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More on Transfiguration

I know many of you are hungry for more insights on transfiguration. Before I begin this next installment on the subject, I would like to invite you to take a moment to still your minds from the mental chatter and to soften the old common belief systems. Open as much as you can to the idea that humanity was born out of a powerful union with the Source of all life – like a son or daughter carrying all the attributes and qualities of the parents’ DNA. Consider that we’ve been on a long journey away from that truth, and consider the effects that this distance may have had on us. Once you feel you have grasped the wonder of that perspective and open mental state, I invite you to read on…

There is light all around us and inside every atom of our being – such exquisite, pulsating, living light that is the very essence of health, beauty, and joy. Even though this world of light is rarely seen or understood, and largely untapped, it’s very much still there, living with us. It’s as bright and undiminished as ever. We just don’t incorporate it in our human realm because it is not a part of our cultural paradigm.

Why not? Where did it go? Somewhere along the line we cut ourselves off from the great Source, possibly when we traded indigenous life for so-called civilized life. Along the trajectory away from the Source, we developed new paradigms that blocked us off so much that, with the exception of a very small group of spiritual warriors, this connection is buried in our unconscious minds.

Modern civilization cut off every strand of possible interconnectivity with the Source. Moving away from the Source has exponentially reduced the light and power we could receive from it, thereby darkening our perception, limiting our abilities, and weakening our physical and mental faculties in general.

Uniting with our Source Energy, I believe, is our ideal state of being. Not only does it ensure we move with the interconnected network of life so essential to our joy, well-being, and progress as a species, but it also ensures we are made up of all the qualities of that Source – that we are made in its image. Humanity, I believe, was designed to be a microcosmic manifestation of the macrocosmic Source. In that ideal state, we have everything we could ever conceivably want or need. In that state we share Cosmic Intelligence (much as our individual computers tap into the global Internet), enriching us with all its energy as it flows through us. If this sounds implausible, that’s because we have been cut off from it for far too long!

Over the course of separating from the living light, our whole world has mutated to reflect our crippled consciousness. You can imagine it this way: If you get less and less oxygen, your body will start to degenerate and you will look and act like a dying person. Our world is looking and acting like a dying world. Human life has also become denatured, reflecting our denatured consciousness and environment. To put it in Western theological terms, we could call this our “fall from glory,” and we could understand “original sin” as our separation from the living-light Source.

Consciousness diminished has led to dangerous belief systems, which has led to dangerous choices. This is how a trajectory that veers even a few degrees off course can become perilously difficult to retrieve, like trying to lasso a bird in a tornado. Physically, over time, this has translated into reduced abilities, lack of mental clarity, dysfunctional choices, atrophied physiology, deteriorated blood chemistry, reduced organ power, and loss of essential life-generating connection. Socially, it has translated into corruption, motivated by greed and power, which seek to serve the self, not unity. We are like fruits cut from the vine.

Or, to put it another way, like fish out of water we can only wriggle in desperation for so long before perishing. Instead of thrashing around blindly and perishing, I suggest turning back to the Source. The moment we enter unity-consciousness, we reconnect with the living network of life force energy and rapidly transfigure ourselves on every level. We transfigure our beings into the living-light matrix and prepare for the next evolutionary leap. We were not intended to stagnate or degrade but to keep evolving, synergistically developing all our abilities, sensitivities, strengths, and dreams.

The most fundamental Cosmic Law is that Nature must be free to flow and express itself. Anything that opposes Nature is doomed. It is our nature to be one with the Source Energy. Transfiguration is not about escaping the physical world, as many new-age texts suggest. Rather, it is about recognizing that the physical and the spiritual realms are one, that we are physical-spiritual beings. All matter is alive with energy and spirit, something to be honored and integrated into our whole experince. Our physical bodies are fluid living light.

We have explored how obstruction in the body is the cause of all physiological disease. Illnesses and their symptoms are indications of a profoundly misguided trajectory of thought and behavior. We find that all pain and dissonance can be traced back to the obstruction of natural flow and expression. In modern society, we have gone even further than obstructing Nature; we have utterly cut ourselves off from it.

When we block off our connection to the macrocosmic Source, we, its microcosmic offspring, becomes blocked in every conceivable way. So, we go about developing societies and institutions from that dangerous persepective. We develop substances that block our cells that we call nourishment. We produce TV shows, movies, music, books and magazines that reflect our obstructed mindset and call that entertainment. We cram kids with decontextualized facts and call that education. We spend our days consuming products that harm us and then work endless hours to pay off the debts they cost and call that life.

Every single pathway of our prodigiously complex human system reflects the obstruction. It must, because that’s the Cosmic Law of twin macro- and microcosmic expression. And so the walls above have created walls below; walls without have created walls within. Now we are all walled up, with little comprehension of our pain and anger. We do not comprehend our illnesses, our infertility, our depression, our rage, our addictions, or our longings. Walled up as we are, it’s nearly impossible to see that it is the walls themselves that are the problem. The walls must come down, be dissolved. We must see that they are the origin of our suffering.

Before I educated myself and began to practice the art of transfiguration, I experienced all the pain common to our way of life, including severe childhood trauma, the loss of a parent at a young age, all manner of abuse, heart break, addiction, envy, greed, confusion, fear, self-loathing, body hatred, and countless other programs and conditionings. I was the poster child of the modern world, and every bit as miserable, suicidal, disempowered, and insecure.

There came a point in my life, in my early 20s, when I’d had enough. I knew there had to be another way to live. I set my full focus on it because I knew my life depended on it. I want to share my journey with you because I believe I am just like everyone else. There’s nothing special about me that is not special about you. I have no unique powers that you don’t have. The only thing that is different between someone who dissolves the walls and someone who doesn’t is the degree of focused intent. You have to want it badly enough to stick with it through the massive learning curve, to keep your eyes fixed on the light even when it’s barely visible. Let the law of obstruction be your guiding light, and it will gradually dissolve away the walls of your life.

To practice the art of transfiguration:
1) realize that change is needed;
2) understand that the worldview we were raised to adopt is the cause of our suffering;
3) understand that we are children of the Source, and to journey back to it, we must plug ourselves into its network of energy with every choice we make.
4) apply a paradigm of thought and behavior that is fully sympathetic with the network of energy (aka unity consciousness and the actions that flow from it);
5) promote molecular and energetic revisions to the whole being until transfigured into an integrated body of living-light energy.

The two most popular transfiguration legends are (a) the alchemical change from lead to gold and (b) the transfiguration of the resurrected Christ. Transfiguration can occur in large and small ways, and within all kinds of living substances, bodies, and beings.

Transfiguration is the final result of a three-tiered alchemical process, by which one form is elevated to another: 1 – Transformation; 2 – Transmutation; 3 – Transfiguration.

Though the three terms sound similar, they are different. Transformation indicates the changing of the physical form. It has to do with the lower material forms and the lower natures. Transmutation has to do with an inner change – a change of the substances within, the properties that a being is made of. Transfiguration is the energetic changing of form associated with changing material formation.

The leap is there for us to take, whenever we are ready to reconnect with life. I will write more when I feel better able to illuminate the journey to the Source. In the meantime, I recommend spending time considering what it means to be plugged into the network of living energy. Who are you when you do this? What do you do? What don’t you do? How do your thought patterns change? What does unity consciousness afford you? What fears does it dissolve? How does it heal relationships? How does it ground you and make you more at peace in your body?

Try to release yourself from your belief system for just 5 or 10 minutes each day and envision yourself as a child of the Source, with all its shining qualities, united with the network of living energy. Try it on for just a few minutes, if that’s all you have time for, and see if it doesn’t inspire you to come back for more!

All Love,


Shiver and Shake!

Shiver and say the words
Of every lie you’ve heard
First I’m gonna make it
Then I’m gonna break it
Till it falls apart
Hating all the faking
And shaking while I’m breaking
Your brittle heart 

—Echo & The Bunnymen, from “Bring on the Dancing Horses”

Sometimes I don’t even know where to start. How do you remove the blinders from 10,000 years of programming from people’s eyes? If people are rattled by the idea that milk and meat are killers, not healers, and resist the fact that virtually all behavior common to our world has a destructive effect upon the human body and the planet, how will they ever come to see the deeper problem—the heartless juggernaut that drives a civilization possessed by madness?

The lies of our world are so deep. If we remain blind to them, there’s no way forward. Everywhere we look, there is tremendous suffering—on both a human and a planetary level—and yet the most that people seem to hope for are patchwork solutions for their lives of quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) desperation.

It seems that people today don’t expect much of a life at all: perhaps some relief for their depression, a few pounds lost, the suppression of a few symptoms. Otherwise, they ignore the fact that our culture is largely antithetical to life—human or otherwise—and merely soldier on.

This indicates a very deep programming. I don’t know many people who have truly seen through it. It takes a lot of effort, a deep and abiding desire to live, to see through all the rubbish we’ve been raised to accept without question.

I can’t think of anything more important than shattering the façade of our destructive world. I have such a desire to live—truly live—that I have devoted my life to discovering what’s on the other side, and my greatest ambition is to help you do the same.

It’s probably the ugliest boomerang effect in the history of humankind: a civilization is erected and expanded on the backs of slaves, and with utter disregard to the devastation of living communities the world over—only to come full circle to meet its end by the other side of its own sword.

Our civilization has bullied to death beautiful, vibrant people, cultures, and lands and replaced them with inanimate things. And even now, as it’s all breaking down into pain and chaos beneath the weight of so many missteps, our civilization ignores the truth. Rather than look in the mirror, it clings to glossy images of health and prosperity—all facades, all illusions. The truth is far too ugly to look at. So ugly, in fact, that when we really see it, the mirror will shatter!

My friend asked me yesterday, “So where do you think it’s all going?” This is how I explained it:

We have to observe how life operates. If an organism is cut off from its vital sources—fellow organisms and their shared, interconnected environment—its spirit begins to depart, eventually leaving the shell of the organism for dead. This occurs on a microbial level: the lack of sustaining elements causes the decomposer microbes to break down the organism. The more the good microbes are supplanted with the decomposers, the more this cycle of natural decay accelerates. All living organisms on this planet are thus losing their life force.
Vitality is also leaving the soil, rendering it infertile, unable to conduct the quality of life force into our produce that humans require. This does not mean you should go out and buy a bunch of dietary supplements! It means you change your worldview!

Basically, the planet is dying and the viability of human life is decreasing. This reveals itself multi-generationally: adults today are suffering from low vitality, as our parents and grandparents have, due to industrial living, pollution, smoking, medicines, and mainstream diets of processed foods. The younger generations will have it even worse. The babies to come will suffer even more dramatically degenerated (literally, de-gene-erated) fates. Each new generation is further devitalized, less able to fend off the repeated assaults of modern life on the body. In our civilization, we are not even managing to maintain the status quo; we are passing along ever more de-generation to our offspring.

The days of being able to live in relative physical balance are behind us. Symptoms will increase and the body is going to become a much more difficult place to be. While you may find such statements upsetting and negative, I hasten to remind you that our bodies have been sending out plenty of alarm bells of their own. Ignoring our bodies and repeatedly cutting off communication, generation after generation, has driven society far off course. Pointing out that a train is barreling our way is not being negative. It gives us the chance to jump off the tracks before it flattens us entirely.

Let me repeat, adults today are revealing signs of further degeneration to the human species than generations past. Not only are adults finding it far more difficult to reproduce, but their children are more prone to physical handicaps and mental and emotional imbalances. This will become even more visible and acute in the offspring of the next decade.

The “health authorities” and the media focus so much on obesity and diet, but to little effect. We need to pull out much further and see that it is an entire worldview that is in error, that the obesity problem is just one symptom of a whole life-threatening system.

I went to a fundraiser for autism recently. Normally, I would never attend something like this because it’s mostly a bunch of celebrities and bankers taking on a cause and raising money to give to researchers, which is often useless. It’s just like those breast cancer run-walks and ribbons, which ignore the true causes of cancer (see my 3/2/09 blog, Cancer: A Mystery?) and perpetuate the shortsighted work of laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. The kids are the ones who end up paying, while their parents remain in the dark. But I must confess, I attended this event because it was an intimate concert with Bruce Springsteen. Okay, enough said.

Again, if this discussion strikes you as overly negative or threatening, I remind you that it’s never negative to identify a problem in the interest of fixing it. That’s actually a positive thing. This is a time for being proactive, not inactive, apathetic, or delusional—those are the truly negative postures. Simply repeating the mantra of “love and light” will not help.

As long as we’re on the subject, we must recognize that spirituality and materiality fuse together to create the human experience. It seems like people are trying to escape the here and now either by focusing on a better world in the afterlife or by repressing the truth in the name of “love and light.” We can experience neither love nor light until we’ve stripped away the lies of our civilization. Let’s stop pretending to be happy. We will never experience wellness or happiness until we’ve fundamentally changed our worldview. On the other side of the coin are those attempting to escape their pain by going deeper into materiality and carnality.

We need to recognize that humans are spiritual and material. To pursue one at the expense of the other is a death trap. Yet, today more than ever, people are puzzled by the body-spirit union. All life is spirit-infused matter; and matter, as I’ve explained in Raw Food Life Force Energy, is actually light. Therein we have the oneness we seek—so let’s come home to our wholeness, and honor that instead of ripping ourselves apart by choosing sides.

We are what we do, think, and see. We are vessels of our worldview. If we continue to treat the world—and therefore ourselves—as a machine of separate, replaceable parts, nothing will change. Of that we can be sure. We must work to see through our culture of death and reclaim our natural vitality, which predates civilization as we know it, and still exists outside its limits.

In my family, we have two Bengal cats. Of course, they would be more at home in the wild, but their lives are circumscribed by the layout of our apartment. Now, imagine how much their lives would expand and open up if they knew the forest! People of our civilization are likewise limited in their knowledge of life.

Countless beautiful communities once lived in startling and enviable contrast to how we typically live today, but we destroyed most of them in our westward expansion. If you’d like to read more about this, I highly recommend reading all of the works of Derrick Jensen, starting with The Culture of Make Believe and A Language Older Than Words. As long as we fail to understand the alternatives to our current way of life, we’ll be left with a kind of “Sofie’s Choice”—between death and death.

Our bodies and spirits will continue to suffer and degenerate until we wake up and see what’s really going on. Obesity is only one small symptom of a world gone mad. Slavery is another (if you think slavery is a thing of the past, readDisposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy by Kevin Bales). Child prostitution is another. The decimation of forests is yet another. The list goes on and on and on. As all of these symptoms play out on an ever larger and larger scale, who stands to win?

There is no question that the big engines of our culture are antithetical to life. The good that has survived in our culture—the love, inspiration, creativity, vitality, harmony, and beauty—exist not despite it, not because of it.

The living world is hurtling toward irreversible destruction, and we humans are asleep at the wheel. If you think that you’re somehow above it all, you’ve got a lot of waking up to do. If you think that you’ll be saved by certain social or financial privileges, or by the powers of positive thinking, I repeat, wakey wakey! If you’ve been averting your eyes, it may be the time to have a good face-to-face with your values. Believe me, I was raised on all the wrong values, too, and it took me a lot of re-education and contemplation to change them.

In Detox 4 Women, I explain how the environment has become exponentially more acidifying to the body. Radiation, GMO food, stress, low-vitality air and water, and limited exposure to sunlight in our indoor lifestyles have prevented alkalinity from conducting through the body while these acidifying elements have been pouring in. This has created a full-on devastation to the viability of the organism. Our civilization has wreaked the same kind of devastation on the planet. It extinguishes living organisms and replaces them with shrines to dead things. So the body and the planet are in a state of acidity and low vitality that may be unrecoverable. We have to face that possibility.

If we want to bring vitality back to the planet and to our bodies, we have to give it a reason to stay. For spirit and matter to unite, we have to create viable conditions.

It’s not easy to face all the lies of our world, but it’s much harder to sustain life in the presence of them. We are in the unfortunate—but, I dare say, deserved—position of having to pull ourselves up out of the muck of 10,000 years of greed and abuse of power. Our bodies are not as strong as they should be; the air and water are not the vital resources they should be. At this late stage, we have to call upon the stores of vitality in our hearts and give life a reason to come back to us.

We do this by engaging every part of ourselves: by educating ourselves so our logical minds can see the way; by cleaning our cells and maintaining them so our bodies can recognize true vitality for what it is; by envisioning both what’s wrong and how to fix it, so that we can unite our thoughts and actions in a common, life-affirming mission.

Yours in love and peace after the illusions are shattered,


What I Really Want To Do Is Direct…

Are you the kind of person who just lets life happens to you, or are you the kind who directs what happens in your life? Do you have the best of intentions but ultimately wind up going wherever the tide carries you, or do you stand tall at the helm of your life, overcoming the shifting tides, and take the necessary steps to achieve your dreams?

All of you are here because you understand that health and harmony are keys to true happiness, but many of you who are still addicted to old ways (such as the holiday parties and feasts, the M&M’s on your coworker’s desk, or the last-minute business trip) can wind up throwing your best intentions right out the window, and—whoops, there you go again!—only to beat yourself up and try anew the next day. You all want to fulfill your potential, but to do so you must set up the CAUSES that create that EFFECT. You must begin by accepting your power to direct your life!

Every single one of us has the power to change our circumstances according to the law of cause and effect. The mistake that most people make when trying to change their diet is to focus on controlling just the intake of food. But what we choose to eat is just an outgrowth of a much bigger world view rooted in our consciousness. Therefore if our world view and level of consciousness remains the same, dietary changes can only be temporary at best. So, what must occur is a full-scale world view consciousness-raising which will make dietary changes—along with other forms of meaningful change—natural and easy.

For example, if we know ourselves to be natural beings, made up of animated Life Force Energy and consciousness, we would never think of consuming the crude meals that pass for “normal” in society. If, on the other hand, we are unconscious of are true nature and believe that we were designed to eat everything from farmed chickens to Doritos and donuts, we will mindlessly eat those foods, for they will be right at our level of consciousness. We must accept that eating “normal” foods has rendered modern mankind unconscious.

Right now, I’m coming off the tail end of a 16-day juice fast and experiencing the waves of intense bliss flowing through my body every moment, along with deep, powerful, spiritual dreams at night and awakening to blissful surges in the morning. There is no doubt in my mind that the cleaner our cells become, the more we will tap into the truth of who and what we are, and realize our great, natural ability to conduct Life Force Energy.

I’m not suggesting anyone must undertake a long fast to do this, but I am suggesting strongly that our choices will inevitably be misguided if we are so blocked by our lifestyle habits that we don’t even know who we are as humans. From that blocked, clogged consciousness, we are completely unfit to make life-generating choices. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse the body, shed the old ideas of what’s okay to eat, and give the detox lifestyle a chance. As we become clear, we become able to direct our lives for our highest good. I urge you to take a leap of faith to elevate your world view and invest in the idea that humans are capable of far more than is commonly believed. Explore this possibility and see how your body and consciousness respond…

FIRST, FULLY ACCEPT THAT YOU CHOOSE EVERYTHING AROUND YOU. Starting today, you will no longer let yourself be carried by the random events that pop up around you and spread your power thin—but rather, you will concentrate your thought-power and make deliberate, clear choices that are united with your highest vision for yourself. You will consciously set up the CAUSES and likewise take responsibility for their EFFECTS.

The generation before us was conditioned to think that the state or the medical industry was responsible for the outcome of their lives. They foolishly invested their faith in these institutions. Today, we are seeing that this faith was misplaced. The medical and pharmaceutical establishments turned out to be corrupt, and our parents are falling victim to the bizarre ailments that are so prevalent in older people today. Further, so many of our peers have struggled to reproduce, while so many of our children have been dealt bizarre but now common childhood illnesses.

These are the effects of causes that come from going where ever the tide takes us. But no one wants to be flung about like a fly in the wind or a piece of flotsam in the great wide ocean. So why don’t we all direct our own lives with deliberate, clear leadership? Two reasons: (1) we think it’s too much effort and fear taking responsibility for our choices; and (2) we weren’t raised to be aware of the option of self-direction.

Every moment that we consciously direct our choices, we experience more outcomes of our own making. And then, my friends, we really start creating, which is what we were all born to do. You might say, “Well, things can come up that are completely unexpected. How can you direct that?” You may not know what is going to come your way at first, but YOU CAN DIRECT HOW YOU RESPOND TO EVERYTHING THAT COMES YOUR WAY.

As the director of my life, I find I write the best scripts when I have the whole motion picture in mind rather than separate little scenes. Here are some tips for creating a great premise to help you get started. First, think of all the things that make life grand: a happy, peaceful state of mind, a healthy clean body, a natural joy that inspires playfulness and creativity, people whom you love and trust and enjoy spending time with, and anything else you can think of. Now, here’s how you start setting up the causes.

1) Start with a space of Love within your body and home. You can only expect good things to flow into your life if you start by creating a space of love. Think of it as a seed that you nourish and grow by focusing on it, until you can hold the vibration of love in your being for longer and longer periods—dedicating time every day to generating and refreshing it. Eventually, you will be able to hold the Love vibration in your body until you are filled with it nearly all the time. When Love flows through your body, you release unhealthy competitiveness, fear, aggression and resentment. In other words, you release the destructive energies that come with drama fed by emotional imbalance. Soon, you can direct all of your attention to the feeling of Love, which will yield the most pleasant effects. Consider this in light of the biblical insight, “By their fruits ye shall know them”; and “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit.”

A wonderful thing happens once you start to embody the charge of Love on a regular basis: you create a personal space that takes on the vibration of Love, and suddenly everyone who enters your space can feel it. Your room, apartment, home, farm, or wherever else you have nurtured it, becomes a place of healing for anyone who enters it or lives there. If you have a family, you will set the tone for them just by quietly feeling and emitting the charge of Love. Your children and other family members will quietly feel and enjoy. They will sleep better, speak more kindly, have more inspired ideas—all because you were able to create this space of Love first within yourself, setting up the cause for this glorious effect!

2) Direct your relationship world. Once you tune into harmony and the energy of Love, you will be able to create much more consciously the relationships in your life. You will be able to see more clearly why dramas break out, and how to eliminate them from your life. In the muddiness of common perception, we let random personalities into our lives for various reasons—for instance, because they belong to our country club, or are in the same business, or their children are classmates with ours, etc. But when you start directing your relationship experience, you start to weed through those associations you’ve accumulated and determine which ones you really want to cultivate.

You will also be much more apt to choose new relationships that improve the quality of your “film.” With your more gentle and compassionate heart, it will pain you to speak unkindly to others. You will be more sensitized to words and feelings as living energy and find old, untoward ways of speaking and reacting just don’t sit well with you anymore. It will be impossible for you to support relationships that are not life-generating or engage in useless dramas any longer. You will be free from the manipulation of others. The more people awaken to this, the more we can start relating in mutually supportive ways.

3) Direct what you put into your body. Now you see clearly that common foods and drinks are utterly incompatible with your understanding of humanity and the human body. This makes it much easier to avoid those cookies that appear in the office that you once found irresistible. In fact, following a Quick-Exit/vegetable-centric diet seems so obvious and easy to you with this new vision. You ask yourself how you could ever have questioned whether humans could live without cooked animal protein, milk, yogurt and dense foods; or how you could have believed that products made of soy and seitan and all that cooked grain were essential to a healthy vegetarian diet. Now, your idea of vegetarian is VEGETABLES, with bits of transition foods when you need them. Wow, so much has changed, and yet it’s so easy because when you are unblocked and living with the Life Force pulsating through you, it feels so right. Now that you have a better idea of what a human is, it will strike you as more and more bizarre that people ever accepted these man-made concoctions as food to begin with.

So you see, instead of resolving to stick to a new diet, which always has the same disappointing result, we have instead elevated our world view/consciousness and thus achieved a total dietary makeover. And well beyond even that, we have achieved a new, beautiful life experience that keeps on generating more joy, inspiration, and Love—the effects of the causes we have set up keep unfolding with great abundance!

So, this New Year’s Eve, forget the petty resolutions. Take a big, bold move. You can start right now and raise your vision up from the common belief that we are just here to reproduce, work all day, eat dead food, glimpse happiness a few times if we’re lucky, and then deteriorate. That is a lie. There is a great source of Life Force Energy and it can be enjoyed by all. You tap into it by tuning into the vibration of Love and clearing your body of the old waste that blocks it from flowing abundantly through you. This energy brings eternal life to everything it touches. It can heal your organs, your emotional pain, your sagging skin, and revive a tired mind with inspiration and deep joy. Don’t let old beliefs and dietary habits direct your vision for yourself for another moment. Set up your space of Love, let it flow around you and heal everything it touches, and watch how your beautiful motion picture unfolds!

In the Glorious Life Light,


Three Detox Steps to Reclaiming Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Dear Friends,

As you have likely learned by now, pain is the body’s way of telling us when we are out of alignment with the truth of our being. The symptoms of sickness and disease are like messengers announcing that change must come. We ignore them at our own peril!

Likewise, nonphysical pain is a call to change that which is out of alignment in our life—be it our perspective, communications, relationships, or all of the above. The same applies to pain on a larger scale, whether in a family, country, or global community. Here, too, it is a call for change that must also be heeded lest the pain become worse.

Somehow, in our mainstream culture, we have developed into individuals and groups who are completely out of alignment with truth. How have we forgotten our truth? Well, generation after generation, our ancestors elected to follow a trajectory that at first seemed harmless but has led us into an age so far off the path of truth that we have become grossly unwell—mentally, physically, and communally. Moreover, we have forgotten the great inherent powers that we humans possess. Instead, we have become a community of highly controllable (and controlled) beings.

Here are a few of the ways we allow ourselves to be controlled:

• We consume what we are told to consume;
• We look down our noses at those of other races, cultures, and social standing;
• We listen to the media and take advice from pharmaceutical companies that pay doctors triple their salaries and buy them expensive gifts to endorse their products;
• We allow our babies to be injected with poisons that damage their brains and poison their blood and act as the harbingers of cancer and autism; and
• We break our backs working for money that we wind up spending on all the things we are told we need—all for a lifestyle we cannot support without incurring tremendous monetary, physical, and spiritual debt.

Folks, we have bought a bill of goods that has caused the mass degeneration of our physical and mental faculties and created a society of powerlessness and fear—which has made us exponentially more controllable!

Dear reader, I’m not saying any of this to scare you, but I do wish to wake you up! Underneath all that heavy programming, you are a powerful, beautiful, brilliant creation. There is only one way back to the path of truth, and that is to recognize your innate perfection. So stop trying to keep up with the Joneses! Stop buying into the deception, and start kicking your addictions. Take responsibility today. You can start with your body or your mind, or both, but please start somewhere. The future of the human race depends on it!

You can transition smoothly and quickly away from the controlling foods, the media, the social programming and stop being a marionette for the agenda of people who don’t care about you. If we don’t awaken to everything that is not right in our world and in our bodies, things are going to get much worse. So I am calling out to all of you who are “sleeping” now to WAKE UP! It is time take up the sword of truth and slay the dragon of deception!

You all know that this is not my usual tone. I am understanding and compassionate by nature, and my inclination is always to be gentle but clear. But today I feel it is necessary to practice a little tough love. There is a time to sit back and lick your wounds, but now is the time for change. There is mass depression, mass intake of pharmaceutical drugs, mass consumption of media, mass dissatisfaction at work, at home, with life. This is because we have agreed to live in a world driven by money and power and false values. Break free of this demented mentality by undertaking the following steps:

1. Transition your diet to clean your bloodstream of the addictive elements. This will also enable you to clear your mind.

2. Take a moment to ponder the motives of big business, banking, government, the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical companies, and their incestuous relations—and how they control your life. Are you supposed to live this way, eat junk, and get sick so you can wide up dependent on them? This is a lie, my friends. We are not supposed to get sick, age prematurely, become forgetful or senile, or develop osteoporosis or arthritis, and so on. These are all symptoms of living out of alignment with truth.

3. Rebuild your perspective based on what you know in your soul to be true, instead of what you are programmed to believe is true. Advance like a warrior, protecting your boundaries from deceptions and ill motives, but with an open mind so you can expand you perception of truth on a daily basis. Your truth will grow with you. It is as limitless as you are.

As you unravel the programming, you will awaken to your full self-sovereignty, and you will see just how magnificent life can really be. There is more than enough room for everyone in this exquisite realm of truth, if only we can start trusting and loving one another. We have been taught to build walls between each other, to put garbage in our bodies, to expose our precious children to all kinds of toxins. We have been raised to live in fear, to expect disease, and to trust authority. But how far will obedience get us?

I see a much brighter way. I live in a body that has been cleansed, and in a heart that rejoices in its fullness and light. I see my fellow man toiling in darkness and wish to extend my hand. Those of you who can see through the illusion, I ask you to start caring about your body and mind. Break through the controls and align yourself with truth. It will be well worth the effort, I promise.

With deepest love, praise and gratitude,