What I Really Want To Do Is Direct…

Are you the kind of person who just lets life happens to you, or are you the kind who directs what happens in your life? Do you have the best of intentions but ultimately wind up going wherever the tide carries you, or do you stand tall at the helm of your life, overcoming the shifting tides, and take the necessary steps to achieve your dreams?

All of you are here because you understand that health and harmony are keys to true happiness, but many of you who are still addicted to old ways (such as the holiday parties and feasts, the M&M’s on your coworker’s desk, or the last-minute business trip) can wind up throwing your best intentions right out the window, and—whoops, there you go again!—only to beat yourself up and try anew the next day. You all want to fulfill your potential, but to do so you must set up the CAUSES that create that EFFECT. You must begin by accepting your power to direct your life!

Every single one of us has the power to change our circumstances according to the law of cause and effect. The mistake that most people make when trying to change their diet is to focus on controlling just the intake of food. But what we choose to eat is just an outgrowth of a much bigger world view rooted in our consciousness. Therefore if our world view and level of consciousness remains the same, dietary changes can only be temporary at best. So, what must occur is a full-scale world view consciousness-raising which will make dietary changes—along with other forms of meaningful change—natural and easy.

For example, if we know ourselves to be natural beings, made up of animated Life Force Energy and consciousness, we would never think of consuming the crude meals that pass for “normal” in society. If, on the other hand, we are unconscious of are true nature and believe that we were designed to eat everything from farmed chickens to Doritos and donuts, we will mindlessly eat those foods, for they will be right at our level of consciousness. We must accept that eating “normal” foods has rendered modern mankind unconscious.

Right now, I’m coming off the tail end of a 16-day juice fast and experiencing the waves of intense bliss flowing through my body every moment, along with deep, powerful, spiritual dreams at night and awakening to blissful surges in the morning. There is no doubt in my mind that the cleaner our cells become, the more we will tap into the truth of who and what we are, and realize our great, natural ability to conduct Life Force Energy.

I’m not suggesting anyone must undertake a long fast to do this, but I am suggesting strongly that our choices will inevitably be misguided if we are so blocked by our lifestyle habits that we don’t even know who we are as humans. From that blocked, clogged consciousness, we are completely unfit to make life-generating choices. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse the body, shed the old ideas of what’s okay to eat, and give the detox lifestyle a chance. As we become clear, we become able to direct our lives for our highest good. I urge you to take a leap of faith to elevate your world view and invest in the idea that humans are capable of far more than is commonly believed. Explore this possibility and see how your body and consciousness respond…

FIRST, FULLY ACCEPT THAT YOU CHOOSE EVERYTHING AROUND YOU. Starting today, you will no longer let yourself be carried by the random events that pop up around you and spread your power thin—but rather, you will concentrate your thought-power and make deliberate, clear choices that are united with your highest vision for yourself. You will consciously set up the CAUSES and likewise take responsibility for their EFFECTS.

The generation before us was conditioned to think that the state or the medical industry was responsible for the outcome of their lives. They foolishly invested their faith in these institutions. Today, we are seeing that this faith was misplaced. The medical and pharmaceutical establishments turned out to be corrupt, and our parents are falling victim to the bizarre ailments that are so prevalent in older people today. Further, so many of our peers have struggled to reproduce, while so many of our children have been dealt bizarre but now common childhood illnesses.

These are the effects of causes that come from going where ever the tide takes us. But no one wants to be flung about like a fly in the wind or a piece of flotsam in the great wide ocean. So why don’t we all direct our own lives with deliberate, clear leadership? Two reasons: (1) we think it’s too much effort and fear taking responsibility for our choices; and (2) we weren’t raised to be aware of the option of self-direction.

Every moment that we consciously direct our choices, we experience more outcomes of our own making. And then, my friends, we really start creating, which is what we were all born to do. You might say, “Well, things can come up that are completely unexpected. How can you direct that?” You may not know what is going to come your way at first, but YOU CAN DIRECT HOW YOU RESPOND TO EVERYTHING THAT COMES YOUR WAY.

As the director of my life, I find I write the best scripts when I have the whole motion picture in mind rather than separate little scenes. Here are some tips for creating a great premise to help you get started. First, think of all the things that make life grand: a happy, peaceful state of mind, a healthy clean body, a natural joy that inspires playfulness and creativity, people whom you love and trust and enjoy spending time with, and anything else you can think of. Now, here’s how you start setting up the causes.

1) Start with a space of Love within your body and home. You can only expect good things to flow into your life if you start by creating a space of love. Think of it as a seed that you nourish and grow by focusing on it, until you can hold the vibration of love in your being for longer and longer periods—dedicating time every day to generating and refreshing it. Eventually, you will be able to hold the Love vibration in your body until you are filled with it nearly all the time. When Love flows through your body, you release unhealthy competitiveness, fear, aggression and resentment. In other words, you release the destructive energies that come with drama fed by emotional imbalance. Soon, you can direct all of your attention to the feeling of Love, which will yield the most pleasant effects. Consider this in light of the biblical insight, “By their fruits ye shall know them”; and “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit.”

A wonderful thing happens once you start to embody the charge of Love on a regular basis: you create a personal space that takes on the vibration of Love, and suddenly everyone who enters your space can feel it. Your room, apartment, home, farm, or wherever else you have nurtured it, becomes a place of healing for anyone who enters it or lives there. If you have a family, you will set the tone for them just by quietly feeling and emitting the charge of Love. Your children and other family members will quietly feel and enjoy. They will sleep better, speak more kindly, have more inspired ideas—all because you were able to create this space of Love first within yourself, setting up the cause for this glorious effect!

2) Direct your relationship world. Once you tune into harmony and the energy of Love, you will be able to create much more consciously the relationships in your life. You will be able to see more clearly why dramas break out, and how to eliminate them from your life. In the muddiness of common perception, we let random personalities into our lives for various reasons—for instance, because they belong to our country club, or are in the same business, or their children are classmates with ours, etc. But when you start directing your relationship experience, you start to weed through those associations you’ve accumulated and determine which ones you really want to cultivate.

You will also be much more apt to choose new relationships that improve the quality of your “film.” With your more gentle and compassionate heart, it will pain you to speak unkindly to others. You will be more sensitized to words and feelings as living energy and find old, untoward ways of speaking and reacting just don’t sit well with you anymore. It will be impossible for you to support relationships that are not life-generating or engage in useless dramas any longer. You will be free from the manipulation of others. The more people awaken to this, the more we can start relating in mutually supportive ways.

3) Direct what you put into your body. Now you see clearly that common foods and drinks are utterly incompatible with your understanding of humanity and the human body. This makes it much easier to avoid those cookies that appear in the office that you once found irresistible. In fact, following a Quick-Exit/vegetable-centric diet seems so obvious and easy to you with this new vision. You ask yourself how you could ever have questioned whether humans could live without cooked animal protein, milk, yogurt and dense foods; or how you could have believed that products made of soy and seitan and all that cooked grain were essential to a healthy vegetarian diet. Now, your idea of vegetarian is VEGETABLES, with bits of transition foods when you need them. Wow, so much has changed, and yet it’s so easy because when you are unblocked and living with the Life Force pulsating through you, it feels so right. Now that you have a better idea of what a human is, it will strike you as more and more bizarre that people ever accepted these man-made concoctions as food to begin with.

So you see, instead of resolving to stick to a new diet, which always has the same disappointing result, we have instead elevated our world view/consciousness and thus achieved a total dietary makeover. And well beyond even that, we have achieved a new, beautiful life experience that keeps on generating more joy, inspiration, and Love—the effects of the causes we have set up keep unfolding with great abundance!

So, this New Year’s Eve, forget the petty resolutions. Take a big, bold move. You can start right now and raise your vision up from the common belief that we are just here to reproduce, work all day, eat dead food, glimpse happiness a few times if we’re lucky, and then deteriorate. That is a lie. There is a great source of Life Force Energy and it can be enjoyed by all. You tap into it by tuning into the vibration of Love and clearing your body of the old waste that blocks it from flowing abundantly through you. This energy brings eternal life to everything it touches. It can heal your organs, your emotional pain, your sagging skin, and revive a tired mind with inspiration and deep joy. Don’t let old beliefs and dietary habits direct your vision for yourself for another moment. Set up your space of Love, let it flow around you and heal everything it touches, and watch how your beautiful motion picture unfolds!

In the Glorious Life Light,

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