and release the waste with regular bowel cleansing, you and your future offspring will be much better off. (For more detailed guidance on pregnancy and preparing for pregnancy, listen to my new audio release: “Guidance for Mothers”)

If you still do not get pregnant after Deep Tissue Cleansing, at least you will have dramatically improved the quality of your cells and tissues, and you will be in a better position to weigh your options.

The worst thing we can do is to continue on this trajectory of degenerating genetic material. Birth defects, childhood illnesses, mental illness, and increasing numbers of “normal” illnesses like asthma, learning disabilities, ear infections, and depression are not merely random occurrences, but a reflection of our society’s ills. When we look at our suffering children, let us be honest with ourselves and say, “Here is the mirror of our socially acceptable lifestyle.”

Cleansing is not just about fitting into a size 2 or feeling virile at age 80. We must stand up for truth and step out of the clutches of the conditioned mass consciousness. Sure, we can be peaceful warriors—but warriors we must be! It is time to ruffle some feathers and shake up the status quo. Either we wake up or become extinct.

Our future depends on the DNA we pass along to our offspring. We honor our family line when we care for our DNA. There is no greater homage we can pay to those who came before us and no greater gift we can give to those who will follow than to protect and elevate the health of our genetic material. As our DNA gets the message that more and more of the muck and mire has left our cells, tissues, organs, and blood, it will move us right up along the evolutionary spiral toward the limitless powers that can be ours and our children’s.

I’ll see you on the upward spiral!


Just Say No to Laxatives!

Hello Angels!

I have received so many emails from you who, in your keenness to cleanse your intestines (which is great), are getting suckered into buying one of the myriad “cleansing” products on the market today (not so great).

There are innumerable different brands, but they are all similar in concept and ingredients. I know how seductive these products’ claims can be and how tempting it can be to try a short-cut method instead of undertaking colon hydrotherapy. These products are cheaper and promise to do the same thing. But please do not be deceived by this! Herbal and chemical laxatives only irritate the intestine, and the fiber products only fill the body with matter (psyllium collects ten times its weight in waste, which cannot be passed without a colonic).

Here is what you need to know: herbal laxatives (cascara sagrada, senna, etc.) and chemical laxatives (such as magnesium sulfate used to prep for colonoscopies) can only clear a minutely small, narrow pathway in the intestine. They do not clean the colon—they just help to release a significant amount of matter, which fools people into thinking they are clean when, in reality, so much more matter is still caked in the intestine.

It’s a bit like a really messy room. You need to walk through that room, so you clear a pathway—this is all the magnesium sulfate (or senna, to a lesser degree) does: clears a narrow pathway. You cannot compare this in any way to the deep hydration and full release of waste matter from the intestinal walls that occurs with a series of good colon hydrotherapy sessions.

Now, don’t be fooled by a pink, “in the clear” colonoscopy. This does not mean you’re not deeply impacted. The colon is made up of layers upon layers of tissue, like a sponge. Just because the visible layer is clear due to the laxative effect of the magnesium sulfate, it does not mean that the intestine is clean. The waste is stored in the layers—and once the layers of tissue fill up, the waste ventures into the body at large. In an effort to maintain equanimity in the organs, the body keeps pushing the accumulated waste into tissues that can manage it—those become your cellulite, your asthma, your eczema, your pimples.

If you have physical imbalances of any kind, you are holding waste in your cells and tissues. The deep impaction is there—even if it doesn’t show up in a colonoscopy. Yes, waste settles in the intestines, but it’s everywhere else too by the time you have a colonoscopy. You must awaken the waste through a cleansing diet and eliminate it through gravity method colon hydrotherapy.

Colonics and home enemas (though the latter is far less effective, as it only clears the lower bowel) are the only viable alternatives to professional gravity colonics. Laxatives are not an alternative at all. In the case of serious constipation, you might use a product called Natural Calm to help loosen some of the matter, but that is the only product that I’d recommend as safe, and only for the short term.

The best thing you can ingest to support your bowel is pure Aloe Vera juice, but unfortunately most of the Aloe juices on the market are ineffective. The only one I recommend is Herbal Answer, which comes in a white bottle and costs about $26. It’s worth it! I recommend mixing in a little stevia to make it palatable. You’ll love the results and should see improvement as soon as the next day.

The only way to cleanse your body is to cleanse every cell in your body. The cells throughout your body can only release waste matter for elimination if the intestines are able to receive them. For this, we first need a clean, clear, receptive large intestine/colon. So we must clean the colon first, then we can have a chance at the rest of the body. Every time the colon empties, more waste from throughout the body—from the cellulite in your thighs to the corrosion in your arterial walls—can be released.

Here’s to life in a body flowing with pure Life Force Energy! I love and bless you all!