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NRI Addresses Heavy Metal Toxicity

3D splashLike radiation, heavy metals are a major contributor to the demise of human health today.  Heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium and barium are entering our bodies daily through the most common elements of life, namely the air we breathe, rainwater and soil as well as through dental amalgams, cookware, pipes and drains and even deodorants, hair dyes and cosmetics.  Clearly, these fundamental elements of life should never contain these destructive contaminants to begin with. How are they collecting in our water and soil and what we can do to protect ourselves from the damage they ensue?  You’re about to find out…

Heavy metal contamination in the air is a byproduct of manufacturing and transportation emissions so it is no surprise that living in or near large cities, commuting hubs or factories will expose you to substantial amount of heavy metals through the skin and lungs.  As mentioned above, they also enter your system through your food and drink, through toxic cookware, pipes and drinking water as well as through seemingly innocuous substances like household cleaning products.

In addition, however, one must also take into account the possible effect of chemtrails.  Chemtrails are the deliberate spraying of chemicals, particularly heavy metals such as those noted above from airplanes into the atmosphere.  These should not be confused with Contrails, which are the normal emissions from commercial and cargo aircraft.   Chemtrails are not normal. Their roots are far more sinister.  All controversy aside, it is undeniable that we are being saturated in heavy metals that are causing profound injury to our wellbeing. 

The physiological symptoms and effects of heavy metal toxicity are extensive but they include everything from nausea and digestive distress to endocrine malfunction to depression, Alzheimer’s and dementia. For us to maintain homeostasis our blood must remain clean. Heavy metal contamination ruins the biochemistry of that precious, scarlet life-fluid. The effects on the endocrine, reproductive systems and brain are all debilitating. A 2004 study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 toxins, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and chemicals from non-stick cookware.

Like radiation, heavy metal accumulation weakens the integrity of the bones, compromises brain function, impacts the emotions and poisons the blood, leading to every possible degenerative disease under the sun. Yes, heavy metal toxicity is a major harbinger of cancer.

As long as planet Earth is swimming in these contaminants, it is impossible to avoid them in the body. Remember, the state of the body is a mico-cosmic mirror of the state of the earth. But, there are several highly effective ways to neutralize their effects in your body. 

egd-thumbnail1: Detoxification though a Green-Centric Diet and Colon Cleansing: Leafy green vegetables are excellent chelators. Their highly alkaline charge enables them to collect these acidic heavy metals and escort them out of the body. The more green-centric your diet, the better chance you will have of eliminating any heavy metals you accumulate.  You can increase the amount of greens you consume very easily by drinking green vegetable juice and wheatgrass which pack a wallop of chelating power! Heavy metal ions will be encircled by and bound to the chelating agent (the green juice) and then transported through the body’s eliminative pathways.  What more could you ask for?!

The more accumulation of waste in your intestine, the more you will be holding heavy metal residue in your body.  The heavy metals nest in the waste matter, creating greater accumulation as new heavy metal exposure collects. One of the best things you can do to avoid this is simply to ensure you clean your colon regularly.  

For those aesthetically-motivated among you – did you know that the body stores heavy metal residue in the adipose (fatty) tissue so the more accumulation of these metals that can be removed in the gut, the more fat the body creates to store the heavy metals away from the vital organs.  When you chelate the heavy metals, your body can start to release and eliminate the stored up toxicity in the adipose tissue and, having no further use for the adipose tissue, it can and will release it! This is a main reasons that even thin women have cellulite. The body stores the dangerous toxins as far away from the internal organs as possible, thus creating homes for it in fatty deposits in the thighs, belly, arms, neck and chin. 

For those of you that desire a detailed detox plan, we have the Extremely Green Detox available for you to undertake any time, virtually, from anywhere in the world! For more information, click here. It is the ideal protocol for heavy metal chelation. 

2. Natural Chelation suppositories are another highly effective tool. The highest quality natural chelation suppositories have been proven to work four times longer in the body than IV Chelation. In has also been shown to be gentle on the liver and kidneys as opposed to IV chelation, which can be harmful. There is the added convenience of being empowered to self-administer and simply benefit from them while sleeping overnight. There is one brand of chelation suppositories that reign supreme.  They are only 20% of the cost of IV chelation therapy. However, they are hard to come by. For more information, please read this article and use the contact information at the bottom.

3. Organic Sulfur: Organic Sulfur is among the most popular tools for detoxing heavy metals. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Chordroitan and glucosamine are all sulfur-based amino acids is highly effective in rummaging through the blood seeking out and binding heavy metals in the blood. We used to  receive a great deal of organic sulfur from plant foods. But since the advent of commercial farming with nitrogen based fertilizers in the early part of the last century, the soil has been systematically stripped of sulfur. However, like most things, the majority of commercial sulfur-based amino acids are stripped of their sulfur content during processing. In addition, make sure your organic sulfur is procured via DMSO from living trees, not mineral sulfur which is toxic (and not other plants and soil that can be deficient in sulfur).


ADCT Promos 3Your partners on the detox journey,

Natalia & The NRI Team


For more education on heavy metals, their impact on the body, as well as prevention and treatment, join us for the Master Class, October 27-29.




Audio Interview with Macha: Getting Started on Detox 4 Women

Macha interviewed me today on the subject of beginning Detox 4 Women. I hope it proved helpful to all those beginners out there!


Audio Interview with Macha: Getting Started on Detox for Women

Content covered in audio:
* The role of transition in Detox4Women
* Why the approach in Detox4Women is essential right now
* Transitioning socially and emotionally, as well as physically
* Understanding yeast and what to do if you’re yeasted
* Modalities for release of waste
* Solve lifestyle issues: emotional, financial, etc.
* Logistics for lifestyle ease

Quotable Quotes in audio:
* “This is a self-propelling journey; what winds up happening is that you feel better with each principle that you apply.” – Natalia

* “We first change the ingredients and then we change the habits. When the consciousness begins to evolve, the habits will start to go away.” – Natalia


School Days

I dropped my two kids off for their first day of school last week. Tommy and Thandi are in the second and fourth grades, respectively. Parenting is a daunting enterprise and, as any seasoned parent can tell you, it only becomes more challenging as children get older. This is why I want to take some time to discuss the importance of organizing your life so that you do not fall into the same trap that so many parents do—using your kids and busy life as an excuse for not cultivating the most life-generating space possible for yourself.

Parents who aren’t fully committed to doing the work it takes to cleanse and maintain their bodies will often say, “I just don’t have the time” or “I really wish I could—if only I had a team of helpers like the celebrities do!” What separates someone like you, who wants to gain and implement higher knowledge no matter what the obstacles, from someone who can read about it, agree with it, and yet continue to do the very things that keep him/her heavy, lethargic, and stuck in cycles of deterioration?

Of course, there are those at the other extreme, who do nothing but focus on their youthful image and surface beauty as an end in and of itself. That is the old-energy breed of self-care, characterized by non-life-generating practices such as excessive exercising and plastic surgery. What I’m talking about is setting up your life so that vigorous, daily physical activity, high-vibration-quick-exit eating, mediation, colon cleansing, and the other elevating practices are seamlessly integrated into your day as priorities—not sidelined, as they so often are.

Ironically, when we put ourselves first by incorporating these life-generating activities into our daily routine, we become less self-centered, more openhearted and more generous. When we have more to give, what we give is of a much higher quality! By keeping our cells clean and our hearts and minds open and uncluttered, we can’t help but conduct love and light. This allows us to become better leaders in our families and far beyond—inspiring life-enhancing changes and awakenings among our friends, co-workers, and even strangers!

As long as we live in the modern world’s paradigm of untruth, we need to neutralize the disharmony in our environment by using all our life-generating practices and tools, while looking forward to a world that will one day be naturally harmonious and need far less neutralizing! Eventually, as our brothers and sisters become more aware and make the necessary changes in their life choices, our whole world will ring with joy. But until that time comes, we need to bring this song to life in our cells by using these daily measures.


When a parent makes life-generating practices a daily priority, the whole family reaps the rewards. By contrast, typically the mothers who say that they do not have the time for these practices—e.g., shopping for wholesome produce, bouncing for fifteen minutes on a rebounder (or enjoying any other chi-activating, lymph-cleansing activity), meditating, unwinding with a soak in the tub before consuming their evening meal, and so on—are the same ones who will stop for fast food or give their kids school cafeteria food and then spend hours on the phone or flipping through the tabloids! There is always time, energy, and yes, even money for the life-generating practices. But there are just as many life-deteriorating choices that offer instant gratification and temporary distraction that can mire the uncommitted individual in a purgatory of uninspired life experience.

The key is for parents to create a new blueprint for living—a new paradigm filled with the life-generating practices that serve the whole being. When the family leaders follow the socially conditioned blueprints of the modern lifestyle, they not only perpetuate the paradigm of untruth for the next generation, but they also seal the doom of their children’s physical, mental, and emotional imbalances! While parents would never willingly give their child Parkinson’s or other debilitating diseases, all too often they will feed their children packaged junk foods and sodas and place them in front of video games and the TV for hours on end—which will lead to the same result! The longer we avert our eyes from the truth, the longer we will walk around in the dark, banging into walls that we could avoid by switching on the light.

Here’s what parents need to know: diseases will manifest in the modern paradigm of “childcare.” That is a given. How the illness will manifest varies from child to child, but discerning health experts can usually predict the category of disease simply by knowing exactly what the child has been exposed to and how the body reacts to those onslaughts. Will the illness be an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s, endometriosis, lupus, lymphoma, cancer, or multiple sclerosis? Will it be a neurological imbalance that will make the child grow into a socially handicapped teen and adult on the autism spectrum, only to culminate in Bell’s palsy or Parkinson’s? (Don’t think for a second that those food and drug chemicals and flashing screens don’t affect the central nervous system—they do, and the more a child is exposed to them, the more quickly and the more acute the illness that surfaces will be.) Or will it manifest as inner distress that leads to substance abuse and/or eating disorders?

The physical manifestations of exposure to pollution and radiation through the consumption of food, drink, and medication are growing more monstrous all the time. Yesterday’s imbalances (with the exception of a few epidemics) affected the few. They have been supplanted by today’s much more vicious illnesses, which affect whole portions of the population. The diseases of tomorrow will be exponentially more disastrous, affecting so many more. If things don’t change soon, they could mutate humankind into beings we don’t even want to imagine—think Shaun of the Dead or 28 Days Later!

Today’s artificial, toxic way of life is making people more unpredictable and dangerous. Consider the fact that virtually all of the recent school shootings, from Columbine to Virginia Tech, have involved mood-altering drugs and antidepressants like Ritalin, Paxil, and Luvox. Yet, the number of children taking Ritalin nationally jumped from 500,000 in 1987 to more than 6 million by 2001! Of course, this makes for a very sad equation for our young people, who suffer the most when parents are asleep at the helm. All of this can be avoided with a generation of conscious parents.

Your children will not love you more because you buy them the Wii or keep a storehouse of candy at home. I’ll tell you, my kids love me plenty and they get NONE OF IT. In fact, they appreciate the way we live because they understand it. Yes, they go to school and learn their arithmetic, but at home they get an education in the things that will ensure the best life experience for them today and always. At home they learn what is life-generating, what is not, and most importantly, WHY. Lids love to know why! At home they learn the Universal Laws of Nature. And they enjoy it—they eat it up! They can discern between quality entertainment and common mind poison. At their tender ages, they know more than most adults do about the basic laws of life. This is what we need to be teaching the young if we want a beautiful, fruitful life experience for them and a healthy planet for them to live on.

It’s time to stop trying to assuage the guilt of being in an office all day or being otherwise distracted by giving them these artificial forms of food and entertainment. They will not love you more for it any more than you love yourself more when you overeat or drink too much! The child’s soul knows that you are providing them with harmful substances, but as their addictions to these things grow, their relationship with their “supplier” grows more complicated. Supplementing junk food and junk entertainment for the real stuff of life, love, and truth will never serve anyone’s highest good. But it will make you poorer – in your pocketbook, in your creativity, in your child’s priceless personality.
It’s never too late to transition the whole family toward a new paradigm of truth! I know there’s someone out there saying, “Well, Natalia, don’t you understand that some of these parents are single working moms and dads, that they might be financially challenged and juggling several jobs?” I once saw a bumper sticker on our handyman’s truck when I was a kid that read: “I’m so poor I can’t even pay attention!” I fully realize that many parents are facing financial challenges, but that does not mean they can relinquish responsibility for precious human life! Living in the “Life-light,” as I like to call it—that wave of Life Force Energy that floods the clean body and illuminates the consequently clear mind and heart—is not a luxury for the rich and idle. It is a necessity for a healthy life.

The more you live in the Life-light, the better your life experience is. It’s the only place from which you can make fruitful choices. To say that there are no resources for life-generating action, only for the rat race and the cheap, crass consumption of dead food and media, is the ultimate in impoverished thinking! You can be poor and live in a richer body, mind, and heart space than any king! I know a homeless man who collects cans to get money that he spends on organic produce at our local health food store. He is robust and glowing. The store manager responds to this man’s dignity and gives him a fresh vegetable juice and other goodies when he comes in. By contrast, the same store is full of well-heeled Upper-East-siders who are lethargic, pale, and fat, loading up on diet bars and organic white flour!

I fully appreciate the challenge of making time for those things that keep us in the Life-light. I am not living in a bubble. I live in the middle of Manhattan with two school-aged children and a household to maintain (it’s very important to keep your space clean and clear if you want a clean, clear body and life experience). I have more e-mails and phone calls and projects than I can ever keep up with; I often work late into the night after I’ve tucked everyone into bed. But I do not compromise on those things that keep my cells ringing with health, my heart open to love my family, and my mind uncluttered and peaceful.

Living each moment of each day surfing the great life-generating wave comes first, as it is the seed for the entire garden of my life. Sure, I fall off my surfboard now and then when I am less than vigilant than usual, but for the most part, practice has afforded me skill, and it will do the same for you! Besides, the falls are never in vain, for they remind me how important it is to remain vigilant and how undesirable the alternative is.

So how do you avoid falling off of the great life-generating wave that makes life so fruitful? By making the life-generating activities non-negotiable and fitting the rest of your life’s demands in and around them, depending on your personal wiring and your exposure to inharmonious substances. Some practices are simply sacred to my day, which I have discovered only after many falls off my surfboard. I have finally smartened up to the sacredness of these activities and made the decision to demand that my other daily activities work around them—NOT the other way around!

It’s not easy at all, and I’m sure I’ve unintentionally offended a lot of people in my community because it means that I must say no to many things that would otherwise compromise my resources. It means that I rarely volunteer for activities at my kids’ school or engage socially with the parents. I don’t, for example, go for coffee with the moms after dropping the kids off at school. Instead, I get on my bike and ride around Central Park or enjoy a run. I don’t make lunch dates, because that’s precious time for developing projects, meditating, or working on other aspects of my “garden.” Nor do I spend a lot of time texting, e-mailing, and chatting on the phone. Modern communication is a major time zap, and most of it is unnecessary and unsatisfying.

Communications can leach hours out of each day. I communicate as necessary (which still requires more of my time than I’d like), but not more. I indulge in the love and connection of my immediate family and my closest friends, but I engage very little with periphery acquaintances. In short, to create the life I want and to maintain the pleasures of a fruitful personal and professional life, I protect my world from those things that will dilute my power. I am not perfect at this—it’s a delicate balance, and there are no hard and fast rules that cannot be broken. It’s just a general setup that serves me well. Flexibility is a key ingredient! I love relating and engaging with others, but I am watchful that a little socializing doesn’t snowball into something that compromises my center. Besides, between business and school, there are already too many demands unrelated to my joy and my family’s joy that need tending to, so why create more of them?

Each of you has your own joy, your own dream, your own way of expressing yourself. Some of you love socializing over tea or veggie juice with the moms at drop-off, and you have enough time and domestic help to prevent this choice from forcing a compromise—you’ll still be able to get the best produce, keep your chi flow strong, and so on. Great, enjoy the social time! But if you spend two hours with the ladies, and then you have a house to clean and work that needs your attention, what have you accomplished in terms of a more life-generating body, mind, and heart that day? When it’s suddenly time to pick up your kids, you are weary and spent. That sets up all the dominos to fall. It may start with you eating the wrong things at the wrong times (like snacking on chips with your kids) and other life-deteriorating choices follow because you have knocked your biochemistry off-center.

So as your kids get back into their new routines as school, I encourage all of you parents out there—and this goes for non-parents, too—to enroll yourselves in the School of Life. Commit yourself to the following life-generating activities (which I further describe on my website and in all of my books):

• Vigorous physical activity (to get the chi flowing and clean the blood with the alkalinity of pure oxygen)
• Sunbathing or infrared sweating
• Colon cleansing like enemas or gravity colonics (frequency varies according to the individual)
• Guided meditation, or any other type of meditation that’s effective for you (please see my recommended meditation audios here and scroll down to CDs; or just focus on deep breathing until you fall into a recharging nap)
• Deep stretching and inversions (incline varies person to person)
• Daily raw vegetable juicing and of course consuming the most alkaline, water-rich plant food available to you as the focal point of your dietary intake

Your homework is to develop a new way of implementing as much of these life-generating practices as you can and to enjoy the fruits of this lifestyle in all areas of your life! Ah, school days!


A Few Housekeeping Notes

June was truly a magical month of inspiration–the culmination of which was the launch of my new e-book, The New Energy Body. It all started with a much needed 10-day juice fast to officially transition my body into summer. The amazing thing about fasting is that no matter how good you feel during a fast–how light, clean, and high on life, you will feel even better in the weeks that immediately follow the fast.

Why? The organs–having enjoyed a huge rest from digesting and processing food, and experienced deep elimination of old cellular wastes that had accumulated in their tissues since the last fast–are finally liberated to function again at full tilt. And the skin, well, it just glows! Whenever I want to have a 14-year-old’s complexion, all I need to do is fast for a few days! (Botox is a crude substitute!)

This tells us so much about how the body really functions and its true source of power and health–the natural renewal and unimpeded electromagnetism in our cells! In other words, our glow and perfect health come not from what goes into the body but from what comes out. All you have to do to confirm this for yourself is to undertake a juice fast with colonics or enemas for a few days. You will see that, although you have consumed no solid food, energy flows through the body and radiates in amazing quantities. At an age when common consensus would say I should be losing my glow, my skin tone, and my metabolic function, they are all their best–and yours can be too. And it’s free to boot! So sit back and watch nature give you the most beautiful makeover that money can’t buy as you are healed and transformed from within.

Just to clarify, however, I do not recommend other methods of fasting, such as the Master Cleanse, pure water fasting, or lots of fruit juice fasts, as these all have drawbacks. And fasting without thorough bowel elimination is a huge mistake that I hope you will avoid by arranging for a well-qualified gravity-method colon therapist to treat you every few days. If you are in New York City, I urge you to try to get Gil Jacobs, the master colon therapist himself! You can reach Gil at 212-254-5279.

Now, a few additional announcements:

1) A “must-attend” event for students of enlightenment: My two favorite enlightenment educators, Lee Harris and Story Waters, will be offering what promises to be a spectacularly enriching two-day seminar on September 8th and 9th. You can learn more about it here: limitlessness.com/ccs.cfm 

I am a huge fan of Lee and Story and recommend their work (particularly their mediation CDs) to everyone who is interested in this path. They are based outside of London, so it is a very special treat to have them here in New York City to speak to us. I will be in attendance both days for sure! I know the caliber of teachers on the circuit today–as I have been following this area of interest for many years, spanning many approaches and traditions–and find that they belong on a very short list of the most purely aligned with truth. I hope to see you there!

2) The Teachers Training workshop in July is officially fully booked. However, since there was such strong interest and a long waiting list, I will likely offer it again before the end of the year. So, if you are interested, please let me know and I will contact you when the next one is scheduled, or just watch for an announcement.

3) I am taking off the month of July and August to teach this course and spoil my kids with time and attention so I won’t be offering private consultations again until mid-September. Anyone interested should contact me in August, as I will start taking bookings for September then. In the meantime, all the information you need is in the books and this blog, and if you stick with it, paying careful attention to your level of transition and your eliminations, you will thrive.

I wish you all a blissful summer in a body where clean cells, fresh foods, and fresh living are the order of the day. May the green juice flow and your whole world glow!

Your friend in the radiant light,


Do You Have to Exercise?

One of the most popular questions among my readers and clients is “Do I have to exercise?” Let’s shine a new light on exercise, once and for all.

There are three key things the body needs to be doing constantly:

1. Taking in oxygen
2. Pushing out poisons (primarily through the bowel, skin, liver, and lymph)
3. Pumping fresh Life Force Energy (aka Chi or Prana)
When any of these three functions slow down, we slow down. When they stop, we stop.

Now, here’s where exercise enters the picture. If our goal is vibrant health and ideal weight and optimal vibrations, we must maximize the above three functions. Some common exercises like jogging, walking, yoga and swimming will help us achieve this, but only in the presence of lots of fresh air—not in an enclosed gym. Further, they will not benefit us significantly if we are not also eating pure, well-combined foods; removing the internal build-up of toxins lodged in our cells; or ensuring that Life Force Energy is flowing throughout our mental and emotional bodies as well.


We should not base exercise on calories or fat burned, which are the completely wrong measuring sticks. We should approach exercise as a way to help us achieve optimum oxygenation, remove waste, and increase the flow of Life Force Energy. (Of course, if you enjoy playing a particular sport or form of exercise, that’s also a good reason.)

In other words, physical exercise is NOT the end-all-be-all of this detox lifestyle. For example, you might enjoy a “gentleman’s workout” of a sauna, some deep breathing/mediation, and a short but oxygenating walk outdoors. Coupled with a cleansing diet of fresh, natural foods, this could keep you looking and feeling much younger, leaner, and stronger than if you were to spend hours a week on gym equipment or in a sculpting class. Exercising in a stale gym environment does very little to contribute to the functions that matter, particularly when paired with a typical gym-goers diet of dense, lifeless, mucus-forming, high-protein foods and shakes. So will you get off the bloody stair-master, already?!

You can count and burn calories till the ice cream truck comes around again, but you will make very little if any progress if your cells and tissues are still burdened with waste matter and if you’re inhabiting poorly ventilated spaces. The good news is that if you have been pounding away on the elliptical trainer with little change to your, um, “bottom line,” it’s not because you’ve failed to push yourself. Rather, your push failed you!

Now, here’s how to make your effort pay off. Instead of a regular exercise routine, what I would recommend is to look at your body on a daily basis and ask yourself the following sets of questions:

1. Is my breathing deep, connected and calm? Am I in my body today or swirling up in my head? What is the quality of the air my blood is receiving? Could I use a nature walk or some deep breathing to oxygenate my blood and bring serenity to my decisions, relationships, and work life?

2. How is my chi flowing today? Is it stagnant? What kind of movement does it require? A real shake-up? A rolling, rhythmic run? Some fluid movement like free dance? Also, why is my energy stagnant? Is it from lack of movement (too much desk work) or constipation? Have I been indoors for too long with poor ventilation? Do I need some fresh air?

3. How have my eliminations been? How does my lymphatic system feel—are the nodules around my armpits or neck tender? Do I feel in need of some extra nurturing? Am I dragging my feet, depleted of energy?

If the answer to any of these latter questions is “yes,” your elimination channels are overloaded, calling out for new concept “exercises” like deep sweating in a sauna, massage therapy, bowel cleansing, rest or meditation, and body brushing. Yes, you can go for a run or do some hardcore exercise if you feel your body is calling out for that, but consider rebalancing and renewing yourself in these other ways.

Going forward, you may find that with a good sauna, meditation routine, and walks around town to run your errands, you won’t need formal exercise for weeks at a time. But then a week or a month will come along when you may need to dance or jog or do yoga stretches every day because, for whatever reason, your body wants to pump even more chi, oxygen and sweat.

On the one hand, this explains why formal exercise is not always effective. On the other hand, it also explains why exercise is so useful—because physical exertion forces deep breathing, movement helps chi circulate, and sweating helps to eliminate waste and stimulates the other eliminative organs as you oxygenate and circulate the blood. Whatever exercise you like—be it yoga, weight training, boxing, or some other sport—take it outside into the fresh air, if possible. Or, at the very least, open all the windows in your apartment or gym so you are not just recycling stale air.


Make no mistake: I’m not saying, “Don’t exercise.” I’m simply offering a new perspective on exercise so that you may invest your time and energy wisely in activities that will make the greatest positive impact on your beauty, vitality and longevity.

Also, take a look around and see what combination of activities best suits your location. Don’t become robotic or too firmly fixed in your routines. Tune into your inner voice, listen to what your body is telling you. As you implement the basic principles of this detox lifestyle, you’ll get more out of, say, dancing around your house for ten minutes (windows open please) than getting up early or skipping an evening with loved ones to hit the gym.

If you’re ever near the water and have access to a sauna, enjoy a short run or a longer walk on the beach, or a swim in the fresh sea, and then hit the sauna followed by a cold shower. This will oxygenate the blood and cells, give you a great Chi boost from the activity of running, walking or swimming; as well as a great purifying sweat to stimulate the lymphatic system and supercharge waste through the extreme temperatures of the sauna and cold shower. In this way, you can experience maximum pleasure in very little time. This, my friends, is the goal. Stop forcing yourself to do exercises you hate, and do what makes you peaceful, clear, and joyful!

With the biggest love energy,