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Macha Interviews Futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share this wonderful interview between Macha and Barbara Marx Hubbard with you. Ms. Hubbard is a great inspiration and example of what a woman in her center with clear vision can bring to the world, even well into her 80s. She is a vital, limitless visionary who’s not slowing down anytime soon. We need more examples like her as we forge our trails. Thank you, Macha and Barbara!

Enjoy the MP3! Listen in here.


About Barbara: Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called “the voice for Conscious Evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch’s new book, The Mother of Invention. Buckminster Fuller has said, “There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard–who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society–is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced.” “A prolific author, visionary, social innovator, evolutionary thinker and educator, she is co-founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She has recently partnered with The Shift Network as a global ambassador for the conscious evolution movement (a shift from evolution by chance toward evolution by choice) and is co-producing a global multimedia event entitled “Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift” on December 22, 2012–a historic turning-point event awakening the social, spiritual, scientific, and technological potential of humanity. www.birth2012.com


The Art of Transfiguration

Thank you for your comments requesting more about my personal journey. It’s wonderful to know we are on the same wavelength. This is a highly conscious group, attuned both personally and collectively to a greater understanding of who we are—striving to fulfill our human potential—rather than shuffling along robotically into further states of mutation, sickness, depression, addiction, and disempowerment. In this spirit, I am more than happy to share my journey with you.

The way I have come to see this process in full scope is as a kind of transfiguration. Transfiguration means a complete change of one’s state of being. This is not just a change of form or external appearance, but of the entire being, inside and out: from the cellular level to the thought level, from our biochemical composition (our skeletal-muscular and cell-tissue-organ systems) to our subatomic wave frequencies. In fact, if it were legal for me to say so, as a non-medically trained healer, I might go so far as to say that transfiguration is the cure for all disease.

Transfiguring the host of a disease in one state of biochemistry/frequency to a whole other elevated state of biochemistry/frequency would result in sure dissolution of the disease. The symptoms (the expressions of disease) caused by the old state of being would dissipate just as surely as humidity dissipates in the desert. Conditions determine disease or wellness—physical, mental, and emotional. Change the conditions; change the manifestation. In other words, transfigure the host and you eradicate the viability of disease.

That is the secret to absolute healing. You can change your being and your life at every level when you know how to think about yourself and your reality. We will explore this more fully later on. In the meantime, just know it is a powerful tool of perception—arguably the most powerful agent of change we have. The art of transfiguration has been buried and lost to modern civilization. But if you are willing to do a bit of excavating, you can unearth it and wield its full magic!

Transfiguration is the elevation of the whole, integrated network of one’s being. One’s consciousness, emotions, physicality, mentality, subatomic wave frequency/vibration are wholly and extraordinarily elevated. This elevation is possible for anyone who desires it strongly enough, without exception. It is my aim to shed light on how to initiate and fulfill your own transfiguration—to give you the tools to the magic.

At first, the idea of transfiguration may sound a bit overwhelming to you, but I feel that we are all up for this. It’s time to stop sitting in the old energy that brings nothing but sadness, suffering, disease and pain. It’s time to take the leap.

Before I go on, I’d like to point out my own personal view of transfiguration. I do not see it as a linear leap forward. Humans today are in a degenerated state. As a species, we are in many ways worse off today than we were in a previous era. I feel we have mutated and become disfigured, and therefore are far from our natural state of being. Transfiguration is necessary to regenerate this lost purity, to return us to our natural state. Only then, once we’ve recovered this lost ground through transfiguration, will we be able to employ transfiguration to advance our evolution.

How do I know this? Because it is well documented that many an indigenous people enjoyed the kind of health, balance, vitality, intuition, shared knowledge, and strong, loving, interconnected communities that we can only dream about today. It was not until they were infected with the “civilized” world’s greed and hunger for power that these communities atrophied. Native Americans had a term for the Europeans’ contagious disease—Witeko, a form of cannibal psychosis, consuming human lives through greed, aggression, and cruelty. (For more on this subject, I recommend reading: Columbus and Other Cannibals by John D. Forbes.)

By studying indigenous peoples, it is clear that the great minds and creators from 10,000 years ago were collectively more evolved than we are today. Somewhere along the way, our trajectory of thought and behavior (outgrowths of our mental conditions and worldview) veered away from human progress in the true sense of the word.

At first, like any slightly off-kilter trajectory, the deviation was not so obvious. But the further afield the trajectory moved away from conditions that supported human and planetary evolution, the more degenerated the results. Like Hansel and Gretel, we have lost our way, and will need all our wits to find our way back home. Thankfully, there is a code we can use to realign our course. It’s called The Universal Laws of Life.

We can reverse the mutation and return to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. In this natural state of being, we will feel the depression and dissatisfaction melt away as waves of peace and joy surge up within us. The best we can hope for from the old trajectory is stimulation, simulated pleasure, and false security. Many of us have always sensed this cannot be right, that there is so much more to humanity and life. But it is not enough to sense it; we have to act on this feeling, to act upon it through transfiguration. We owe it to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to the world around us!

Someone recently pointed out to me that to the average person I sound really radical, but that in fact my perspective is really grounded and rational. It’s remarkable that we live in a world where sanity is seen as radical and insanity is accepted as sane. So I urge you to consider the facts of the modern world very carefully and decide which norms are in fact sane or insane.

This journey requires dedication, discipline, and, most of all, a deep desire to recover our humanity in its natural, healthy state. It requires the kind of vision, passion and hard work required to move mountains—only, in this case, the mountains we wish to move are entirely man-made! But once you move your first mountain, and then the next, you’ll gain strength and momentum. It’s the initial leaps that are the hardest, but they will bring profound shifts in perspective and inner balance that will make the steps that follow far easier—even enjoyable!

Transfiguration leads to ultimate freedom, power, health and wealth—the sort that you carry within you, that you can access through conscious choice, and that can never be taken from you against your will.

In fact, “will” is a key term here. You can will this process into being and multiply its fruits by the power of your will. Think of your will as your focused intent and the actions and thoughts that proceed from it. When your will lines up with the life-generating Universal Laws, you will be able to move mountains. You will be amazed at your own power! And you will feel such love, praise and gratitude that life is beautiful and that you are worthy of it, and that your thoughts and actions can be good and graceful and life-generating. You will look back on your previous incarnation as a sickly host to greed, strain, worry and fear, and you will see how far you’ve come. And then you will set your sights on the next elevation.

The art of transfiguration has always been there. You just had to learn how to work with it.

More to come…

In our beautiful unity,


Kung Fu Daily

With the release of the new Karate Kid, I suspect there is going to be a resurgence of interest in all things related to kung fu. I was nine years old when the original Karate Kid came out, and I got a life-size poster of Ralph Macchio for my bedroom wall. While I was a die-hard fan of the original version and soundtrack, and generally do not like remakes of films, I believe that this new version is going to strike a deeper chord with viewers than the original did.

In this version of Karate Kid, there is a depiction of ancient Taoist power in the monastery scene in the mountains. I go to my authority on Taoist chi practices, Kostos Danaos, author of Magus of Java and Nei Kung: The Secret Teachings of Warrior Sages (both of which I highly recommend for those of you who are interested), for the definition of kung fu. Danaos writes:

…the first term, kung, is written as a combination of the characters kung and li. Kung means “to build, to construct.” Li means “power or strength.” The second term, fu, is made up of the single character fu, which is a complex ideogram to interpret. Fu is derived from the character for man, with added widespread arms and an adult man’s hatpin through the character (in medieval China each adult male wore a hatpin through his hat and hair). The implication is of a mature, large, responsible adult man or father figure; the character is also used in other contexts to denote someone’s husband. In other worlds, the term kung fu actually means: “the construction and development of one’s energy over time, through daily effort, such that in the end one obtains mature power and the spiritual development of a Master.” Kung fu, in other words, is a path of continual discipline and training, of nonstop growth over your entire life. 

I feel this movie is going to strike right to the hearts of filmgoers because it arouses an ancient knowledge that has lay buried deep in the unconscious mind—knowledge about essential human power—chi, or life force energy. We are a culture that has taken active, living things and rendered them dead in exchange for materials that we think we want, that we think drive our world forward. But the attraction to kung fu betrays a far more magnetic attraction: our innate desire for life force energy.

We have grown lazy and calcified in our patterns, but in kung fu we are reminded of the beauty of physical, mental, and spiritual discipline—the ingredients for progressing cooperatively with life and the living power within us. This is what is deeply fulfilling for us, not the Ferris wheel of plasticity that we culturally subscribe to through the regular purchase and consumption of industrial foods, products, and blueprints for socially accepted living.

The power we are instinctually attracted to is living power, in all its fullness and abundance, in all its beauty and health-generating inspiration. But we cannot attain that kind of power through laziness and the herd mentality. Where does the herd’s uncultivated energy go? To the cattle driver, of course!

We can cultivate our power through the disciplines that shape it, or we can relinquish our power by stepping into line with the social norms that routinely destroy our greatest resources. The choice is ours.

Traditional Taoists are among the few remaining keepers of an ancient wisdom—a knowledge of energy so powerful that it can be lethal in immature hands. It tells us something about the power we carry within, and what happens when we relinquish rather than cultivate that power. With this power we can shape what indigenous peoples call “the dream,” “maya,” or “illusionary reality.” With this power we can also change the dream, as the remaining keepers of this ancient wisdom have long been urging us to do.

You, as a living being, are brimming with tremendous potential power. It is yours to cultivate and craft, to create and direct toward the life you want. By the same token, it is also yours to relinquish, whittle away, squander, or ignore.

Our culture has raised the last few generations to give their life force away—in exchange for a prepackaged life—in the form of packaged foods, relationships, careers, indulgences, entertainment systems, and so on. We now live in a world of devitalized adults and children who know nothing of their inner power, only of where to go for their next purchase.

Yet, even in our devitalized world, a young person will sometimes catch a glimpse of kung fu or feel a surge of chi. When that happens, what do we tell them? That it is the stuff of fantasies? Try telling that to the Shaolin monks, for whom telekinesis, the absorption of enormous amounts of momentum, displacement of matter, and electrogeneration are not supernatural events, but entirely natural and normal for a mature human being.

When our chi falls away from us like sand through our fingers, simply because we cannot see it with our modern-day eyes, so too do our forces of intuition, instinct, and connection—all those things that keep us alive and progressing.

As Danaos explains in his books, in order for there to be life, there must be a balance of yin and yang, the dance of the energies of life – the yin personified by the female (the inner negative pole, representing night, etc.) and yang personified by the male (the phallic positive pole, representing day, etc.). Within us we find the yin and yang energies running concurrently, parallel, side by side, propelling life in all its electromagnetic power. These energies can combine powerfully when we learn how to cultivate and harness their flow.

Eastern energy practices are a great place to begin appreciating the value of life force. Whenever you are vigilant of your inner power, where it resides and where it is going, and whenever you make the life choices that honor it, you are practicing kung fu, you are cultivating and maturing your physical and spiritual power. This is true wealth. Don’t let anyone take it from you!


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Manifest Destiny

As you might remember from grade-school American history, Manifest Destiny was the 19th-century U.S. claim that its settlers were divinely ordained to expand across the North American continent. This was the defense for the cold-blooded extermination of countless natives, whole communities that had been thriving on this land for at least tens of thousands of years.

Peace was never an option with the European settlers, who treated human life as cheap and disposable. Nothing short of complete possession and power over the land would satisfy the self-declared new owners. This was implicit in the “blessed” mission. Besides, once they secured ownership of the land, the settlers aimed to “civilize the redskins” and allow them to pay taxes.

A kind of poetic justice has come to pass. By a series of events, this land–once rich in minerals, metals, and fecundity for millions of years–is now comparatively lifeless. After just 250 years in the hands of “civilization,” the land has none of the lifeblood and resistance to disease it had when the settlers claimed it from the natives. With all of our science, higher learning, and so-called breeding, we’ve thoroughly leached the land of its vitality. Gold stars all around, my fellow Americans.

Mother Immunity

But contempt for this dark side of U.S. history is not the point. The point is much more fascinating. It is the story of “mother immunity” and what happens to her–and to all of us–when greed and egoism, in pursuit of fame and fortune, assume leadership and don the hat of public service.

Let’s start at the beginning. It all begins with topsoil and something called humus (not the kind you eat with pita). Humus is the precious substance that ensures nutritional balance in the soil. Humus is waste metabolized by soil–not the compost itself, but the compost that the soil has metabolized. Plentiful humus guarantees natural protection from disease. The absence of it guarantees disease, pests, and weeds.

Unadulterated, pre-colonial North American soil was as fertile and rich with humus as any that you could find anywhere. Plant life flourished in it and the animals that consumed those plants received protection from the soil as well. Nature was just doing what she does best–conferring her immunity on her creatures, just as a mother’s milk confers her immunity on her baby. This is all normal in an interdependent, mutually sustaining system of life.

But when lust for ownership and domination comes swaggering in, the system breaks down.

“The Father of Chemical Agriculture”

Let’s go to Germany in the early 1800s where we’ll find Justus von Leibig, a scientist who managed to convince farmers that humus was not actually the source of highly fertile soil. He presented a compelling theory to suggest that nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash (potassium carbonate) were the basis of soil fertility. Consequently, widely distributed propaganda convinced European and American farmers that nothing would grow without this German-mined blend.

During the First World War, U.S. farmers had to resort to finding the potash cocktail on their own shores. It turned out that the elements were abundant in the States, and they were mined so successfully as to become a profitable export.

Leibig’s theory spawned more chemicals that made him and his supporters rich while rapidly impoverishing the soil in Europe and North America. When Leibig finally realized his mistake and retracted his theory just a short ten years later, admitting that the organic extract, humus, was indeed the secret to soil fertility, it was too late. Companies were growing rich on these chemical fertilizers, and they were not about to relinquish their projected future profits.

Our Bodies

Given the importance of humus to soil and plant life, it should be no surprise that chemical farming practices result in devastating, irreversible effects on our bodies. Any good organic farmer will tell you that humus is the source of a plant’s disease resistance. Artificial fertilizers not only fail to restore immunity and fertility to plants and soil, but poison the whole food chain.

By charging recklessly ahead in the name of Manifest Destiny, we have decimated the soil, robbed ourselves of our greatest survival tool, and rendered the human body helpless. By eating food grown in chemically treated, nutritionally devoid soil with low immunity, we are not getting our share of balanced nutrition.

As a greedy superpower, we took over 3.79 million square miles of fertile soil and squandered it. Now the majority of the remaining farmland is home to fields of inedible GMO corn and soy, and filthy factory farms where animals are raised on GMO crops, antibiotics, and hormone injections. And the corporate-governmental Goliaths are working hand over fist to perpetuate the madness that keeps us eating what they feed us.

Now consider this analogy: vaccinations, antibiotics, and synthetic growth hormones are to human tissue and blood what chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers are to soil. We’ve raped the land, and now we inject poisons into our children’s bodies–denaturing them and causing mutations to their cellular structure and DNA–and call it disease prevention. Yes, companies are getting rich off of this, too.

Our Destiny

We manifested our destiny, no doubt. We are reaping in tears what we sowed in tears. Call it karma or cultural comeuppance, but it’s really just Nature doing her thing. Far from setting out to hurt anyone, she is simply sending the decomposers (pests, fungi, bacteria) to break down that which is not viable so she can self-clean. We are the ones who have created a non-viable cultural organism and living with the consequences: widespread cancer, disease, mental illness, and infertility.

Frank Kafka once said, “You may not destroy someone’s world unless you are prepared to offer a better one.” Sure enough, we’ll have to shimmy our way out of this deadly agricultural system through reeducation and a major reshuffling of our priorities. We need to focus on what works for the earth, water, air, plants, animals, and humans–not what works for satellite dishes, SUVs, Pop-Tarts, and countless other products and technologies that do not generate life.

Agricultural health is our health. We cannot separate the two. We need to think not only like scientists, but also like organic farmers to understand how our bodies interact with what we consume. The Renaissance man and woman who will survive and seed the future will have to come home to the basic facts of life: biology.

This land is your land, this land is my land–for better or for worse. We must understand the land before it’s too late, before we lose it forever.


The Biggest Lie

In his 1925 autobiography, Mein Kampf, Hitler coins the term “the big lie,” which refers to a form of propaganda that pivots on telling a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe anyone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” A “certain force of credibility” runs through this big lie so people will find it easy to accept. Of course, in accusing an entire people of this falsehood, he was employing the very technique that he was describing, and would continue to do so toward the most monstrous ends.

But don’t think for a moment that any of us are safe from the machinery of “the big lie” today. This enduring, insidious force is very much alive, woven into the very roots of our society.

In our times, governments and corporations still heavily employ “the big lie” psychology with enormous success, their minions none the wiser. In fact, just about all the foundational aspects of our culture can be traced back to one of their big lies: they have convinced us of what to consume, what to put on and in our bodies, what to expect of our health, and what to expect out of life. We accept this way of life because we believe it is correct and created for our highest good, or at least the best that we can expect, given humankind’s extensive shortcomings and iniquitous wiring (which we also accept).

The biggest lie is that it’s all okay—that while our culture may not be perfect, it is the best way of life imaginable thus far, and if we just keep following this trajectory, we’ll eventually make things even better. That is THE BIGGEST LIE!

One BIG TRUTH is that we are consuming our planet at warp speed and we are very close to the point (if we’re not already there) where we cannot save it. While everyone now agrees that change is necessary, few people seem to grasp just how dire the situation is, certainly not enough to reject the entrenched norms. No sane organism devastates the organism that feeds and supports it. Consider what cancer and autoimmune diseases are: cells that attack the healthy cells and tissue (or blood, bone, lymph) of the body.

Worse still, we have bought the diversion that merely recycling and buying more environmentally conscious products and vehicles will offset this devastation in a meaningful way. We should be as conscious as we can, yes, and obviously we should reduce, recycle, and reuse. Any awake, thinking person can figure that out!

Here’s what really has to happen: we must stop consuming products that are produced by large corporations and made from commonly raised animals and sea life. This is the only way to halt the deadly march of corporations who wreak destruction on us all while reaping the riches of the big lie! It is no exaggeration to say that they, along with everyone who purchases their products, are raping the planet, snuffing out life and deranging the biomass of the animals they raise. Clearly, this should not only be illegal, but there should be some global policy against it. There are laws, yes, but they don’t apply to those who can pay others to look the other way.

Here’s the thing: these factions can only keep up this nonsense so long as people keep buying what they are selling. Consumers need to stop buying their products and thereby put them out of business. It’s really that easy. Yes, jobs would be lost—many jobs—but the beauty of creative destruction is that something better will spring up in its place for these workers. Keeping people employed is not a good enough reason to perpetuate the carnal consumption of our precious resources. Convenience is not a good enough reason. Fear of change is not a good enough reason. Tell me one reason that is good enough—I surely cannot think of one! Yet I can think of countless reasons to support changing our way of life!

We have been brainwashed into wanting and craving and thinking we need all sorts of rubbish as we suffocate our bodies and spirits and kill off the life around us. In this way, we continually fatten these corporations, which couldn’t care less about the future of our planet—they care only about the here and now, plundering more resources for money and power. And we sit around and let them do it! Just as generations before us sat around and watched the genocide of indigenous cultures as colonialists wiped them out in the name of expansion, discovery, and exploration. Just as we sit around and wear pink ribbons and hold social functions to raise money for childhood diseases instead of seeing that our way of life is the cause of all those cancers, emotional imbalances, learning disabilities, and so on. We just nod along to the hypnotic cadence of the news reporters’ iambic pentameter as they dish up the gobbledygook.

I’m just sick of it. And frankly, I’m tired of being polite about it. What’s the point of being polite now? Polite to whom, and at whose expense? What about being polite to the life of our planet, the ecosystems, the animals being pushed out of their habitats, or to our own sick bodies and spirits? I am guilty of imposing some of these expected limitations on my own children, who are so beautifully instinctual; in a world restrained by social disciplines, I’m the first to admit what a slave I’ve been to their rules. I try to remind myself that my children need to know both the world’s ways and the alternative ways of living. I tell myself that this is how to arm them with the knowledge and experience necessary to become effective “bridgers.” I am trying to dance the dance that is required in this shadowy, transitional era.

But what do you say to a world that would rather eat cheap chicken grown at 400 times the normal rate and pumped with antibiotics and hormones than consider the alternatives? To a world that thinks nothing of wasting resources, killing off 200 species A DAY and the ecosystems in which they live in order to sustain the mass production of processed meats and substances? To a world that’s too busy Christmas shopping and worrying about health insurance but never connects the dots between these things? To a world that thinks a cancer vaccine can be created to cure cancer, or that diseases are simply a question of genetics? What you say to such a world is, WAKE UP!

I tell you, I’m just not into being polite anymore. In the dire game of survival on this planet, the sleeping masses stand in the way of life, like rogue bacteria. We are not islands. We are one organism intermingling on the same planet. We should do all we can to live cleanly as individuals, but we still have to reside among the combined emissions of the entire population and the biochemical makeup of the earth. We can fast on green juices and cleanse our internal organs to the best of our ability, but every cell of our being is still breathing in the compound substance of the entire organism.

If we want change, if we really want to keep life on this planet an option—good life, not deranged life—we have to stop consuming what we’ve been programmed to consume. We must stop destroying the fabric of our bodies and our world. We cannot carry on as if it doesn’t matter, not without dire consequences, which we’re already seeing. And as the planet becomes more and more irritated by the cancer of misguided human consumption on its delicate surface and tries to shake it off, just as the body tries to fight off illness, there will be symptoms! And symptoms on a planetary scale will surely cause mass devastation. With or without our help, the earth will have to fight to regain its balance.

Daniel Quinn writes in Ishmael: “Nonetheless, I tell you with complete confidence that something extraordinary is going to happen in the next two or three decades. The people of our culture are going to figure out how to live sustainably or they are not. And either way it’s certainly going to be extraordinary.” I agree. Either we are going to have a renaissance and give birth to a whole new way of life that we can only begin to conceive of now or we will perish. As he says, either way it will be an extraordinary sequence of events.

Many people believe the Earth was created for humankind, but the fact is, life was here long before the arrival of our species. And even then, the planet thrived for a long time more before civilization came along coating it with cement and poisonous by-products.

As I face the New Year, I am determined to help conceive and execute a new vision. I will never again ask myself, How can I fit in or be accepted in this social structure? I will ask, How can I transform it into something that is unanimously life-supporting? 

So the question becomes, What is the vision? and then How are we going to build it? We can start by determining what’s worth keeping—all the best of human expression, creativity, and understanding. And determine what isn’t—the clearly offensive and destructive practices of humankind. From there we can create a new lifestyle that reflects this vision, even if it means losing some so-called conveniences along the way, like having the exact type of food we want when we want it, or using cheap plastic to manufacture all manner of products and packaging, or having huge homes and driving multiple cars. But first, we must truly believe, deep down, that our well-being, our life-experience, and having reliably healthy bodies and balanced emotions are worth the change!

Who among us, if given the choice between living as a man (or woman) and living for the man, would choose the latter? Yet that’s what the vast majority of us do in our culture. Food is a natural resource that our planet can easily and abundantly provide, yet we have structured our food consumption in such a way that we spend our lives working (mostly in jobs we can barely stand, day after day, decade after decade) to put dead, processed food in our family’s mouths.

I remember I was in the fourth grade when I heard someone say that the troubles of the world and the devastation of the planet would be left for my generation to fix. I thought, Okay, that seems unfair, but at least my generation will be smart enough to do it—we’ll correct what all those silly adults have done! But here we are and things have only gotten exponentially worse. Now the same is being said of my children’s generation.

What happens to us when we get older? The same thing that happens to bright leaders who take positions in government: we get scared. We question our vision, the impulses that once inspired us to act, and kowtow to the norms because the authorities behind them sound so gosh-darned bossy and authoritative! Self-doubt and fear of being wrong, or worse, haunts our true expression! It’s the primal pain of growing up: as children, filled with energy and clarity, we act on creative impulses that naturally conflict with the adult world, and what happens? We get punished!

I confess, I perceive far more than I talk about publicly. There are things I’d like to say that I censor EVERY TIME I COMMUNICATE, unless I’m with a close, like-minded friend whom I can trust. I can’t do it to that degree anymore for the simple reason that I’ve come to understand that silence kills. The more I let my fear keep a lid on what I really think, the more I allow the devastation. It’s like watching a person get abused or just standing by as a thief steals an old lady’s purse!

One thoughtful reader commented that my voice in this blog sounds angry. I agree with the mystic Almine, who explains that anger is the desire to protect. As a living being, it is natural to feel anger when something threatens the health of your world, inside or out. Being a peaceful warrior does not mean being insipid. We can practice equanimity and still hear the inner alarm bell of anger warning that something worth protecting is being threatened. To ignore or repress this siren is folly. We must honor ALL our feelings (see my 11/6/08 blog on anger). The question to ask is:What does this anger show us that we couldn’t see before? 

Friends, we have to start seeing things as they are. We have to stop consuming what we are told to consume, seeing the world as we were taught to see it, accepting things just because they have some element of credibility without looking more closely.

Increased perception is power. We can change the world. We can eradicate the old blueprint that’s destroying everything good in our world and replace it with a much greater vision. We have to believe that this is possible. We have to believe that we are innovative enough to pioneer a new way of life. We don’t need to accept the expectations and limitations imposed upon us—that’s THE BIG LIE talking in order to satisfy the agenda of those who don’t care what happens after they are gone.

There is no easy way forward. We have to start forging the way, step by step:

Step #1: See that our way of life does not work for humans, or for any life forms at all.

Step #2: Recognize that the origins of our suffering come from our way of life.

Step #3: Realize that we do not need to abandon what is good in our world or return to living in caves. We must move forward, not back.

Step #4: Recognize that we are social beings in a culture that undervalues community.

Step #5: Create a new vision for society and innovate where necessary.

So many of us today are isolated; families are scattered; individuals are depressed and lonely. We must build more wholesome, unifying community experiences. Our current approaches to education and employment are colossal failures. These major building blocks of our way of life desperately require a complete redesign—an entirely new vision that is meant for humans, not for herd animals. When children are allowed to blossom more holistically, their natural talents and curiosities turn them into self-directed dynamos, brimming with enthusiasm for learning, leading to fulfilling expressions of their talents.

In this vision of the future, balanced, sovereign individuals will be rich with natural enthusiasm, integrity, and productivity. Clear, well-balanced people want to be creative and spend their time constructively. It’s a natural human desire to envision new things, craft, build, and innovate. Most people are at their happiest when they are engrossed in something creative.

I don’t have all the answers, and I am but one voice among many brothers and sisters in our human family, but I’m confident that, together, we can knit a beautiful new world that honors life in all its miraculous forms. I hope to offer more hopeful visions and practical steps as I play my part, and I hope you will do the same. But for now, I offer these sentiments as logs on the fire of life. I also plan to share my own experiences of culling the non-necessities in my own lifestyle as I undertake to be more conscientious than I’ve ever been before.

Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t like the way things are done or how they are affecting you and the world. Do you remember what happens in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy melts the witch? The monkey soldiers, who seemed so loyal to her before, break out in celebration upon her assassination! People are walking around defending a way of life that doesn’t work because they are so confused by it and what the alternatives might be. Just think how relieved everyone will be to see there’s a way out of their suffering!

It’s time for a renaissance. Let’s pull together and create something extraordinary, for we human beings are far more extraordinary than this culture we cling to!

For further inspiration, here is a poem by William Ernest Henley, titled “Invictus,” which is enjoying the spotlight, thanks to an inspiring new film by the same name—about South Africa winning the Rugby World Cup championship in 1995, and all that it meant to the nation’s blossoming rebirth. I feel that it applies well here. Apparently, Nelson Mandela turned to this poem for support throughout his twenty-seven-year imprisonment on Robben Island.


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

—William Ernest Henley


School Days

I dropped my two kids off for their first day of school last week. Tommy and Thandi are in the second and fourth grades, respectively. Parenting is a daunting enterprise and, as any seasoned parent can tell you, it only becomes more challenging as children get older. This is why I want to take some time to discuss the importance of organizing your life so that you do not fall into the same trap that so many parents do—using your kids and busy life as an excuse for not cultivating the most life-generating space possible for yourself.

Parents who aren’t fully committed to doing the work it takes to cleanse and maintain their bodies will often say, “I just don’t have the time” or “I really wish I could—if only I had a team of helpers like the celebrities do!” What separates someone like you, who wants to gain and implement higher knowledge no matter what the obstacles, from someone who can read about it, agree with it, and yet continue to do the very things that keep him/her heavy, lethargic, and stuck in cycles of deterioration?

Of course, there are those at the other extreme, who do nothing but focus on their youthful image and surface beauty as an end in and of itself. That is the old-energy breed of self-care, characterized by non-life-generating practices such as excessive exercising and plastic surgery. What I’m talking about is setting up your life so that vigorous, daily physical activity, high-vibration-quick-exit eating, mediation, colon cleansing, and the other elevating practices are seamlessly integrated into your day as priorities—not sidelined, as they so often are.

Ironically, when we put ourselves first by incorporating these life-generating activities into our daily routine, we become less self-centered, more openhearted and more generous. When we have more to give, what we give is of a much higher quality! By keeping our cells clean and our hearts and minds open and uncluttered, we can’t help but conduct love and light. This allows us to become better leaders in our families and far beyond—inspiring life-enhancing changes and awakenings among our friends, co-workers, and even strangers!

As long as we live in the modern world’s paradigm of untruth, we need to neutralize the disharmony in our environment by using all our life-generating practices and tools, while looking forward to a world that will one day be naturally harmonious and need far less neutralizing! Eventually, as our brothers and sisters become more aware and make the necessary changes in their life choices, our whole world will ring with joy. But until that time comes, we need to bring this song to life in our cells by using these daily measures.


When a parent makes life-generating practices a daily priority, the whole family reaps the rewards. By contrast, typically the mothers who say that they do not have the time for these practices—e.g., shopping for wholesome produce, bouncing for fifteen minutes on a rebounder (or enjoying any other chi-activating, lymph-cleansing activity), meditating, unwinding with a soak in the tub before consuming their evening meal, and so on—are the same ones who will stop for fast food or give their kids school cafeteria food and then spend hours on the phone or flipping through the tabloids! There is always time, energy, and yes, even money for the life-generating practices. But there are just as many life-deteriorating choices that offer instant gratification and temporary distraction that can mire the uncommitted individual in a purgatory of uninspired life experience.

The key is for parents to create a new blueprint for living—a new paradigm filled with the life-generating practices that serve the whole being. When the family leaders follow the socially conditioned blueprints of the modern lifestyle, they not only perpetuate the paradigm of untruth for the next generation, but they also seal the doom of their children’s physical, mental, and emotional imbalances! While parents would never willingly give their child Parkinson’s or other debilitating diseases, all too often they will feed their children packaged junk foods and sodas and place them in front of video games and the TV for hours on end—which will lead to the same result! The longer we avert our eyes from the truth, the longer we will walk around in the dark, banging into walls that we could avoid by switching on the light.

Here’s what parents need to know: diseases will manifest in the modern paradigm of “childcare.” That is a given. How the illness will manifest varies from child to child, but discerning health experts can usually predict the category of disease simply by knowing exactly what the child has been exposed to and how the body reacts to those onslaughts. Will the illness be an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s, endometriosis, lupus, lymphoma, cancer, or multiple sclerosis? Will it be a neurological imbalance that will make the child grow into a socially handicapped teen and adult on the autism spectrum, only to culminate in Bell’s palsy or Parkinson’s? (Don’t think for a second that those food and drug chemicals and flashing screens don’t affect the central nervous system—they do, and the more a child is exposed to them, the more quickly and the more acute the illness that surfaces will be.) Or will it manifest as inner distress that leads to substance abuse and/or eating disorders?

The physical manifestations of exposure to pollution and radiation through the consumption of food, drink, and medication are growing more monstrous all the time. Yesterday’s imbalances (with the exception of a few epidemics) affected the few. They have been supplanted by today’s much more vicious illnesses, which affect whole portions of the population. The diseases of tomorrow will be exponentially more disastrous, affecting so many more. If things don’t change soon, they could mutate humankind into beings we don’t even want to imagine—think Shaun of the Dead or 28 Days Later!

Today’s artificial, toxic way of life is making people more unpredictable and dangerous. Consider the fact that virtually all of the recent school shootings, from Columbine to Virginia Tech, have involved mood-altering drugs and antidepressants like Ritalin, Paxil, and Luvox. Yet, the number of children taking Ritalin nationally jumped from 500,000 in 1987 to more than 6 million by 2001! Of course, this makes for a very sad equation for our young people, who suffer the most when parents are asleep at the helm. All of this can be avoided with a generation of conscious parents.

Your children will not love you more because you buy them the Wii or keep a storehouse of candy at home. I’ll tell you, my kids love me plenty and they get NONE OF IT. In fact, they appreciate the way we live because they understand it. Yes, they go to school and learn their arithmetic, but at home they get an education in the things that will ensure the best life experience for them today and always. At home they learn what is life-generating, what is not, and most importantly, WHY. Lids love to know why! At home they learn the Universal Laws of Nature. And they enjoy it—they eat it up! They can discern between quality entertainment and common mind poison. At their tender ages, they know more than most adults do about the basic laws of life. This is what we need to be teaching the young if we want a beautiful, fruitful life experience for them and a healthy planet for them to live on.

It’s time to stop trying to assuage the guilt of being in an office all day or being otherwise distracted by giving them these artificial forms of food and entertainment. They will not love you more for it any more than you love yourself more when you overeat or drink too much! The child’s soul knows that you are providing them with harmful substances, but as their addictions to these things grow, their relationship with their “supplier” grows more complicated. Supplementing junk food and junk entertainment for the real stuff of life, love, and truth will never serve anyone’s highest good. But it will make you poorer – in your pocketbook, in your creativity, in your child’s priceless personality.
It’s never too late to transition the whole family toward a new paradigm of truth! I know there’s someone out there saying, “Well, Natalia, don’t you understand that some of these parents are single working moms and dads, that they might be financially challenged and juggling several jobs?” I once saw a bumper sticker on our handyman’s truck when I was a kid that read: “I’m so poor I can’t even pay attention!” I fully realize that many parents are facing financial challenges, but that does not mean they can relinquish responsibility for precious human life! Living in the “Life-light,” as I like to call it—that wave of Life Force Energy that floods the clean body and illuminates the consequently clear mind and heart—is not a luxury for the rich and idle. It is a necessity for a healthy life.

The more you live in the Life-light, the better your life experience is. It’s the only place from which you can make fruitful choices. To say that there are no resources for life-generating action, only for the rat race and the cheap, crass consumption of dead food and media, is the ultimate in impoverished thinking! You can be poor and live in a richer body, mind, and heart space than any king! I know a homeless man who collects cans to get money that he spends on organic produce at our local health food store. He is robust and glowing. The store manager responds to this man’s dignity and gives him a fresh vegetable juice and other goodies when he comes in. By contrast, the same store is full of well-heeled Upper-East-siders who are lethargic, pale, and fat, loading up on diet bars and organic white flour!

I fully appreciate the challenge of making time for those things that keep us in the Life-light. I am not living in a bubble. I live in the middle of Manhattan with two school-aged children and a household to maintain (it’s very important to keep your space clean and clear if you want a clean, clear body and life experience). I have more e-mails and phone calls and projects than I can ever keep up with; I often work late into the night after I’ve tucked everyone into bed. But I do not compromise on those things that keep my cells ringing with health, my heart open to love my family, and my mind uncluttered and peaceful.

Living each moment of each day surfing the great life-generating wave comes first, as it is the seed for the entire garden of my life. Sure, I fall off my surfboard now and then when I am less than vigilant than usual, but for the most part, practice has afforded me skill, and it will do the same for you! Besides, the falls are never in vain, for they remind me how important it is to remain vigilant and how undesirable the alternative is.

So how do you avoid falling off of the great life-generating wave that makes life so fruitful? By making the life-generating activities non-negotiable and fitting the rest of your life’s demands in and around them, depending on your personal wiring and your exposure to inharmonious substances. Some practices are simply sacred to my day, which I have discovered only after many falls off my surfboard. I have finally smartened up to the sacredness of these activities and made the decision to demand that my other daily activities work around them—NOT the other way around!

It’s not easy at all, and I’m sure I’ve unintentionally offended a lot of people in my community because it means that I must say no to many things that would otherwise compromise my resources. It means that I rarely volunteer for activities at my kids’ school or engage socially with the parents. I don’t, for example, go for coffee with the moms after dropping the kids off at school. Instead, I get on my bike and ride around Central Park or enjoy a run. I don’t make lunch dates, because that’s precious time for developing projects, meditating, or working on other aspects of my “garden.” Nor do I spend a lot of time texting, e-mailing, and chatting on the phone. Modern communication is a major time zap, and most of it is unnecessary and unsatisfying.

Communications can leach hours out of each day. I communicate as necessary (which still requires more of my time than I’d like), but not more. I indulge in the love and connection of my immediate family and my closest friends, but I engage very little with periphery acquaintances. In short, to create the life I want and to maintain the pleasures of a fruitful personal and professional life, I protect my world from those things that will dilute my power. I am not perfect at this—it’s a delicate balance, and there are no hard and fast rules that cannot be broken. It’s just a general setup that serves me well. Flexibility is a key ingredient! I love relating and engaging with others, but I am watchful that a little socializing doesn’t snowball into something that compromises my center. Besides, between business and school, there are already too many demands unrelated to my joy and my family’s joy that need tending to, so why create more of them?

Each of you has your own joy, your own dream, your own way of expressing yourself. Some of you love socializing over tea or veggie juice with the moms at drop-off, and you have enough time and domestic help to prevent this choice from forcing a compromise—you’ll still be able to get the best produce, keep your chi flow strong, and so on. Great, enjoy the social time! But if you spend two hours with the ladies, and then you have a house to clean and work that needs your attention, what have you accomplished in terms of a more life-generating body, mind, and heart that day? When it’s suddenly time to pick up your kids, you are weary and spent. That sets up all the dominos to fall. It may start with you eating the wrong things at the wrong times (like snacking on chips with your kids) and other life-deteriorating choices follow because you have knocked your biochemistry off-center.

So as your kids get back into their new routines as school, I encourage all of you parents out there—and this goes for non-parents, too—to enroll yourselves in the School of Life. Commit yourself to the following life-generating activities (which I further describe on my website and in all of my books):

• Vigorous physical activity (to get the chi flowing and clean the blood with the alkalinity of pure oxygen)
• Sunbathing or infrared sweating
• Colon cleansing like enemas or gravity colonics (frequency varies according to the individual)
• Guided meditation, or any other type of meditation that’s effective for you (please see my recommended meditation audios here and scroll down to CDs; or just focus on deep breathing until you fall into a recharging nap)
• Deep stretching and inversions (incline varies person to person)
• Daily raw vegetable juicing and of course consuming the most alkaline, water-rich plant food available to you as the focal point of your dietary intake

Your homework is to develop a new way of implementing as much of these life-generating practices as you can and to enjoy the fruits of this lifestyle in all areas of your life! Ah, school days!


Energy: The Simple Truth

Dear Energy-Seekers:

Energy is a hot topic in our culture, and for many it is the ultimate currency. Just as all the misleading dietary information is confusing people, so is all the erroneous information about energy. I think it’s high time to set the record straight about energy. Fortunately, like all great truths, it’s really very simple.

There is only one thing to know about energy. Energy is a current of electromagnetic force of dual polarity (-)/(+). In the physical body it is at its greatest potential when the body’s cells are clean and clear. You are ENERGIZED when you have open pathways (no mucoid matter in the bloodstream, lungs, or throat and no waste matter stuck in the intestines or intestinal walls) and when the energy can move freely between the cells and tissues. I like to imagine cells conducting energy by “kissing” each other with electricity. Energy can only reach the cells and conduct if there are no blockages.


Let’s be absolutely clear: You do not become energized by consuming calorie-dense substances. Instead, you become energized by removing blockages between cells and within pathways so that the electromagnetic current can travel like a lightening rod through the body. If you are feeling weak or lacking power for your workouts when you eat this way, it is ALWAYS due to one or more of the following three reasons:

1) You have awakened matter that your bowel cannot release on its own. Therefore, your center is blocked and the awakened poisons have been released into your bloodstream, making you feel ill and tired. You need either bowel cleansing or a less than perfect meal to give your bowel a break from the transition to clean foods—one or the other, but preferably the former.

2) You are so addicted to the stimulation of cooked proteins, whey or soy protein workout products, coffee, refined sugar, flour, soda, etc. that your body is not coping with the change. The problem is that you’re having withdrawal symptoms—not that the clean diet is failing to deliver energy. You probably need to transition more slowly. People are often deceived into thinking they need meat when, after a week of a meat-free diet, they go out and eat a steak and suddenly feel “energized.” This is a FALSE FIRE!

The wave of false fire is not real energy. It is just the stimulation of the acidic animal protein that an addicted body responds to. Additionally, when the animal is killed, the “fight or flight” hormone—adrenaline—surges through the bloodstream of the frightened animal. That adrenaline is in the meat when consumed, and is often confused with a feeing of energy—again, FALSE FIRE! Acidic, dense substances—whether animal flesh, dense nut/seed bars, protein bars, or yogurt and granola—can never give you real energy, only stimulation. To an unclean body addicted to the stimulation, continuing to consume such substances feels good and familiar. Stopping too suddenly leads to withdrawal symptoms and a feeling of weakness. Hence, people often associate a clean diet with feeling weak. This is why making a gradual TRANSITION away from the old foods, rather than going cold turkey, is so crucial. It will help you avoid many pitfalls!

3) You are mentally programmed to believe that only consuming calorie-dense substances can sufficiently energize you for a workout. The fact is, eating muesli, granola, a power bar, or a shake before a workout can actually physically drain energy from you. But mental programming is a powerful thing; for years you’ve been absorbing the erroneous propaganda that you need these substances for energy. So now it’s a case of mind over matter: work to reverse your thinking and align with the greater truth.

Most of all, keep an eye on the big picture of cleansing. A clear body is an energized body. Arnold Ehret said it nearly a hundred years ago in his equation: Vitality = Power – Obstruction. “Power” may not have been the clearest word choice. “Electromagnetic Conductivity” is more accurate. So, with all due respect to Ehret, I’ll take the liberty of rephrasing his equation: Vitality = Electromagnetic Conductivity – Obstruction.

Every time you’re feeling a little less energized than you want to feel, revisit these three points. Ask yourself how clear your pathways are and how well your cells are conducting the electromagnetic power. Even when you’re blocked, this energy is always lying dormant within you, ready to be unleashed. Do all you can to remove any blockages, and then watch your body come alive with the blissful vibration of life force conducting through you!

Then do the happy dance!

Here’s to your energy-kissing cells,



What I Really Want To Do Is Direct…

Are you the kind of person who just lets life happens to you, or are you the kind who directs what happens in your life? Do you have the best of intentions but ultimately wind up going wherever the tide carries you, or do you stand tall at the helm of your life, overcoming the shifting tides, and take the necessary steps to achieve your dreams?

All of you are here because you understand that health and harmony are keys to true happiness, but many of you who are still addicted to old ways (such as the holiday parties and feasts, the M&M’s on your coworker’s desk, or the last-minute business trip) can wind up throwing your best intentions right out the window, and—whoops, there you go again!—only to beat yourself up and try anew the next day. You all want to fulfill your potential, but to do so you must set up the CAUSES that create that EFFECT. You must begin by accepting your power to direct your life!

Every single one of us has the power to change our circumstances according to the law of cause and effect. The mistake that most people make when trying to change their diet is to focus on controlling just the intake of food. But what we choose to eat is just an outgrowth of a much bigger world view rooted in our consciousness. Therefore if our world view and level of consciousness remains the same, dietary changes can only be temporary at best. So, what must occur is a full-scale world view consciousness-raising which will make dietary changes—along with other forms of meaningful change—natural and easy.

For example, if we know ourselves to be natural beings, made up of animated Life Force Energy and consciousness, we would never think of consuming the crude meals that pass for “normal” in society. If, on the other hand, we are unconscious of are true nature and believe that we were designed to eat everything from farmed chickens to Doritos and donuts, we will mindlessly eat those foods, for they will be right at our level of consciousness. We must accept that eating “normal” foods has rendered modern mankind unconscious.

Right now, I’m coming off the tail end of a 16-day juice fast and experiencing the waves of intense bliss flowing through my body every moment, along with deep, powerful, spiritual dreams at night and awakening to blissful surges in the morning. There is no doubt in my mind that the cleaner our cells become, the more we will tap into the truth of who and what we are, and realize our great, natural ability to conduct Life Force Energy.

I’m not suggesting anyone must undertake a long fast to do this, but I am suggesting strongly that our choices will inevitably be misguided if we are so blocked by our lifestyle habits that we don’t even know who we are as humans. From that blocked, clogged consciousness, we are completely unfit to make life-generating choices. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse the body, shed the old ideas of what’s okay to eat, and give the detox lifestyle a chance. As we become clear, we become able to direct our lives for our highest good. I urge you to take a leap of faith to elevate your world view and invest in the idea that humans are capable of far more than is commonly believed. Explore this possibility and see how your body and consciousness respond…

FIRST, FULLY ACCEPT THAT YOU CHOOSE EVERYTHING AROUND YOU. Starting today, you will no longer let yourself be carried by the random events that pop up around you and spread your power thin—but rather, you will concentrate your thought-power and make deliberate, clear choices that are united with your highest vision for yourself. You will consciously set up the CAUSES and likewise take responsibility for their EFFECTS.

The generation before us was conditioned to think that the state or the medical industry was responsible for the outcome of their lives. They foolishly invested their faith in these institutions. Today, we are seeing that this faith was misplaced. The medical and pharmaceutical establishments turned out to be corrupt, and our parents are falling victim to the bizarre ailments that are so prevalent in older people today. Further, so many of our peers have struggled to reproduce, while so many of our children have been dealt bizarre but now common childhood illnesses.

These are the effects of causes that come from going where ever the tide takes us. But no one wants to be flung about like a fly in the wind or a piece of flotsam in the great wide ocean. So why don’t we all direct our own lives with deliberate, clear leadership? Two reasons: (1) we think it’s too much effort and fear taking responsibility for our choices; and (2) we weren’t raised to be aware of the option of self-direction.

Every moment that we consciously direct our choices, we experience more outcomes of our own making. And then, my friends, we really start creating, which is what we were all born to do. You might say, “Well, things can come up that are completely unexpected. How can you direct that?” You may not know what is going to come your way at first, but YOU CAN DIRECT HOW YOU RESPOND TO EVERYTHING THAT COMES YOUR WAY.

As the director of my life, I find I write the best scripts when I have the whole motion picture in mind rather than separate little scenes. Here are some tips for creating a great premise to help you get started. First, think of all the things that make life grand: a happy, peaceful state of mind, a healthy clean body, a natural joy that inspires playfulness and creativity, people whom you love and trust and enjoy spending time with, and anything else you can think of. Now, here’s how you start setting up the causes.

1) Start with a space of Love within your body and home. You can only expect good things to flow into your life if you start by creating a space of love. Think of it as a seed that you nourish and grow by focusing on it, until you can hold the vibration of love in your being for longer and longer periods—dedicating time every day to generating and refreshing it. Eventually, you will be able to hold the Love vibration in your body until you are filled with it nearly all the time. When Love flows through your body, you release unhealthy competitiveness, fear, aggression and resentment. In other words, you release the destructive energies that come with drama fed by emotional imbalance. Soon, you can direct all of your attention to the feeling of Love, which will yield the most pleasant effects. Consider this in light of the biblical insight, “By their fruits ye shall know them”; and “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit.”

A wonderful thing happens once you start to embody the charge of Love on a regular basis: you create a personal space that takes on the vibration of Love, and suddenly everyone who enters your space can feel it. Your room, apartment, home, farm, or wherever else you have nurtured it, becomes a place of healing for anyone who enters it or lives there. If you have a family, you will set the tone for them just by quietly feeling and emitting the charge of Love. Your children and other family members will quietly feel and enjoy. They will sleep better, speak more kindly, have more inspired ideas—all because you were able to create this space of Love first within yourself, setting up the cause for this glorious effect!

2) Direct your relationship world. Once you tune into harmony and the energy of Love, you will be able to create much more consciously the relationships in your life. You will be able to see more clearly why dramas break out, and how to eliminate them from your life. In the muddiness of common perception, we let random personalities into our lives for various reasons—for instance, because they belong to our country club, or are in the same business, or their children are classmates with ours, etc. But when you start directing your relationship experience, you start to weed through those associations you’ve accumulated and determine which ones you really want to cultivate.

You will also be much more apt to choose new relationships that improve the quality of your “film.” With your more gentle and compassionate heart, it will pain you to speak unkindly to others. You will be more sensitized to words and feelings as living energy and find old, untoward ways of speaking and reacting just don’t sit well with you anymore. It will be impossible for you to support relationships that are not life-generating or engage in useless dramas any longer. You will be free from the manipulation of others. The more people awaken to this, the more we can start relating in mutually supportive ways.

3) Direct what you put into your body. Now you see clearly that common foods and drinks are utterly incompatible with your understanding of humanity and the human body. This makes it much easier to avoid those cookies that appear in the office that you once found irresistible. In fact, following a Quick-Exit/vegetable-centric diet seems so obvious and easy to you with this new vision. You ask yourself how you could ever have questioned whether humans could live without cooked animal protein, milk, yogurt and dense foods; or how you could have believed that products made of soy and seitan and all that cooked grain were essential to a healthy vegetarian diet. Now, your idea of vegetarian is VEGETABLES, with bits of transition foods when you need them. Wow, so much has changed, and yet it’s so easy because when you are unblocked and living with the Life Force pulsating through you, it feels so right. Now that you have a better idea of what a human is, it will strike you as more and more bizarre that people ever accepted these man-made concoctions as food to begin with.

So you see, instead of resolving to stick to a new diet, which always has the same disappointing result, we have instead elevated our world view/consciousness and thus achieved a total dietary makeover. And well beyond even that, we have achieved a new, beautiful life experience that keeps on generating more joy, inspiration, and Love—the effects of the causes we have set up keep unfolding with great abundance!

So, this New Year’s Eve, forget the petty resolutions. Take a big, bold move. You can start right now and raise your vision up from the common belief that we are just here to reproduce, work all day, eat dead food, glimpse happiness a few times if we’re lucky, and then deteriorate. That is a lie. There is a great source of Life Force Energy and it can be enjoyed by all. You tap into it by tuning into the vibration of Love and clearing your body of the old waste that blocks it from flowing abundantly through you. This energy brings eternal life to everything it touches. It can heal your organs, your emotional pain, your sagging skin, and revive a tired mind with inspiration and deep joy. Don’t let old beliefs and dietary habits direct your vision for yourself for another moment. Set up your space of Love, let it flow around you and heal everything it touches, and watch how your beautiful motion picture unfolds!

In the Glorious Life Light,


Celebrate Your Powers of Free Will This Independence Day

But if we are to be told by a foreign Power…what we shall do, and what we shall not do, we have Independence yet to seek, and have contended hitherto for very little. 

—George Washington, from a letter to Alexander Hamilton, May 8, 1796

Isn’t Independence Day wonderful? It’s a celebration not only of our freedom from monarchal rule, but also of our free will. Free will is the most precious of our inalienable rights and, despite all the finger-pointing from other countries (and from ourselves), we are free to pursue our own path to happiness in this country.

Here’s the caveat: free will is absolutely useless if you don’t know what your options are. How are you supposed to pursue happiness if you don’t know what happiness even is? How can you cultivate a healthy, radiant body if you don’t know what “healthy” even means? You will not find many good examples in the media or among your peers.

Independence is the opposite of following the herd or letting others dictate your actions. For example, if you are addicted to substances that keep you reaching for the coffee, drugs, flour, sugar, and other unfit food items, you are as independent as a marionette. Independence requires snipping away the puppet strings of addiction and fruitless social expectations so that you can exercise free will. Free will requires access to yourwhole self.

If years ago I hadn’t decided to ignore all the voices of conformity and reach for full independence based on the highest good that I knew at each turn, I would have rapidly degenerated into a sick, heavy, depressed mother of two most unfortunate kids! Instead, I’ve launched myself up the spiral of cleansing and rejuvenation, taking me well beyond my former limitations—and I invite you to join me.

To help you on your own journey of independence, my colleague and good friend, Gil Jacobs (contact Organic Avenue at 212-334-4593 for information about his future lectures) and I put our heads together to bring to light the most advanced knowledge available on health and human evolution. We’ve outlined for you 14 basic premises that will answer most of your questions when considered within the Major Underlying Context stated below. Remember, each premise must be taken as part of the whole to remain pure. Take time to consider each one to confirm in your soul whether its truth resonates within you. If you feel resistance, that’s okay. I’ve laid out these premises for those of you who are ready for them.


You are one with the Great Power of Creation (God), but you have followed a plan that has blocked your access to this power. This power is manifested in the mind (God Kingdom) as well as in the body (Temple), which conducts the electromagnetic manifestation of the Life Force current (God Power). No matter what your history is, this power is well within your reach if you remove the blockages to it. Recovering the Life Force current in the body enables you to restore power to the kingdom of God within you. This requires overcoming corrupt old orthodoxies and habits, which will sometimes be enjoyable and at other times greatly daunting. Prepare for both experiences. To regenerate yourself and tap your full power, you must adopt some unorthodox methods. Fear not! This is a matter of stepping out of the imprisoning darkness into the liberating light of advanced knowledge.

PREMISE #1: The cause of all illness is waste matter sticking to and poisoning human tissue. The correction of all illness is the removal of this waste matter. The correct approach to this removal, what we call transitioning, is the key to success.

PREMISE #2: Illness and waste come from the consistent intake of unfit foods and substances, which is everything other than raw fruits and vegetables and their juices.

PREMISE #3: We can make the biggest strides toward healing (returning the body—and from there, the world—to its natural clean state of peace and happiness) through deep tissue cleansing. The poisoning of the human body is the cause of anger, violence, crime, war, and other discordant emotional experiences. When stuck in a polluted body, we are compelled to seek satisfaction outside of ourselves—for example, in power, ownership, money, sex, etc. Cleansing awakens us from the madness of conformity and moves us toward peace, love and acceptance. Polluting the Earth (landfills, deforestation, and the general over-consumption and waste of vital resources) is a direct analogy to the human body. To heal the world, we must begin by healing ourselves.

PREMISE #4: The purpose of tissue cleansing through transition diet and elimination is not merely to perfect our diets, live longer, stay out of doctors’ offices, or look beautiful. Rather, it is finally to bring an end to the emotional, psychological, and spiritual suffering that we have inflicted on ourselves and others for far too long.

PREMISE #5: Corruption of the body through the consumption of unfit substances is carried through our lineage in the physical blueprint of the DNA. Each generation of the human family is born more compromised and prone to physical and mental illness than the preceding one. Hence, our children are getting sicker and heavier. Birth defects, emotional/mental imbalances, and cancers are on the rise. The only cure for childhood illness is to clean up the corruption of our DNA through deep tissue cleansing.

PREMISE #6: Allopathic medicine observes only what the population exhibits. If people are asymptomatic (i.e., not complaining of a particular symptom), they are considered “healthy”—despite latent illness proliferating in their bodies. Most of our culture is asymptomatic by conventional standards, but in reality very few people today are healthy. Research is never done on clean-celled individuals. Even the odd study on vegetarians or vegans does not count; as we have seen, merely omitting animal products from the diet does not ensure health. Drugs are tested and deemed “safe” if they do not appear lethal to an organ or individual over the test period, while their long-term use leads to organ damage and birth defects. Rather than treating illness at its source (the waste matter in the tissues), mainstream medicine merely represses symptoms. This perversion of the concept of healthcare is unacceptable.

PREMISE #7: If your body is significantly corrupted with modern ailments, allopathic medicine will work for you insofar as it will make you more comfortable for the time being. If you are dependent on modern medicine, you cannot expect alternative healing modalities (acupuncture, chiropractics, faith healing, etc.) to offer real solutions. Antibiotics, for example, are necessary for the average polluted body suffering from bronchitis. A body must undergo deep tissue cleansing over a sufficient period of time to be free of its illnesses and dependence on allopathic medicines. It will generally take more than just a few weeks or months of cleansing to remove the depth of poisoning and free the body from this false health paradigm. Most alternative healing methods (such as Chinese and Aruyvedic) are rooted in subtle ancient traditions to heal subtle illnesses—and are not designed for the dramatic modern illnesses that are so common today.

PREMISE #8: Vitamins, minerals and “super-foods” are a waste and a distraction. Indications of malnutrition in blood, hair or urine analysis occurs when food is sticking like glue to the tissues, creating noxious gasses that eat up the minerals and vitamins. Vitamin-pushers work off the premise that imbalances can be corrected by replacing substances that the body is lacking—essentially reducing health to what we put into the body. This backward thinking makes naturopathic healing no better than allopathic medicine, treating the symptom instead of the cause. There is only one cause of nutrient deficiencies in our culture today: the clogging of the body from permeated waste. Where and the extent to which it accumulates determines the nature of the imbalance. When we understand that health is having a clean-celled body that will naturally regenerate itself, we will stop asking “Where do I get my protein, XYZ vitamin, trace minerals, etc.?” An alkalinized, cleansed body never has to worry about the minutiae of nutrients.

PREMISE #9: The great silent addiction is to mainstream foods that are unfit for human consumption. You know you’re an addict when you function better with your poison than without it. Coffee addicts function best when they drink coffee; coke addicts function best when they snort; the average American functions best on a heavy diet of poisonous food. Don’t mistake fake energy for Life Force Energy.

PREMISE #10: Detoxification is a visible physical process, not an ethereal concept. It only occurs when you see the waste matter leave the body. Any “cleansing” product only provides the potential to cleanse. Cleansing does not occur until copious amounts of matter leave the body. Some of these products contain irritants, as found in laxatives (senna, cascara segrada, etc.), which only shake loose some matter and make you think you have cleansed but push matter deeper into the tissues. Others are “awakeners,” which is quite different. The awakeners simply draw up the waste by resting the body from digestion (as in the case of fasting and cleansing diets) or absorb waste (as in the case of psyllium, which absorbs ten times its weight in waste, and bentonite, which is earth/clay that absorbs acid waste). To experience true detoxification, we must awake and release! Bowel cleansing is not only advisable, but imperative.

PREMISE #11: Clinging to a dietary label such as “raw” or “vegan” or “macro” with religious fervor is not healthy. The need to label is a need to define or feel superior—evidence that cleansing is not taking place. Tissue cleansing helps dissolve the ego. Be wary of events organized around so-called health-generating dogma (such as support groups for raw or vegan dieters) or gimmicky foods (such as events for chocolate-lovers). Support groups are for those who are grieving or suffering, not for those who are transitioning and cleansing their cells.

PREMISE #12: Colonic irrigation must be done correctly and in tandem with a cleansing transition diet for it to be of use. One of these elements without the other is largely ineffective. Colonic irrigation that uses pressure rather than natural gravity can push the waste back up the intestines, making matters worse.

PREMISE #13: A transition diet should match your body’s degree of poisoning, not your zeal to cleanse. Just as you learned to crawl before you learned to walk, you must climb up the health ladder at the speed and intensity appropriate for your body. Look for progress, not perfection.

PREMISE # 14: Not everyone is ready to live as we do. We must never be egotistical, dogmatic, judgmental, pushy or superior. Let us take care to respect all views as we move forward. Let us guide ourselves and those who are truly interested. This cleansing work is not for everyone. Not everyone cares or wants to change. It’s okay to be one of few. This is for the few who will, in time, become the many.

This Independence Day, when you look around at all the flags flying and burgers flipping (do I need to point out the irony?), remember what this holiday is really about. Remember what freedom is really about. And when you see all the bright-eyed American kids at you parties, consider that they are watching and learning from you. Will you teach them to follow the herd? Or will you reach for the next rung on the evolutionary spiral of human life and show them that there’s more to freedom than social status and material gain?

Happy Fourth! May you celebrate the highest good of human independence with fireworks in your heart!