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The Root of All Suffering: Wall Street or Wetiko?

What if I were to tell you there is a virus we have all been exposed to that has caused a severe form of psychosis, one that has led to virtually every known disease and form of suffering in the world today?

The virus, called wetiko, was first identified by the indigenous peoples of the Americas and written about by Jack Forbes in Columbus and Other Cannibals. Wetiko is a spiritual sickness that results in the deliberate and systematic exploitation of others. It is considered a form of cannibalism because it compels humans to consume the lives of other humans in pursuit of self-gratification. Worst of all, it is hereditary: it gets passed on from generation to generation through DNA, family tradition, and cultural conditioning.

On May Day, Occupy Wall Street (also International Workers’ Day) initiated its spring campaign, renewing its commitment to end social and economic inequality, greed, and corruption. Occupy Wall Street calls itself the 99%—in essence the ones who are exploited by wetiko’s accumulated wealth. But as we embrace this spring awakening of social consciousness, it is worth asking ourselves who the real enemy is. Is it the 1%, per se? Or is it the wetiko mindset? And if it’s the wetiko mindset, aren’t the 99% just as likely to be infected with it? Don’t we all share the same social programming and self-destructive inclinations? Would the 99% be the 1% ruling elite if they could? Given a choice, who among us would take only what we need?

Don’t get me wrong: I believe the mission of OWS is a noble one. It’s the take-action outcry against destructive social inequalities that our wetiko culture has created, and thank goodness so many people are defending the worth of the human spirit against the gross amassing of wealth! But we will not achieve any semblance of equality until we have cured ourselves of wetiko and moved toward unity consciousness—the understanding that life can thrive only as a whole interconnected web. By the same token, we must defeat the entrenched wetiko dogma that deems equality impossible; that says in order for the world to go round, there must be haves and have-nots. This belief, also known as separation consciousness, is at the root of our modern psychosis.

The problem is that wetiko is a kind of autoimmune psychosis. It does not merely harm that which it exploits; it also causes irrational, self-destructive behavior in its host. Such behavior is manifest in the overconsumption of toxic substances that we think we want and need—including drugs, chemically processed foods, fossil fuels, and insidious media messages—which lead to all manner of physical, psychological, and environmental imbalances. Thus, wetiko wages a powerful assault on the mind, body, and spirit of all who come into contact with it.

In the wetiko world, we seek individual power through the accumulation of goods, namely commodities that the collective group deems valuable. We also seek power by conforming to contemporary fashions—which, of commercial necessity, are always shifting in order to generate new “must-have” looks and products. The lords of wetiko wield ideals of wealth and beauty to control and increase their power over the likewise infected masses. Through advertising, marketing, political lobbying, and other means of mind control, they lure the masses to consume products that promise instant gratification but only leave them feeling empty and craving more.

The good news: wetiko is curable. But the cure must begin with ourselves. No one else can do it for us. Whether we are the 99% or the 1%, we are all on the same unsustainable course. Instead of just pointing the finger at others, we must do our own soul-searching and work to loosen the grip of wetiko on our minds. In order to do this, we must recall everything we know about how nature operates and link forces with it. Only nature’s wisdom has the power to defeat wetiko, which will fight hard to stay alive and keep us hooked into the beliefs that direct our actions, our purchases, our choices—all the consumer habits that have put the 1% in power, toppled our economy, and left us physically and spiritually denatured.

The only social revolution worthy of the human spirit is one that vanquishes wetiko and restores us to a state of true vitality: of thriving, interconnected life and respect for all life. This spring, let’s vow to stop feeding the psychosis with our own complicity. Let’s fight the good fight by opening our minds and hearts to the world and letting our better natures in.


Girls’ Reproductive Systems Running Amok!

I recently wrote the following piece for Get Fresh! magazine and wanted to share it with you in light of the disturbing (but inevitable) realities regarding this generation of young girls reaching puberty significantly younger (averaging ages 8-12)! If you haven’t read the stats already, this piece from the Los Angeles Times sums it up: http://www.latimes.com/health/boostershots/la-heb-girls-puberty-early-20110412,0,2227227.story

Now for the article I wrote for Get Fresh! (in this month’s issue)…

I’m a girl and by me that’s only great
I am proud that my silhouette is curvy
that I walk with a sweet and girlish gait
With my hips kind of swivelly and swervy…

—from “I Enjoy Being a Girl” By Rodgers & Hammerstein

It’s hard to enjoy being a girl when you’re a toxic girl. The fact is, most young women in our culture are suffering from symptoms of moderate to extreme toxicity—physically, mentally, and reproductively. This is apparent enough in symptoms such as acne, migraines, and depression, but what many girls don’t know is that their levels of toxicity are also evident in their menstruation.

It’s a bizarre twist in human history that may foretell our extinction as a species: in an attempt to gain social acceptance and attract potential mates, young girls and women engage in self-care regimens that actually render them less fertile. The very products that women typically use today to enhance their appearance and well-being are undermining their beauty and rapidly deteriorating their health from the inside and out.

The modern woman, starting from a very young age, has become a commodity for corporations. She is a walking advertisement for lipstick, pantyhose, and three-inch heels. She is a stupendously good consumer—falling into line with all the modern myths of feminine beauty, in the service of countless products, fashion trends, and medical procedures. The average female body takes in countless toxins on a daily basis through unfit food and drink, pharmaceuticals and oral contraceptives, alcohol and other recreational drugs, chemical pollution and radiation, and environmental estrogens. These substances breed harmful bacteria, carbonic gas, and yeasts that build up in the body, creating all kinds of obstructions and wreaking havoc on the body’s natural cycles.

In short, we women are moving further and further away from the true meaning of health and beauty. More to the point,we are moving further and further away from what it means to be women. Just consider the rising rates of infertility. Infertility has become a widespread affliction of modern society, and it’s only getting worse. Granted, many women are waiting until later in life to have children, but this argument only goes so far. A healthy woman should be able to procreate for about thirty years—yet the average woman today is far from healthy. A profusion of reproductive health issues are occurring earlier and earlier in life, such as breast cancer, amenorrhea, uterine cysts, and thyroid imbalances. They all spring from a deep cultural ignorance. The cycles of the female body are breaking down under the heavy burdens of modern toxicity.

Over the course of human history, we women have been by turns worshipped, vilified, loved, and feared for our femininity. This is largely because women are endowed with the power to procreate. Whether you consider yourself an old-fashioned girl or a die-hard social feminist, the fact remains that the hallmark of our gender is fertility. Even if you have no interest in having babies right now, you still want to be radiant and healthy, right? Well, you cannot separate your overall health from the health of your reproductive system. Fertility is the ultimate indicator of health for a young woman, yet the way most women live today, it is slipping through their hands like sand through an hourglass!

Let’s consider this mother-daughter scene, which I recently saw in a movie: An eleven-year-old girl proudly announces the arrival of her first period to her mother. They are in the grocery store filling their cart with various mainstream feminine sanitary products. The girl then tosses a box of sugary cereal and milk into the cart as she and her mother continue down the aisles kveching about their bodies and the agony of calorie restrictions. They also talk about when the daughter may lose her virginity.

Now let’s look at this more closely: The modern girl who has just begun to menstruate has not been taught to draw any connection between her body and her spirit. She knows nothing about honoring her body, her womb, or her sacred sexuality. Her intuition has been prematurely cut off, and she is offered no life-generating sense of direction when it comes to caring for herself. She is left wide open to chemical toxins, insecurity, and harmful behavior patterns—all the messages that will cause her a lifetime of physical and emotional suffering. Don’t be surprised if in twenty-five years she’s shopping around for a plastic surgeon and a “fertility specialist”—or what passes for one these days! The young girl’s future is laid out right there in the grocery store with the tampons, the sugary cereals, the sexual misguidance, and her equally misguided mother.

Is it any wonder that so many young women suffer on account of their bodies, and end up struggling with infertility by the time they reach their twenties, thirties, and forties? As a society and a species, we are on a nonviable trajectory. The rising number of adults seeking infertility treatments is not just a question of age, but a result of so many years of defying Nature’s warnings. Think about it: if your body is trying to tell you that it’s not a viable home for hatching new life, do you really think it’s wise to override its message with more chemicals and synthetic hormones? Sure, you might be able to trick the body with science in the short term, but what are the ramifications in the long term? How much toxicity and mutation can a body—or a species—take? To continue along this trajectory at this rate is to play a very dangerous game indeed.

What’s a modern girl to do?

  • First she must take charge of her self-care regimen, questioning everything she’s ever been told by her elders, her peers, and the media. Surviving womanhood today with her beauty and health intact means braving a whole new frontier. The mainstream lifestyle is a recipe for a lifetime of unnecessary pain and disappointment. This calls for a paradigm shift—from the model she inherited to one that harks back to her feminine roots and honors fertility.
  • Second, she must understand that anything that carries toxins into her body will contaminate her blood and organs, and then will begin eating away at the integrity of her entire system—including her future offspring, should she ever bear fruit!
  • Third, she must recognize the direct connection between her menstrual cycles and symptoms and her future fertility. For example, excessively painful, premature, heavy, malodorous, or otherwise troublesome periods are cause for concern. (Sadly, acute PMS cramps, headaches, and acne breakouts are all considered normal and treated with over-the-counter drugs. Heavy bleeding is merely seen as bad luck. Rather than questioning what is causing all this mayhem, oral contraceptives are typically doled out to young women as an easy solution—often just leading to other imbalances and serious long-term risks!)
  • Fourth, she must develop a health and beauty regimen for herself that is distinctly life-generating—one that improves her blood chemistry and the vitality of her organs. This means cleansing the body and adopting a largely organic, vegetable-based diet with minimal acidic substances in her food and environment.

How much longer will mothers pass down to their daughters the conventional “wisdom” of their toxic lifestyles? How much longer will medical prescriptions and procedures masquerade as answers to deeper problems before we heed Nature’s warning signs?

We don’t even have to scratch the surface to see that we are poisoning ourselves: Consider the noxious odors that emanate from the arm pits, groin, mouth, and sweat of the average body. Notice the pimply, dull, or prematurely aging skin. Count the numbers of pills popped and sick days taken on account of painful cramps and heavy bleeding.

Women of wisdom, where have you gone? You know the answer is not in the drugstore aisles or at fancy fundraisers! This calls for a profound paradigm shift, a literal return to our bodies and what they are so desperately trying to tell us!

Above all, we must protect our blood chemistry from any further onslaught of environmental and chemical toxins, and we must teach our daughters the language of their bodies and reproductive systems. It is never too soon to do this. For instance, my ten-year-old daughter goes to a highly sought-after school, and I suspect she will choose to go to college one day. However, I would not consider her well educated if (a) she did not know how to care for her body, or (b) she were not highly literate in the language of Mother Nature. I owe it to her to give her all the knowledge that she needs not only to survive in the modern world, but to thrive in her body throughout her lifetime. Now is the time to lay a strong and healthy foundation.

Modern women today are far from liberated, at least not when it comes to our bodies. If we want to reclaim our health, we must reclaim our reproductive health. If we want a brighter future for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children, we have to make the world—and our bodies—a viable place for all of us to thrive. Every woman has a right to rejoice in the full power of her femininity!


Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Disintegratin’ Bones!

In this latest audio, Macha Einbender and I discuss the deterioration and rectification of the skeletal-muscular system as it applies for all ages!


Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Disintegratin’ Bones

Content covered in audio:
* Understanding the skeletal and muscular systems of the body:
* How to maintain their inherent strength
* Origins of bone deterioration in the body and how to reverse it
* Which foods are meant for the human body and which are not:
* Balancing taking in alkalinity tempered with transition foods
* Achieving muscle tone without much exercise
* Methods of applying the concept of moderation in our context
* The danger of modern children going down the non-life-generating trajectory

About Macha Einbender:
 Macha Einbender (a.k.a. the Spiritual Makeover Artist) is devoted to lending her voice to help others enhance their lives thru meditation, healthy lifestyle, and overcoming negative thought addiction. She is a mentor for women and a spiritual activist. She is commited to supporting women on their individual journeys.

For access to her audio blogs and interviews:

For her Overcoming Negativity Addiction Radio Show with author Denise Coates:


Something-O-Rexia This Way Comes: An Audio Interview with Macha Einbender

I hope you enjoy this radio interview I did today with Macha on orthorexia and other topics.

Something-O-Rexia this Way Comes: An Audio Interview with Macha Einbender

Discussed in this Audio:
* Origins of eating disorders
* New categorization of disordered eating
* How to center yourself before emotionally eating
* Sacred daily rituals for success including:
* Ideal exercise scenarios and eating habits
* The experience of releasing stored waste matter: how our cells get clean

Quotable Quotes in audio:
* “This is not about diet; it is about consciousness. But we can’t get to a state of consciousness if we are living in a body filled with accumulated waste matter.” – Natalia
* “It is not the food that is creating the shift in life experience; it is the absence of non-life-generating substances, the removal of waste matter, and the openness in the body that that brings that creates this.” – Natalia
I’ve been dedicating my writing time to Part IV of Emotional Eating S.O.S., Practical Applications. As soon as that’s completed, I’ll blog more! There’s so much I want to share, but springtime is so irresistible (the computer, not so much)!

I hope to see some new faces and “regulars” at Detox Walks tomorrow morning. It’s meant to be a gorgeous, sunny day!


Love to you all,


Shiver and Shake!

Shiver and say the words
Of every lie you’ve heard
First I’m gonna make it
Then I’m gonna break it
Till it falls apart
Hating all the faking
And shaking while I’m breaking
Your brittle heart 

—Echo & The Bunnymen, from “Bring on the Dancing Horses”

Sometimes I don’t even know where to start. How do you remove the blinders from 10,000 years of programming from people’s eyes? If people are rattled by the idea that milk and meat are killers, not healers, and resist the fact that virtually all behavior common to our world has a destructive effect upon the human body and the planet, how will they ever come to see the deeper problem—the heartless juggernaut that drives a civilization possessed by madness?

The lies of our world are so deep. If we remain blind to them, there’s no way forward. Everywhere we look, there is tremendous suffering—on both a human and a planetary level—and yet the most that people seem to hope for are patchwork solutions for their lives of quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) desperation.

It seems that people today don’t expect much of a life at all: perhaps some relief for their depression, a few pounds lost, the suppression of a few symptoms. Otherwise, they ignore the fact that our culture is largely antithetical to life—human or otherwise—and merely soldier on.

This indicates a very deep programming. I don’t know many people who have truly seen through it. It takes a lot of effort, a deep and abiding desire to live, to see through all the rubbish we’ve been raised to accept without question.

I can’t think of anything more important than shattering the façade of our destructive world. I have such a desire to live—truly live—that I have devoted my life to discovering what’s on the other side, and my greatest ambition is to help you do the same.

It’s probably the ugliest boomerang effect in the history of humankind: a civilization is erected and expanded on the backs of slaves, and with utter disregard to the devastation of living communities the world over—only to come full circle to meet its end by the other side of its own sword.

Our civilization has bullied to death beautiful, vibrant people, cultures, and lands and replaced them with inanimate things. And even now, as it’s all breaking down into pain and chaos beneath the weight of so many missteps, our civilization ignores the truth. Rather than look in the mirror, it clings to glossy images of health and prosperity—all facades, all illusions. The truth is far too ugly to look at. So ugly, in fact, that when we really see it, the mirror will shatter!

My friend asked me yesterday, “So where do you think it’s all going?” This is how I explained it:

We have to observe how life operates. If an organism is cut off from its vital sources—fellow organisms and their shared, interconnected environment—its spirit begins to depart, eventually leaving the shell of the organism for dead. This occurs on a microbial level: the lack of sustaining elements causes the decomposer microbes to break down the organism. The more the good microbes are supplanted with the decomposers, the more this cycle of natural decay accelerates. All living organisms on this planet are thus losing their life force.
Vitality is also leaving the soil, rendering it infertile, unable to conduct the quality of life force into our produce that humans require. This does not mean you should go out and buy a bunch of dietary supplements! It means you change your worldview!

Basically, the planet is dying and the viability of human life is decreasing. This reveals itself multi-generationally: adults today are suffering from low vitality, as our parents and grandparents have, due to industrial living, pollution, smoking, medicines, and mainstream diets of processed foods. The younger generations will have it even worse. The babies to come will suffer even more dramatically degenerated (literally, de-gene-erated) fates. Each new generation is further devitalized, less able to fend off the repeated assaults of modern life on the body. In our civilization, we are not even managing to maintain the status quo; we are passing along ever more de-generation to our offspring.

The days of being able to live in relative physical balance are behind us. Symptoms will increase and the body is going to become a much more difficult place to be. While you may find such statements upsetting and negative, I hasten to remind you that our bodies have been sending out plenty of alarm bells of their own. Ignoring our bodies and repeatedly cutting off communication, generation after generation, has driven society far off course. Pointing out that a train is barreling our way is not being negative. It gives us the chance to jump off the tracks before it flattens us entirely.

Let me repeat, adults today are revealing signs of further degeneration to the human species than generations past. Not only are adults finding it far more difficult to reproduce, but their children are more prone to physical handicaps and mental and emotional imbalances. This will become even more visible and acute in the offspring of the next decade.

The “health authorities” and the media focus so much on obesity and diet, but to little effect. We need to pull out much further and see that it is an entire worldview that is in error, that the obesity problem is just one symptom of a whole life-threatening system.

I went to a fundraiser for autism recently. Normally, I would never attend something like this because it’s mostly a bunch of celebrities and bankers taking on a cause and raising money to give to researchers, which is often useless. It’s just like those breast cancer run-walks and ribbons, which ignore the true causes of cancer (see my 3/2/09 blog, Cancer: A Mystery?) and perpetuate the shortsighted work of laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. The kids are the ones who end up paying, while their parents remain in the dark. But I must confess, I attended this event because it was an intimate concert with Bruce Springsteen. Okay, enough said.

Again, if this discussion strikes you as overly negative or threatening, I remind you that it’s never negative to identify a problem in the interest of fixing it. That’s actually a positive thing. This is a time for being proactive, not inactive, apathetic, or delusional—those are the truly negative postures. Simply repeating the mantra of “love and light” will not help.

As long as we’re on the subject, we must recognize that spirituality and materiality fuse together to create the human experience. It seems like people are trying to escape the here and now either by focusing on a better world in the afterlife or by repressing the truth in the name of “love and light.” We can experience neither love nor light until we’ve stripped away the lies of our civilization. Let’s stop pretending to be happy. We will never experience wellness or happiness until we’ve fundamentally changed our worldview. On the other side of the coin are those attempting to escape their pain by going deeper into materiality and carnality.

We need to recognize that humans are spiritual and material. To pursue one at the expense of the other is a death trap. Yet, today more than ever, people are puzzled by the body-spirit union. All life is spirit-infused matter; and matter, as I’ve explained in Raw Food Life Force Energy, is actually light. Therein we have the oneness we seek—so let’s come home to our wholeness, and honor that instead of ripping ourselves apart by choosing sides.

We are what we do, think, and see. We are vessels of our worldview. If we continue to treat the world—and therefore ourselves—as a machine of separate, replaceable parts, nothing will change. Of that we can be sure. We must work to see through our culture of death and reclaim our natural vitality, which predates civilization as we know it, and still exists outside its limits.

In my family, we have two Bengal cats. Of course, they would be more at home in the wild, but their lives are circumscribed by the layout of our apartment. Now, imagine how much their lives would expand and open up if they knew the forest! People of our civilization are likewise limited in their knowledge of life.

Countless beautiful communities once lived in startling and enviable contrast to how we typically live today, but we destroyed most of them in our westward expansion. If you’d like to read more about this, I highly recommend reading all of the works of Derrick Jensen, starting with The Culture of Make Believe and A Language Older Than Words. As long as we fail to understand the alternatives to our current way of life, we’ll be left with a kind of “Sofie’s Choice”—between death and death.

Our bodies and spirits will continue to suffer and degenerate until we wake up and see what’s really going on. Obesity is only one small symptom of a world gone mad. Slavery is another (if you think slavery is a thing of the past, readDisposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy by Kevin Bales). Child prostitution is another. The decimation of forests is yet another. The list goes on and on and on. As all of these symptoms play out on an ever larger and larger scale, who stands to win?

There is no question that the big engines of our culture are antithetical to life. The good that has survived in our culture—the love, inspiration, creativity, vitality, harmony, and beauty—exist not despite it, not because of it.

The living world is hurtling toward irreversible destruction, and we humans are asleep at the wheel. If you think that you’re somehow above it all, you’ve got a lot of waking up to do. If you think that you’ll be saved by certain social or financial privileges, or by the powers of positive thinking, I repeat, wakey wakey! If you’ve been averting your eyes, it may be the time to have a good face-to-face with your values. Believe me, I was raised on all the wrong values, too, and it took me a lot of re-education and contemplation to change them.

In Detox 4 Women, I explain how the environment has become exponentially more acidifying to the body. Radiation, GMO food, stress, low-vitality air and water, and limited exposure to sunlight in our indoor lifestyles have prevented alkalinity from conducting through the body while these acidifying elements have been pouring in. This has created a full-on devastation to the viability of the organism. Our civilization has wreaked the same kind of devastation on the planet. It extinguishes living organisms and replaces them with shrines to dead things. So the body and the planet are in a state of acidity and low vitality that may be unrecoverable. We have to face that possibility.

If we want to bring vitality back to the planet and to our bodies, we have to give it a reason to stay. For spirit and matter to unite, we have to create viable conditions.

It’s not easy to face all the lies of our world, but it’s much harder to sustain life in the presence of them. We are in the unfortunate—but, I dare say, deserved—position of having to pull ourselves up out of the muck of 10,000 years of greed and abuse of power. Our bodies are not as strong as they should be; the air and water are not the vital resources they should be. At this late stage, we have to call upon the stores of vitality in our hearts and give life a reason to come back to us.

We do this by engaging every part of ourselves: by educating ourselves so our logical minds can see the way; by cleaning our cells and maintaining them so our bodies can recognize true vitality for what it is; by envisioning both what’s wrong and how to fix it, so that we can unite our thoughts and actions in a common, life-affirming mission.

Yours in love and peace after the illusions are shattered,


All That Glitters

There are several television shows that call me periodically to speak on “newsworthy” topics. After participating in dozens of these segments over several months a couple of years ago, I opted to stop. They send a limo and driver, put my books up on camera, treat me like a celeb, and do the whole hair-and-makeup bit. But I started to realize that I always left feeling horrible. So I stopped. Sometimes I see their numbers on my caller ID and I don’t pick up.

Today I happened to pick up. It was a big show and, as usual, it was tempting at first: I’d have a captive audience for a couple of minutes, and the thought that I might inspire someone to begin their process of growth and freedom was tempting. Whereas most of these segments are between 2 and 3 minutes, this one, at a whopping 7 minutes, was distinctly alluring. I also found the subject matter compelling and fun: the forbidden ad by PETA created for the Super Bowl. You can see it here at: www.peta.org/content/standalone/VeggieLove/.

I was ready to make up an excuse for not being able to participate—particularly when I learned that they wanted to pigeonhole me as a vegetarian and pit me against a carnivore (you know how I repel labels)! But instead I felt like maybe I should do it this time; maybe this time would be different.

I bought myself some time to consult with my inner compass. I reminded myself of all the reasons that I stopped doing these news blocks and why I felt so awful afterwards. For one, these newsrooms are places of profoundly inharmonious vibrations. Hectic energy spins and flashes like lightning around everyone—everything popping, seconds ticking, next guest appearing, 15 screens going at once, teleprompters flashing… The MO: create drama, keep the masses watching, keep the interest growing, make mountains out of dung balls!

It’s a mad frenzy even by my standards—and I’m a New Yorker, for carrot’s sake, who’s used to a certain amount of frenetic energy! And then, of course, there’s hair and makeup. Do you know they airbrush your face until you look like plastic (most of the anchors are airbrushed to the hilt; guys too). Once you are adequately caked up, you move into the next room to get your hair teased, ironed, and sprayed, and then you’re off into the freezing production room where you are given mere seconds to try to educate the viewers about one of the most profound subjects of our day. But you never really get to say anything at all because the treatment of the topic is shallow and you only have a few seconds of air time to answer questions that are staged to create drama and ratings—not to benefit the viewers at all!

All in all, it’s an afternoon squandered at the feet of the beast, not one of useful, life-generating activity. After all this commotion, I have not served to illuminate anyone, but merely contributed to the chatterbox of sound bites that feed the human programming machine, keeping the culture numb and addicted to infotainment fast food.

The shows, like the magazines and other manufactured images that inundate and subliminally program us, are part of a mass illusion. I realize now that this was the reason the whole experience made my skin crawl. My inner compass was telling me loud and clear through its alarm bells that these forms of media were not for me. If people were ready for this cleansing information, they would have to find it some other way.

However, the experiences taught me so much about myself and even reflected my own evolution. I used to think I needed the major media channels to reach people or build my “platform.” That was part of the old energy model, which will become increasingly antiquated as more people wake up and create channels of life-generating information and entertainment.

It also taught me a lot about what goes on behind the scenes of television shows. When you watch those newscasters, don’t be fooled by the illusion of their radiant skin and confident demeanors. Often, they are suffering from the same bodily abuse as their mainstream viewers; they just have the help of technicians to make them appear healthy. The “airbrush makeup” actually does make your skin appear flawless. Lights and other products do the rest. As for the appearance of confidence and calm, well, that’s an illusion too. However, what’s under the surface of these illusions cannot be airbrushed.

This is the launching point to a bigger issue I’ve wanted to hit on for some time. We live in a world of fake appearances—it’s all smoke and mirrors: the magazine photographs, TV shows, and, of course, the grand dame of all, plastic surgery! You can mimic the image you admire with all the masking technology available today, but doing so won’t help you escape the ravages of imbalanced living inside. You can cover and glitz up all you want on the outside, you can get nipped and tucked and create the illusion of beauty, but the body can’t keep your secret inside for long. The body doesn’t forget the abuse of unfit consumption and lifestyle choices. Sure, there are drugs to help suppress symptoms, but they cannot undo the destruction to the cells, tissues, and organs that lead to cancer, Parkinson’s, gastro-intestinal disease, and myriad other manifestations of “normal” living. You can get a facelift and “smart-lipo”, but you’ll still have to explain your colostomy bag!

Sometimes women ask me, “Natalia, why do I have to work so hard and do all these healthy things? My friend Jane doesn’t do any of this and she looks great!”

“How do you know?” I reply. “Do you have X-ray vision? Quantum vision maybe? Have you looked at the state of the atomic structure within her cells? Oh, and take away the Prozac, the coffee, the cigarettes, the aspirin, and her credit cards, and see how fine Jane is.”

Nothing personal, Jane! But people appear to be fine when they have all the stimulation that keeps them on an even keel, but they are desperately addicted to the substances that keep them from shaking like a cocaine fiend coming off a fix. They are not okay just because they seem okay for 15 minutes in the grocery store checkout line. If they are living “normally” and are over a certain age, they are ravaged by toxicity.

It’s all based on polarity, and cause and effect. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The scales of justice are neither arbitrary nor optional. If you place a substance in the body that doesn’t belong there, your body will have to work hard to get it out—if it’s lucky enough to manage it. Everything that enters the body must be metabolized. That which fails to leave and becomes stuck in the intestinal tissue creates blocks in the body which accumulate. The body becomes a bacteria breeding ground—rotting on its own waste from within.

You can smear yourself all you want with expensive creams and cover yourself up with trendy clothes, but you’ll only be fooling yourself. All the spas and Park Avenue surgeons in the world cannot reverse internal decay. There is only one way out: diligent application of intelligent cleansing principles, which will eventually unblock the pathways and bring the life force back to the cells. When the cells start to conduct electromagnetic current again, you will discover what true beauty looks and feels like. This is the only beauty worth having.

You won’t get information like this in the mainstream news media any more than you’ll get real news on real world events from them. It’s all smoke, glitter, and illusion, my friends. I know you already know this, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded because it’s easy to fall prey to the facades and masks in our world of airbrushed images.

After graciously declining to do the show, I added, “If you ever decide to do a program that explores this subject matter more deeply, I would be very interested in participating.” The producer said he’d keep that in mind. I’m not expecting a phone call anytime soon.

I’m not opposed to being on television, but to the way it’s done. When it is produced in such a way that honors life and the lives of the viewers, I’ll be there. Otherwise, I’ll be at home hanging out with my family in the Life-Light—where all that glitters is PURE GOLD!

Speaking of real gold, check out the glitterati from my recent trip to South Africa at: detoxtheworld.com/about-photos.php with my family. (No retouching or airbrushing, I promise!)

In the Life-Light,