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Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Disintegratin’ Bones!

In this latest audio, Macha Einbender and I discuss the deterioration and rectification of the skeletal-muscular system as it applies for all ages!


Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Disintegratin’ Bones

Content covered in audio:
* Understanding the skeletal and muscular systems of the body:
* How to maintain their inherent strength
* Origins of bone deterioration in the body and how to reverse it
* Which foods are meant for the human body and which are not:
* Balancing taking in alkalinity tempered with transition foods
* Achieving muscle tone without much exercise
* Methods of applying the concept of moderation in our context
* The danger of modern children going down the non-life-generating trajectory

About Macha Einbender:
 Macha Einbender (a.k.a. the Spiritual Makeover Artist) is devoted to lending her voice to help others enhance their lives thru meditation, healthy lifestyle, and overcoming negative thought addiction. She is a mentor for women and a spiritual activist. She is commited to supporting women on their individual journeys.

For access to her audio blogs and interviews:

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Let the Truth Set You Free of Your Diet Obsessions

Have you wondered why many of my blogs seem to have nothing to do with food and diet when you come to this website predominantly for nutrition and diet information? If so, I’m happy to take this moment to explain.

First, the whole reason for cleaning up the diet is to free yourself of concern over what to eat and how to stay healthy so you can enjoy greater contentment and clarity and be more present in your life. This work is not just about healing physical imbalances and looking more attractive. It’s about establishing the very foundation of a richer, more evolved lifestyle.

Second, once you have made this way of eating part of the natural rhythm in your daily routine, it’s time to clear the emotional and mental blockages. Cleansing and empowering your other energy centers will make it easier to release any remaining issues around food.

Third, the specificity of the diet has been fully covered in my books, web content, audio release for women and, finally, in my latest book which will be coming out this spring, Detox for Women. However, the universal laws of the body (which recognize health as clean cells) are what matter most, not the minutiae of new nutrition facts that just distract us from the core truths.

Nonetheless, the minutiae are what many people are seeking. “What’s new in health?” and “Should I be taking a super-food or macca powder or MSM?” are the kinds of questions I’m frequently asked. Try not to fall into this trap. By all means, read and study as much as necessary to digest and assimilate the information, but once you learn the core physical laws, I urge you to stay focused on the method of cleansing. You who have followed this work are no longer “seekers”—you are implementers and adepts. This work is simple and eternal: awaken and release the waste based on your transition level (adjusted for women who may be “yeasted” per my audio release).


Food has become a social obsession in our culture. I’m trying to set people free of that obsession rather than feed it. This is why I have shown you how to detoxify intelligently and how to keep food simple and delicious so you can enjoy what you eat. Once you’ve mastered these practices, they should no longer occupy your mind—just as should not have to focus on multiplication tables once you have memorized them. It will become a natural way of life, your body will respond with health and vitality, and you will discover that physical cleansing is just a gateway to more creative endeavors.

One reader recently told me she wished I would hold lectures like the major raw food proponents. Since they were actively speaking and she was hungry for more diet information, she allowed herself to be swayed by their fervor that “raw is the law” and can be eaten in any quantities and in any combinations. Now, of course, she was feeling unwell and heavy and she wished she had not listened to them. Fortunately, since our conversation, she has remedied her mistakes and is feeling great again!

I caution you strongly to weigh the messages of these fervent raw food lectures or other dietary messages with what you have learned here about natural law and the “awaken and release” technique underlying intelligent cleansing. I might do more lectures in the future, but for now the information is here for the taking. If you have discovered that it works for you, don’t compromise by changing it because someone can speak convincingly about the virtues of a product or other detox program.

I cannot tell you how many raw food business owners (particularly women) come to me saying they are not feeling well—they are feeling tired, bloated and constipated rather than experiencing the “high” of the raw lifestyle despite their strict adherence to it. I explain why and show them how to fix their imbalances, addressing food combining, the density of the foods they are eating, the importance of some cooked vegetables at dinner, and bowel cleansing. They inevitably look wide-eyed at the mere thought of steamed broccoli or a baked yam and begin to salivate, but then quickly interject “I could never” because they have been preaching a 100% raw food diet to their customers.

The idea that in order to reap the benefits of raw food you must eat 100% raw misrepresents the whole purpose of raw food and ignores transition completely. When 100% raw food fanatics take the leap and indulge in some cooked vegetables, they immediately feel better, their bowels start working again overnight, and they become energized and lean. They are stumped…how could this be? They thought cooked food was evil.

Remember, a person who can get up in front of a crowd and convince you that something is true doesn’t necessarily know the truth. While a lecturer may not be deliberately trying to mislead you, he or she might be wrapped up in a particular agenda and belief system that is not for your highest good.

Politicians, religious leaders, sales clerks, and motivational speakers at large are usually very convincing, and health enthusiasts are no different. But common sense tells us we must be highly discerning. There is a lot of information out there and countless self-proclaimed experts who are vying for your mind and yet know nothing about the true laws of nature. Please be discerning with all that you hear, even with what I tell you. Measure everything against the highest good that you know.

If you have fallen into this trap, remember that the truth will always wait patiently for you to return to it—but it’s not going to chase you either. When you’ve had your fill with all the information floating around, all the sales pitches, all the complicated nutrition advice sending you to this supplement and that super-food powder and that micronutrient, the truth will be here in its simplicity, without any pomp and grandeur, waiting for you to rest your weary dietary confusion on its shores.

Until next time, I remain…

Your dedicated servant,

Eat for Simplicity

If you are interested in diet, health, raw foods, or any offshoot of the detox lifestyle, you must understand the beauty of simplicity. No matter what level of health you are coming from—be it decades of raw or right off the hot dog cart—the quickest, most painless route to health and weight loss is extreme simplicity in your diet.

To practice extreme simplicity, you must ignore all the labels like “raw” or “vegan” or “vegetarian” and focus on foods that move through the body easily, or what I call Quick Exit foods. This boils down to the following foods and food combinations:

• Fresh vegetable juices (ideally on an empty stomach either for breakfast or in the late afternoon)
• Fresh vegetables (as a raw salad, whole, or steamed with a little organic butter and sea salt if desired)
• Avocados (with a raw salad for lunch)
• Baked (and raw) root vegetables like parsnip, butternut squash, and sweet potato (try these wholesome comfort veggies for dinner with your raw salad with a little organic butter, sea salt, and agave)
• Raw goat’s milk cheeses (use it liberally with raw and cooked vegetables)
• Fresh fish (ideally wild/organic, enjoyed along with a raw salad and steamed low-starch vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, nightshades, leafy greens, etc.)

These foods, while not all “raw” or “vegan” by definition, are the easiest to digest when properly combined per the instructions in my books, enabling the body to release the built-up waste matter that’s causing your ailments and excess weight. I deliberately omitted fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and grains because nuts and grains are very dense and difficult to digest, and both fresh and dried fruits can create a lot of carbonic gas in a body that’s awakening old waste matter. The discomforts and symptoms that come with transitioning to a raw diet are usually caused by abundant intake of those foods.

If you’re sailing along smoothly while indulging in raw nuts, grains, and fruits, by all means keep doing it. But if you are have trouble boosting your energy, losing weight, or reaping other benefits that the raw world promises, it is time to practice the beauty of simplicity. It solves the problem every time!

Remember, whether you are a beginner or a lifelong raw devotee, simple food from its source, in the simplest combinations possible, is the secret to cleaning your cells and lightening up! Labels do not matter. What matters is that the food you eat moves rapidly through your body. Accept this simplicity and you will overcome every dietary puzzle and will experience the true bliss of a clean, harmonious, energized body!

Don’t get caught up in complicated raw/vegan concoctions like nut-patés, tempeh, soy foods, grain mixtures, and dense desserts—all of which lead to gas, gas and more gas, along with reduced energy and a heavy burden on the intestines. This is not to prohibit you from enjoying these raw/vegan gourmet items in small amounts if you really love them. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking they are healthy and energizing or support your weight loss efforts.

Remember, simplicity trumps all. You don’t need unusual, hard-to-find items that mimic mainstream fare in raw or vegan form to succeed. In fact, you can easily find the simple foods listed above at restaurants or prepare them at home.

The goal of working toward a raw diet is to eventually feel completely content and satisfied with some fresh raw fruits and vegetables—not to require huge volumes of raw nuts and grains. Don’t fall for the marketing of so-called health foods by building your diet around the denser, more complicated raw products.

Until you are truly ready—emotionally, socially, and physiologically—to embrace a diet of 95% (or more) of simple fruits and vegetables, you are much better off bending to include steamed or baked vegetables, raw goat cheese, and even the occasional piece of fish. Do not place unrealistic pressure on yourself. Raw is not a race. Nor is it a goal unto itself. The goal is joyful, clean, vibrantly oscillating cells, which comes from eating simply, eliminating fully, and treating yourself and others with loving devotion.

Do you see the difference, my friends? Forget all the raw, vegan, and vegetarian dogma. Simple foods, whether cooked or raw, in simple combinations, is the fastest, most effective way to cleanse and rejuvenate.

Guided Meditation: Another Way to Raise Your Vibrations

If you are looking for non-dietary ways to raise your vibrations and become more peaceful, I highly recommend guided meditation. It always leaves me deeply relaxed yet surprisingly revived afterward. Those of you who are not excited by the idea of sitting in a lotus position and following your breath will love this approach.

I actually recommend lying down for optimal results. Lying down allows you to go into the deepest meditative states because no thought or effort is required to hold your body up. This approach can also be a doorway to traditional meditation, which is also useful at certain stages. Expect an intensely enjoyable experience as you start to connect with your true nature. These meditations leave you feeling unburdened, refreshed, and enlightened, and improve sleep as they awaken your mind and heart for what is to come.

Moreover, doing a simple meditation before eating helps remove so much of the pressure that causes us to over-consume. Overeating is often the result of feeding the body from the intense, spinning energy of the brain. Our eating habits reflect our thinking. If you practice meditation during the times of day when you typically binge or eat a large meal, you will find yourself eating much more slowly and recognizing when you have had enough.

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